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Hairy Hunk Naked And Teasing - What's Not To Love?

I’ve just spent the last half an hour trying to find out who this gorgeous hairy hunk is, and although it led me to a lot of other great shoots of some very hot guys who will definitely be making the blog this week, I still have no idea who this handsome and teasing man […]

At The Beach With Logan Swiecki-Taylor

There are some guys who regularly appear on the Gay Body Blog, and with good reason too. A handful of hunks are just irresistible, and whenever I see that they’ve been appearing in a new shoot you can be sure I want to get them on the blog for everyone else to enjoy. Logan Swiecki-Taylor […]

Going To The Beach With Diego Miguel

I know, it’s ANOTHER beach shoot. lol Come on photographers, there’s only so many times we can see the same theme in a photo shoot before it becomes a parody of itself. Having said that, the world is definitely a better place thanks to these images of handsome and buff Diego Miguel getting wet in […]

Slim And Handsome Krishna Marques

One of my buddies sent me an email this morning with some sexy pics of this handsome and slim young man and I knew straight away that you guys would appreciate him as much as I have. I know we often have buff and muscled hunks on the blog, but every now and then a […]

The Incredibly Handsome Chris Salvatore By Zach Schwermer

I’m not entirely sure how many times we’ve had the handsome male model Chris Salvatore on the Gay Body Blog before, but I don’t think many of you will complain seeing him again, especially not in a seductive and sexy shoot like this one from Zack Schwermer! I know some of you may be a […]

Fit Boy Mariano Ontañon By Dean Isidro

I don’t know If I’m going to be alone in this, but one of these photos makes Mariano Ontañon look so much like a certain hot and delicious male movie star it’s kinda spooky. When I saw that pic I thought for certain that it had to be a mistake. You know which pic and […]

At The Beach With Miguel Betancort

It might be cold outside (it’s windy and rainy here in the UK, and I know a lot of people in the US are experiencing some bad weather too right now) but this shoot featuring buff and tanned hunk Miguel Betancort in a beach location should have you all feeling a little warmer! He’s a […]

At The Beach With Soto Panagiotopoulos

I sometimes wonder if there might be a “photographers handbook” out there listing all the perfect places to have a photo shoot, because it seems that every month I see ten shoots of guys on beaches getting wet, another ten with guys in abandoned buildings, and ten of guys lounging around in a roughed-up bed. […]

Getting Wet With Sam Moore

I guess that now the summer is coming to an end we should be prepared to start seeing shoots of handsome guys wearing more clothes? It does seem to me that when the fall starts the nature of shoots seems to change, then in April we’ll be back to outdoor underwear and swimwear shoots to […]

Dripping Wet With Hairy Hunk Eliad Cohen

I definitely think I must be in a hairy hunk mood today. It’s definitely because of that gym visit this morning and the last post showing of JR Bronson. I was looking around out there after posting that last one and when I found these delicious shots of Eliad Cohen at the beach I just […]

Hot Guys Skinny Dipping!

I know this post is gonna have a lot of you guys horny and wanting more, but I have to say that I don’t know much at all about this collection of pics – other than they are totally hot of course! Okay, I think this shoot was for Playgirl, but I don’t know who […]

Smooth Young Male Model Robin De Ranter

You know there are often male models that I see out there and I am almost 100% certain that I’ve seen them in gay porn? I don’t know if many of them have, and maybe it’s my imagination, but quite often I’ll be checking out a new hot young hunk in a collection of pics […]

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