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So Many Australian Hunks!

The aussieBum brand is always good for delivering some totally hot and hunky Australian studs for us to admire, and they’ve definitely achieved that once again with this sexy shoot. There are a few countries which seem able to deliver so many gorgeous guys, and although many of them seem to be in Eastern Europe […]

Getting Wet With Diego Miguel

I think I might be becoming a little infatuated with handsome and hairy hunk Diego Miguel, but surely that can’t be considered a bad thing. Actually, I guess it could, I’ll let you know if I end up standing on his lawn at 4 am desperate for a peek at him. I’ve been seeing some […]

Brad Meyer naked in the surf!

Okay guys, after complaining for a while about the endless parade of beach shoots we constantly see from various brands and photographers, finally I have one that I can really get behind – so to speak! It’s gorgeous young jock model Brad Meyer naked in the surf, looking damn fine and absolutely deserving of some appreciation. […]

I Want To Lick Cream From The Abs Of Francisco Rath

Would you like to list all the things you would love to do to/with handsome and sexy young male model Francisco Rath? Feel free to let me know in the comments, I have a feeling this young hottie is going to inspire a lot of opinions 😉 Now, I know that these photos by photographer […]

Getting Wet With Sexy Frankie Cammarata

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but here in the UK it’s been pretty scorching recently, and that really makes me appreciate shoots like this wet and sexy example just a little more. It’s featuring Frankie Cammarata, someone we’ve seen on the blog once before, showing off his gorgeous fit […]

Drooling Over Stunning Muscle Jock Model Jonas Sulzbach

Whenever I see a new shoot with the stunningly handsome and ridiculously hot Jonas Sulzbach it absolutely has to be added to the Gay Body Blog, I think you guys would agree that he is one of our favorite men to drool over. He’s in a very select club, but he has to be in […]

David Gandy Is Always Going To Be Hot

I have decided that I’m never going to age. I don’t yet know how I’m going to achieve that goal of staying how I am now, but if David Gandy can do it then I can too. I was snooping around the interwebz today and I stumbled across this shoot of the handsome British hunk […]

Sexy Young Hunk Gabriel

I know nothing about this gorgeous young man other than his name is Gabriel, so if you know more about him please share in the comments, I really want to post more of this guy! He’s been snapped by one of our favorite photographers for this shoot: Adrián C. Martín, a guy known for taking […]

Able Seamen Fabio Santana And Junior Bryan!

Of course I had to make a pun about gorgeous sailors Fabio Santana and Junior Bryan appearing in this very sexy shoot for Gypsy Fashion. The handsome duo look so fine together in his shoot, but I have to ask why they felt the need to wear such outfits around the pool lol Not that […]

Hairy Hunk Naked And Teasing - What's Not To Love?

I’ve just spent the last half an hour trying to find out who this gorgeous hairy hunk is, and although it led me to a lot of other great shoots of some very hot guys who will definitely be making the blog this week, I still have no idea who this handsome and teasing man […]

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