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Stunner Bernardo Velasco

We’ve seen the gorgeous Bernardo Velasco on the blog a few times before and he always gets the attention of all you avide readers, that’s understandable too given that the guy is so ridiculously hot. We’ve even seen one suggestion that he’s been caught wanking on cam before too, although it has to be taken [...]

Handsome Brett Kallio By Darren Tieste

Darren Tieste is a photographer we’ve seen on the Gay Body Blog a few times now, but I know that his work is appreciated by more readers here than just me. He has a good understanding of how to show off a sexy young man, and sight of Brett Kallio in this shoot is a [...]

The Tempting Sight Of Hunter McIntyre

Hunter McIntyre is new to me and new to the blog too, but I really don’t think this is going to be the last time we see him on here. I’ve been enjoying these photos for a few hours now and I just can’t get enough, that’s as much to do with the style and [...]

Massively Muscled Raciel Castro By Rick Day

It’s certainly no secret that I absolutely adore the work of photographer Rick Day. This guy knows how to pick and present some of the most handsome and hunky men in his shoots, and this new arrival featuring Raciel Castro is definitely going to get some attention from all you fellow appreciative fans out there. [...]

Handsome Muscled Jock Payton Jacking Off

I always love it when a hot new hunk arrives on the Sean Cody site, and I also know that a lot of you guys are members there and appreciate seeing their guys appearing on the Gay Body Blog too. Of course I had to share some photos of handsome and muscled new arrival Payton [...]

Smooth Male Model Leonardo Cichon by Manny Fontanilla

I know we often have real buff and muscled men on the Gay Body Blog, the pro models who have a lot of beefy size about them, but occasionally a young and smooth hottie appears who needs to be shared and appreciated. I think you’ll agree that young Leonardo Cichon is one such guy. I’ve [...]

The Sexy Jacob Atwood By Darren Tieste

I have a complaint to make about this set of images, and I think most of you would agree with me too… There’s not enough of handsome and fit young male model Jacob Atwood to satisfy us, and we need MUCH more. I debated for a little while whether there was too little to justify [...]

Tony Rondinaud And His Sexy Men

I just saw this hot collection of photos by Tony Rondinaud and instantly wanted to share them with you guys, so here they are. A friend sent me these photos in an email early this morning with the simple subject line of “Sexy Boys” and the moment I saw the first shot I knew they [...]

Random Hot Naked Guys

I think we all have that one friend we enjoy who seems to have little problem with showing it all off. Mine is a guy I’ve known for a few years and occasionally go to the gym with. We went out at the weekend and I stayed over his place before getting a cab back [...]

A Bit Of Scruff  - David Axell by Bell Soto

I think this is going to be another one of those “Marmite” posts. It seems to me after discussing with a friend at the gym this morning that the handsome and rough looking David Axell might be one of those you either love or, not so much. Personally, I love him. He has something about [...]

Gorgeous And Beautifully Shot - Thor Bulow by Idris + Tony

Idris + Tony have really done an amazing job on this shoot featuring the utterly handsome and sexy Thor Bulow. I know what you’re thinking, that’s an interesting name, mythical and suggestive of immense strength. The handsome subject of this shoot is Danish, so that might explain the interesting name. I don’t really care where [...]

French Hunk Thomas For Petit Q

I think it’s been quite a while since we had anything to share on the blog from the Petit Q brand, but after seeing this sexy French hunk I knew that he had to be shared with you guys. It’s such a simple and straightforward shoot, and if it wasn’t for the underwear he’s intentionally [...]

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