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My New Potential Infatuation - Mike Pishek

I had an email sent to me by a good friend this morning, introducing me to the gorgeousness that is Mike Pishek. I fear that I may never be the same again There are a lot of handsome and buff male models in the world, and I have a handful of men who occupy an […]

Adorable Iggy Kolomiyets

Is Iggy Kolomiyets a twink, a jock, or a twunk? I have no idea, so I think I’m just gonna say that this young man is adorable and totally sexy. He’s appearing for OUT Magazine in this shoot, for photographer Travis Lane, and they’ve done a damn fine job showing him off in some very […]

Religious Man Mike Stallone Takes The Uncut Jock Cock Of Handsome Gabriel Clark

So here we are again at the end of a hot week of hunky dudes, and I have a couple of posts for you today that should have you sitting up and paying attention. I’m starting it off with the Friday hardcore gay porn post you all love to see so much, and with a […]

Damn Fine Stuart Reardon

Happy Thursday everyone. I hope your week is going well and you’re now looking forward to a spectacular Friday! If not, then I hope these photos of the always-gorgeous Stuart Reardon might cheer you up just a little. I’m in a good mood today, perhaps you can tell? I have a hook up planned for […]

Ripped And Handsome Bryce Thompson Gets Naked!

We’ve seen Bryce Thompson in a shoot before by legendary Rick Day, but this one is even hotter than that. And yes, after seeing this shoot by Greg Vaughan this dude has now shot up into my top five of make model hunks I would love to get it on with! I have a feeling […]

Handsome Hunk Bobby Creighton

It’s been a little too long since we last had some photos of the gorgeous Bobby Creighton on the blog, so I’m fixing that today after a friend of mine sent me these pics of the handsome dude showing off some of the gear for Timoteo I knot this guy is on a lot of […]

Some Impressive Amateur Cocks For You Guys

It’s been a little while since I last trawled around the Internet looking for amateur cocks to share with you guys, so as we’re due a nude post today I though you might appreciate it. Okay, I just lied, it’s not actually been a while at all, I was out there cruising around looking at […]

Handsome Jock Model Diego Miguel Will Cheer Up Your Monday!

If you’re having a slightly dubious start to the week (as I am) then this sexy appearance by the gorgeous jock model Diego Miguel should cheer you up no end! I started today feeling motivated and actually got to the gym as I planned, and it was early enough so that I was the only […]

I Cannot Resist Todd Sanfield

Whenever I see a shoot with the gorgeous and buff Todd Sanfield you can bet your right ball I will get him on the blog for you guys. He’s one of my all-time faves in the male modeling world and he’s always going to have me sitting up and paying attention when another shoot appears […]

You Want To Get Wet With These Hot Jocks

It’s a new shoot for the brand Funky Trunks, and although this is the first time I’ve heard of them I really appreciate their marketing efforts! Of course this had to be shared on the blog. I don’t know who the models are, but damn they’re fine! They’ve picked out some extremely handsome young men […]

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