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Revealing A Little More Of Dan Murphy

Dan Murphy is a handsome and hunky male model that I know a lot of you would absolutely adore. We’ve actually seen him on the blog before in a post where he teased and seduced plenty of us, naked, without showing everything. However, although he’s a little known for being a bit of a tease [...]

Steve Stiffer Licks His Dick

This is something pretty interesting from the Circle Jerk Boys site, and I think a lot of you will be wanting to see part two of this double feature when you check out college boy Steve Stiffer licking his own cock and getting off over gay porn for the first time. It’s a horny story, [...]

Handsome Studs By Paul Dedona

I thought I had a brand new photographer to share with you all in this delicious post, but it seems we have seen some of his amazing work before when he took some sexy shots of handsome and hunky British male model Adam Coussins. I am shocked, however, that we haven’t seen more of this [...]

Christian Hogue Showing A Little Extra

I have something pretty special for all you lovers of handsome and hunky male models who happen to let something slip by and end up on the internet for posterity. The handsome and hunky male model Christian Hogue has seemingly “done a Benjamin” in the last few months and let some rather delicious self shot [...]

Hot Men At The Beach

I know what you’re thinking; isn’t it about time photographers stopped with the beach shoots and took these models somewhere more interesting? Well, I might agree somewhat that there seems to be a new one every week, with one handsome hunk swapped out for another. I mean, they could almost all have been shot on [...]

12 Hot Men For A Great Cause

We all love a sexy calendar with some hunky men getting their kit off, and we love it even more when it’s being done for a charitable cause. It might be considered to be a little early to be thinking about calendars and the arrival of 2015, but I think when you see these photos [...]

Reader Suggestion - Vinicius Camurca

I love getting suggestions from you guys out there about who we should add to the blog and show off for all the fans, and this one really caught my eye. Thankfully there’s enough out there of the handsome and buff Vinicius Camurca to share with you in a post, and we have reader Lucas [...]

Danilo Meireles With Cat - by Ronaldo Gutierrez

I know that some of you might be too distracted by the sight of the muscled body and handsome good looks of Danilo Meireles to even notice the cat, but it’s something that has had me looking at this collection of photos by Ronaldo Gutierrez with more than just a quizzical look. Lets first mention [...]

Definition of Hunk - Fabricio Suare by Gustavo Mafra

I know it’s such a common theme and setting that some of you guys might be a little bored with seeing hunky and hot men in black and white beach shots showing off their physiques. I sometimes think the same thing too, but then soon after I forget that and really begin to appreciate the [...]

COLT Icon Steve Kelso

It’s time for some hard dicked action on the blog, and although I was tempted by so many hardcore releases on so many adored sites out there this week I had to go with a COLT Icon and share these photos of the immense classing stud Steve Kelso when I saw the promo pics featuring [...]

Bosnian Muscle - Mladen Vukić

I cannot believe that we haven’t seen this handsome and hunky young male model before on the Gay Body Blog. From what I can gather Mladen Vukić is pretty new to the world of male modeling, but after seeing this shoot by Mladen Blagojevic I would be shocked if we don’t see a lot more [...]

We Would All Love A Bit Of Thiago Serra

And I know just what bit most of you would want of this sexy young male model too The gorgeous young man certainly does it for me, with his perfect combination of handsome good looks and fit young jock body, and check out that peek of his buff little ass too! I never used to [...]

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