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The Incredible Body Of Taylor Burford

I know there are not too many pics for me to share of this incredibly hot guy, but he’s so handsome and sexy I had to add a post of this guy. So to make up for the lack of images to drool over, there’s a video at the end where a slightly nervous Taylor […]

Alexi Auclair: A Stunning Young Jock

Right, so I’ve changed tack today. I had started to write about another guy appearing over on NextDoorMale, I’d even gotten all the pics ready to upload and started tapping away at my keyboard. But after considering his slight frame and average looks, I reconsidered. Especially when I remembered seeing this hot hunk on the […]

Blake Powell And Gabriel Cross

Okay, so I relented. I was looking through the arty photography magazines and fitness blogs for some hot guys to feature when I “stumbled” across this update from RandyBlue, and I admit I was completely distracted and had to feature it here. But we like some porn now and then don’t we boys? They do […]

Chris Bines and Travis James

There’s so much porn out there on the internet, but it’s a real treat to find some hardcore action where you know the guys featured in it are horny for each other. The energy is completely different when the guys really find each other attractive, and everything from the blow job to the ass fucking […]

CJ & Shane

For as absolutely adorable as he is, it’s hard to believe CJ Crawford has never had a blowjob from another dude. His boyish features are a nice contrast to his manly hairy chest and athletic gym jock body. To look in his puppy dog eyes you’d never guess this bad boy is covered in tattoos […]

Justin, Nicco & Shane

Shane Fisher is one lucky guy. Recently returning to Randy Blue after a short break he got his ass rammed by Richard Pierce and did a couple of live shows that had our RBL audience asking for more. Now he’s got not one but two total hotties on either side of him just waiting to […]

Jason Mack

The blond muscular jock dives into the cool water of a desert oasis. Surrounded by the warm sun and scenic mountains of Palm Springs, Jason Mack enjoys a dip in the pool. The water glistens off the smooth chest of this hot stud. When asked about being a straight amateur doing a gay porn shoot […]

Donny & Travis

The first thing you notice about Travis James in his newest Randy Blue video is his ‘Dumb Jock’ T-shirt. Now, we can tell you that Travis is anything but, however, always one to give your virtual balls a tug, Travis knows what gets people off. The stereotypical dumb jock has been the inspiration of hard […]

Danny & Richard

Nothing stirs up the libido like a good workout. Just look at Danny Harper and Richard Pierce at this beginning of this video. Here’s two hot guys being interviewed in the Randy Blue gym and you can just tell that all they’re thinking about is getting down and dirty into good old gay jock sex. […]

Sami Damo

Sami Damo is working out. He’s a tall, lean, hairy muscular jock who is as comfortable outside doing lots of physical activity as he is in the gym getting a good workout in. He’s got a nice bit of dark body hair spread about in just the right places. His sexy olive skin glistens with […]

Nic Haas: Entertainer and Male Model

Nic Haas, aka Nick Hawk was always intrigued by Hollywood, glamor and wanted a piece of it but had to start somewhere. Born and raised in the Madison, Wisconsin area he grew up working on farms, racing dirt bikes, snowboarding, wakeboarding, fishing, hunting, camping and going to bonfire parties where he free-styled for his friends. […]

Cayden & Jeremy

If you haven’t done it, you’ve thought about doing it. Fuck some hot stud all over the house. Jeremy Walker is taking a nice hot steamy shower, sudsing up his big hard muscle, when hairy muscular jock Cayden Ross comes along to join in the action. Cayden loves straight dick and getting a chance to […]

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