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Uncut Amateur Showing Off

I have no idea who this guy is or how these photos came into being, but I knew they would make a great addition to the Gay Body Blog for a nude post. One of my friends sent me these pics this morning and suggested he would make a great nude guy to share, and […]

Australian Fittie Chad Fellows

It’s Sunday, and although I’m enjoying a lazy day watching movies and catching up with friends later this evening I have double the dose of hotness to share with you. I missed the post yesterday, but I think I can make up for that with this double delivery We’re going to start this off by […]

We All Want To See Neil Patrick Harris Almost Naked - Right?

I don’t usually do to well with the whole celebrity culture and I don’t usually watch any awards ceremonies at all (I know, I’m letting down #teamgay) but on this occasion I will be compelled to go and watch the Oscars after seeing that the lovely Neil Patrick Harris got almost naked in front of […]

Bobby Penney Looking Totally Hot!

I hope you’re having a nice weekend so far. If you’re enduring the cold and terrible weather then you might need something a little hot and steamy to inspire you, and this photo shoot with handsome and buff Bobby Penney might just do that. Now, I am gonna say something negative about this collection of […]

Going To The Beach With Diego Miguel

I know, it’s ANOTHER beach shoot. lol Come on photographers, there’s only so many times we can see the same theme in a photo shoot before it becomes a parody of itself. Having said that, the world is definitely a better place thanks to these images of handsome and buff Diego Miguel getting wet in […]

Insanely Hot Saville Dorfman

I have a brand new crush, but I think I’m going to have to share him with you all after I get these pics on the blog. I don’t mind, I’m feeling generous, and I believe there’s enough of this stunningly gorgeous hunk to go around. His name is Saville Dorfman, and he’s awesome. It […]

We Would All Love To Know Adam Ayash

Guys, meet American male mode Adam Ayash. This is the first time I’ve seen him, but after checking out this shoot for Under Gear I really want to see more. I know what it is about him that does it for me, and it’s actually a whole collection of things. To start with, I have […]

Fabio Mancini In Underwear - And Leather Shoes?

We have an endless supply of handsome and hunky men out there in the male modeling world, but I’m always surprised when I find a gorgeous guy and realize we’ve never had him on the blog before. Fabio Mancini is a new one to me, but I’m glad I found him and so glad I […]

Igor Augusto By Wong Sim

Wong Sim is one of those photographers I love to appreciate and share on the blog, and I think you guys know why. This lucky man gets to photograph some of the sexiest men in the world, and he does a great job of it too. This example should prove that. Igor Augusto is a […]

Stuart Reardon In Underwear

There are so many men out there that I can spend hours fantasizing about, but there’s a small selection of hunks that I am totally in lust with. I think you guys probably know this already, but Rugby playing muscled hunk Stuart Reardon is one of my top five. I know he has a lot […]

Walter Savage Looking Amazing!

My list of favorite male models is already quite long, (that’s what I get for being so into hot guys and sharing them with you hungry lot every day lol) but one of my top finds of the last few months has to be the hunky and slightly hairy ruggedly handsome and chiseled Walter Savage. […]

Jock Model Rink In Tight White Undies!

Yeah, it’s Monday, and I’m writing this while taking a break from the shit load of work I have on my desk right now. If you’re having a dodgy Monday then I think I have something that might cheer you up a little. No one can resist seeing a hot young muscular and fit jock […]

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