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Damn Fine Stuart Reardon

Happy Thursday everyone. I hope your week is going well and you’re now looking forward to a spectacular Friday! If not, then I hope these photos of the always-gorgeous Stuart Reardon might cheer you up just a little. I’m in a good mood today, perhaps you can tell? I have a hook up planned for […]

Ripped And Handsome Bryce Thompson Gets Naked!

We’ve seen Bryce Thompson in a shoot before by legendary Rick Day, but this one is even hotter than that. And yes, after seeing this shoot by Greg Vaughan this dude has now shot up into my top five of make model hunks I would love to get it on with! I have a feeling […]

Handsome Jock Model Diego Miguel Will Cheer Up Your Monday!

If you’re having a slightly dubious start to the week (as I am) then this sexy appearance by the gorgeous jock model Diego Miguel should cheer you up no end! I started today feeling motivated and actually got to the gym as I planned, and it was early enough so that I was the only […]

I Cannot Resist Todd Sanfield

Whenever I see a shoot with the gorgeous and buff Todd Sanfield you can bet your right ball I will get him on the blog for you guys. He’s one of my all-time faves in the male modeling world and he’s always going to have me sitting up and paying attention when another shoot appears […]

How Is This The First Time We've Seen Marian Kurpanov?

This happens to me quite a lot. I see a gorgeous hunk out there and I start to wonder how the hell I missed them and why it’s taken so long to have them on the blog. Marian Kurpanov is a good example of that. I just saw some pics of this handsome hunk for […]

Ridiculously Sexy Cole Monahan

The ridiculously sexy Cole Monahan is back on the blog today, simply because I couldn’t resist sharing some more random photos of the outrageously handsome and sexy man. He’s one of those guys who hits all the right buttons for most of us, but he doesn’t seem to be making it truly big just yet. […]

Fit Young Man Rohan Savio Flashes Some Butt

You all know that I love all kinds of guys, from the slender and handsome twinks to the massively muscled hunks out there in the world, but I think I have a special love for guys built like Rohan Savio. One of the first guys I ever hooked up with was a handsome and fit […]

Handsome Natan De Segovia by Toni Lozano

Good morning my lovelies! Are you having a slow and easy Sunday? I hope so, I am. I’m currently kicking back and cruising around the Internet, again procrastinating because I’m supposed to be going through some paperwork and filing this afternoon – the most boring thing in the world is personal admin. I think I […]

Going Back In Time With Parker Gregory

While I’m not too sure about the fashion trends being displayed in this shoot starring the gorgeous Parker Gregory, I certainly approve of the underwear and shirtless shots! I’m going to take a guess at this and suggest they were maybe going for a 1950’s or 60’s feel here, kind of a Hollywood setting with […]

Jake Bass For Pump! Underwear

So just yesterday I was saying how cool it is when the readers and fans get involved and share some pics or ideas for posts, and then another email arrives from reader Kasper in Denmark giving me lots of info about Jake Bass and suggesting a post about him. Thank you Kasper! I have been […]

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