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Miroslav Cech For Attitude Magazine

Isn’t it about time we had a gorgeous young twink on the blog? I was thinking just this afternoon that we needed some fresh young hotties on here, and they don’t get much fresher or hotter than handsome young Miroslav Cech! I just saw this very sexy shoot of the young man for an edition […]

I Would Love To Lick Stuff Off Henry!

I just saw this shoot for Curbwear and instantly I knew it was one for the blog. I know know his first name – Henry – but if you know anything more about him please share in the comments. This guy is fit, cute, sexy and so teasing, I guess that all makes him perfect […]

Jonas Sulzbach - One Of The Most Underrated Models?

Jonas Sulzbach always gets some appreciation when he appears on the Gay Body Blog, and I totally get why. Of all the many thousands of guys we have seen here over the years (we have more than 2,300 posts on the blog now!) he is one of the most gorgeous male models I think we […]

Matthew McGue Looking Hot With Joseph Lally

I have a feeling that you guys are going to enjoy seeing this handsome young man with his shirt off and his butt out, but I also think you’re going to be left wanting more. That’s okay though, I think there might be plenty more of Matthew McGue out there to share with you all, […]

How Many Inches Does Helios Woods Have?

I know it’s going to be an important question going through your mind when you see thee stunning photos of young muscle hunk Helios Woods, showing off his fine body and that immense bulge for the cameras! He was sent to me this morning in an email from a friend, and the friend asked that […]

Blond French Hottie Laurent Marchand And His Lovely Bulge!

Check out handsome French male model Laurent Marchand, a new arrival on the Gay Body Blog but one I know you’re all going to fall for as much as I just have. Photographer Michael Del Buono has delivered this sexy collection of photos, with the gorgeous blond stunner showing off his smooth and toned body […]

The Hairy Thighs And Sexy Bulge Of Pietro Boselli

There are a lot of things I love about a guy, but when I see hairy thighs I’m totally smitten. Check out this shoot featuring gorgeous Pietro Boselli and I think you’ll agree with me on this. Although the rest of him is stunning, from his handsome good looks to that jock body, his thighs […]

The Action Poses Of Jock Model Frankie Cammarata

I have just seen sexy young jock model Frankie Cammarata and knew he had to be on the blog, not just because he’s gorgeous and has an awesome body, but because the poses he’s striking in these shots made me start thinking about adding captions for the very first time (I think). So, that’s what […]

Steven Dehler Is Looking So Fine!

Oh guys, It’s Monday, and I have a feeling a lot of you are a little bit down. I had a whole stack of things on my desk ready for me to start on this morning, but I’m gradually making my way through them and managed to find some time at lunch to get something […]

Hairy Hunk Justice Joslin!

There’s a veritable ocean of smooth twinks and jocks out there in the male modeling business, but now and then a real hairy hunk comes along with something special. He’s not covered in fur, but he has enough to make him stand out from the tanned and buff gym-toned clones we’re so often bombarded with, […]

Rafael Licks - Thats His Name Not An Assumption

It’s no secret that I’m really not sporty at all and I have little interest in football (soccer for those Americans out there lol) However, if all soccer players looked like Rafael Licks then I think we would all be paying a hell of a lot more attention! Forget all the branding on shirts and […]

Sexy Jock For Boxair

I’m sure someone will disagree with me when I say this, but isn’t there something about this unknown handsome hunk that reminds you of David Beckham? I know he has far less ink than the famous Brit, but there is a similarity there in a couple of these pics at least. Not that this matters […]

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