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Handsome And Buff Vinicius Guervich

We’ve seen handsome and buff muscled male model Vinicius Guervich on the Gay Body Blog only once before, but I remember thinking back then that we would need more of him at some time. Thankfully I’m making that happen today with this equally sexy shoot by photographer Emerson Aniceto. He’s the photographer who got those […]

Jorge Armando Volkova Is Ready To Make You Drool

To think, there are millions of gorgeous men out there that we haven’t seen yet. I sometimes find it hard to find someone new for the blog, I tend to get out there an take a look around and keep finding everyone sharing the same guy we’ve seen on here ten times before, but then […]

Getting Sexy And Steamy With Cristian D'Angelo

I love shoots like this! It’s an incredibly sexy and sensual shoot with gorgeous young male model Cristian D’Angelo, shot by Yukie Sarto, and it’s so good I had to share it on the blog with you guys. I get a lot of gorgeous shoots like this from friends who email me pics knowing that […]

Sexy Ben Hunt For Curbwear

We’ve seen some great shoots from the Curbwear brand in the UK before, with some very sexy models showing off their gear too, but model Ben Hunt (aka  Ben Riches) has to be the hottest of the bunch. We’ve seen him in his undies on the Gay Body Blog a couple of times in the […]

I Want To Go Camping With Andrew Corvin

Okay guys, so the weather here is a bit shitty right now, and when it’s like this you know I start thinking about the summer and spending my days out in the sun, on hikes, camping with buddies in the woods… I started thinking about that again this morning when I saw these gorgeous photos […]

Gideon Connelly In The Buff

I know some of you might complain that this shoot of gorgeous hunk Gideon Connelly doesn’t show him totally full-on naked, but I think most of you will appreciate this sexy shoot anyway. It’s technically a nude shoot, but it’s so classy and carefully shot, I thought it would make a great addition for today’s […]

A Smattering Of Fit Hunks For Alexander Cobb

Yep, you might have noticed that there was no post yesterday. I apologize. Unfortunately I fell a little ill and spent most of the day trying to keep the contents of my stomach inside my person. Too graphic? Sorry again. But, I’m making up for my absence yesterday with some seriously sexy hotness from the […]

Jose Luis Angulo Is Looking So Fine It's Almost Criminal

How are your new year resolutions working out for you? I know you had some, and I have a good suspicion that plenty of you had “going to the gym” on your list of things you needed to change for 2016 It was on my list, and I’ve actually been doing pretty well and going […]

At The Beach With Cute And Sexy Shawn Alexander

I know I’m not the only one who really enjoyed seeing Shawn Alexander showing off his sexy body in nothing but some undies a couple of days ago. Of course I went out there looking for more of this handsome young man and I found another sexy shoot with the hottie showing off his bod […]

Nicolas Aristidou Delivers Another Gorgeous Shoot - Yann Rollet

I love the French. I love the culture, the creativity, the style and – most importantly – the men! Check out gorgeous Yann Rollet in a totally amazing shoot by one of my favorite photographers, Nicolas Aristidou. If you’ve seen any of his other work on the Gay Body Blog before now you know that […]

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