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Lucas Garcez Looking Delicious!

Is this the first time we’ve seen Lucas Garcez on the Gay Body Blog? I think it is, but I’m thinking this isn’t gonna be the last time now that we’ve seen these very sexy shots by photographer Louis Daniel. This shoot is called “Early Morning”, and I have some things to say about that… […]

Handsome And Muscled Charlie Wood In His Underwear

Guys, check out these sexy photos of handsome male model Charlie Wood. I’m currently writing this sat in my garden with a glass of white wine, listening to the sound of distant thunder and getting ready to move like a startled cat at the first hint of rain, and it somehow relates to this shoot […]

Buff Male Model Brian Lewis

A couple of months ago I shared a shoot featuring Brian Lewis, filling out his underwear very nicely indeed. If you haven’t seen that one, do yourself a favor and click through to check it out I was surfing my way around the internet this morning when I discovered another sexy shoot featuring the handsome […]

Dan Murphy Gets Us All Hot And Bothered!

I know that this post is going to annoy some of you guys, but for good reasons. It’s featuring the gorgeous Dan Murphy, showing off his naked body but being incredibly teasing and not giving us everything. Yeah, it sucks, just a little lol I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised, every shoot I’ve seen […]

Alexander Dorokhov Has So Many Bulges!

We all love muscled hunks and fit jocks, right guys? Yes, some of us love twinks and daddies too, but if you don’t think Alexander Dorokhov is totally amazing and worthy of being admired in this sexy shoot then there is something wrong with you, perhaps you need to get your eyes checked. The handsome […]

Summer Sexiness With Iago Botelho

Iago Botelho is a Brazilian hunk with an amazing body and a bulge that we would all love to unwrap and appreciate! Check him out in this new shoot for Attitude Magazine! Undoubtedly you’re all going to want to see more of this handsome and smooth muscular hunk, and preferably with less clothing too, right […]

Alex Minsky - Do I Need To Say Anything Else?

There are thousands of gorgeous male models in the world, but none of them are anything like the muscled, inked, hunky stud that is Alex Minsky. I know he’s a divisive figure here thanks to all that ink he has to show off, but even though we get some very strong opinions from those who […]

Muscled Hunk Willie Gomez Has Some Moves!

We’ve seen Willie Gomez on the blog before, and not too long ago in fact. Here he is, outside in a sexy location, doing what seems to be some dance moves for the camera. I’m not sure what the deal is with this guy, but he seems to like showing off his body in some […]

He's Wearing Too Many Clothes!

Friday is always a good day to roll out some hottie with a bulge to show off, wearing very little. I have to say that I think this unknown guy presenting us with some gear from Male Basics is perhaps wearing a little too much though – we all want to see him naked. I […]

Smooth Young Bruno Endler Is Looking HOT!

Have you seen adorably hot and ripped young male model Bruno Endler? I was sure we’d seen him on the blog before (and maybe we have as an unknown model?) but as nothing appeared when I checked I thought you guys would appreciate ogling this hottie. Michael Del Buono is the one shooting this sexy […]

We Need To See Eric Coy Naked

I’m just gonna come out and say it for this post, we need to see Eric Coy without any clothes on, showing it all off. The guy is such a damn tease in this shoot by Viktor Klimenko, showing off some bulge and a little butt crack through those undies too. Am I the only […]

Going Wild With Alex Geerman

Looking like a character from a Disney Movie Alex Geerman is getting a little wild in the jungle for this shoot, only without the jungle! It’s actually called “Jungle Boy”, but I think they missed the mark a little. I don’t mind seeing any man in a loincloth, and I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing him […]

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