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Bosnian Muscle - Mladen Vukić

I cannot believe that we haven’t seen this handsome and hunky young male model before on the Gay Body Blog. From what I can gather Mladen Vukić is pretty new to the world of male modeling, but after seeing this shoot by Mladen Blagojevic I would be shocked if we don’t see a lot more [...]

Being Teased By Lucas Garcez

It’s been almost 18 months since we last had the utterly and insanely handsome Lucas Garcez on the Gay Body Blog, but when I found these photos by Daniel Jaems there was no way I could let this slide, there had to be a post on here. This guy is a total tease, and a [...]

Run Boy Run - Jeroen Kerkhof by Barry Marré

I have a confession to make about this post. I wasn’t immediately drawn to young twink model Jeroen Kerkhof by is images and the look, nor the photography by Barry Marré, but by the title of this and the music appearing in the video I saw in relation to it. Still, after checking out the [...]

Drooling again over Logan Swiecki-Taylor

It’s fair to say that whenever I find a new shoot out there featuring the awesome Logan Swiecki-Taylor it’s going to be on the blog. He’s the body and face of Rufskin, I’m sure you’re aware, and it seems that every time I share him on the blog boners are springing up all around the [...]

Bobby Creighton shares his bulge with Armando Adajar

I know some of the more vocal commenters here might have something to say about the tattoos Bobby Creighton is showing off in this shoot by Armando Adajar, but I still had to have the handsome hunk and his impressive dick bulge on here when I found these photos of the guy. We’ve seen this [...]

Kirill Dowidoff And That Hairy Butt!

Whenever I see a shoot featuring gorgeous hunky muscled man Kirill Dowidoff I know it needs to be on here for you guys as soon as possible. He’s absolutely one of the hottest male models I think we have ever seen on the blog, and he knows how to tease the guys and get a [...]

Hunky Greek Model And Artist Steve Raider

It took a little translation and work to find out more about this hunky and beefy specimen of masculinity, so forgive me if I have anything at all wrong about this guy. I think what I have discovered is right though. His name is Steve Raider, and he’s been photographed in this shoot by Vagelis [...]

More Tomas Skoloudik - By Dean Isidro

Tetu Magazine is one that I have shared some photos from numerous times on Gay Body Blog, and although it’s been a little while I had to have this shoot with gorgeous Tomas Skoloudik on here. After the last post with the handsome young man I was out there looking around and found this one, [...]

Diego Altino Is Such An Evil Tease

I hope you’re sitting down and somewhere private for this post, you deserve some privacy and alone time when looking at these photos of the devilishly sexy and teasing Diego Altino. He’s been snapped for H Magazine in this shoot, showing off his incredibly hot body and teasing us with some bulge display. Once again, [...]

Football Jocks Are Super Hot - Andrew Christian

I know we might be a little bit late for a World Cup themed shoot on the Gay Body Blog, but when you see this offering from the Andrew Christian company I really don’t think you’ll mind at all that I chose to share this anyway. First of all, the guys appearing in this one [...]

Is Andre Watson The Perfect Brazilian Hunk?

I know what you’re thinking, of all the many handsome and hunky men we have on the Gay Body Blog it’s impossible to say that one of them is the hottest, the most gorgeous, the most fuckable… but I think some of you will agree that it at least needs to be suggested that Andre [...]

Russian Hunks Flexing Muscles!

The next time you’re wondering whether it’s safe to go to Russia or not, you might just want to take a look at this post and see what you could be missing out on. Sure, you could be harassed, abused, assaulted and even arrested just for being gay, but then it might all be worth [...]

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