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Thierry Pepin For Undergear

We’ve seen some photos of Thierry Pepin on the Gay Body Blog before, and although they were a little more revealing then these ones I had to share them with you simply because I find this man totally drop-dead gorgeous! I know some of you might complain about the ink he’s developed on his muscled […]

On The Beach With Adam A

We only know of him as “Adam A” but I would definitely like to know a hell of a lot more about this muscular young hunk showing off his bulges on the beach! He’s getting sand in his crack for the UnderGear in this shoot by an unknown photographer (come on guys, admit it. Whenever […]

James Guardino And Tyler Lough

I’ve often had fantasies about being tag teamed by two real horny jock guys, and after checking out this series of pics for Undergear back in 2010 I’m now thinking about what it would be like to be in the middle of James Guardino and Tyler Lough! lol We’ve had a post of pics of […]

Christopher Fawcett For UnderGear

It’s Friday everyone! I hope you have something special planned for the weekend. I have a friends birthday to go to yesterday and as he’s gay I’m hoping there will plenty of opportunity to hook up with some interesting guys! 😉 I was thinking today about who my ideal guy would be, and I really […]

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