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Sexy Twins Haydem And Raul Guerra

How long has it been since we last had a couple of sexy twins on the Gay Body Blog? I really don’t know, but I do know it’s been far too long. Guys, sit back and enjoy the adorable sight of gorgeous young men Haydem and Raul Guerra. The brothers look so good together in […]

Sexy Male Twins by Carlos Arias

Carlos Arias is probably one of the best self-taught male photographers I’ve had the pleasure of seeing come around. I love his work so much, I could feature numerous photos from his portfolio since they all capture male beauty in very unique ways. Carlos can take very different shots, some capturing raw male testosterone at […]

Carlson Twins: Double the fun!

If you haven’t heard of the Carlson Twins you are either living under a rock or don’t surf around the web too often on sites like these. I’m surprised I haven’t done a post featuring these gods of beauty yet, so finally here it is! Kyle and Lane Carlson, known collectively as the Carlson Twins, […]

Beautiful at Sunset

Sunsets are great aren’t they? They are so quick but for those few moments it seems the world comes to a standstill and a certain calmness overcomes the day. Even better is if you can spend those few moments with your special someone, and embrace the moment as the darkness of night approaches. Now if […]

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