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Hairy Hunk For Chongo Magazine

Can anyone tell me who this hairy hunk is? He’s showing off in some very sexy photos for Chongo Magazine, bit I can’t find a name for this guy anywhere and I really want to know more about him. He’s a good looking guy, a little rough around the edges too, just how I like […]

Joey Kirchner - The perfect mix of boyish and rough

Okay, so now you know I love Tattooed guys. And normally I don’t go for the boyish look. But when I saw Joey Kirchner I just knew I had to share this young dude with someone! This hot young Canadian guy was once an A&F model, and doesn’t he look perfect for it? He’s currently […]

Johnny Castle: The Erotic, The Muscle.

Some of you may know Johnny as the pretty successful and muscular porn star. Sometimes it is possible to feature a porn star without having to give it all away, so to speak. Johnny is a self-proclaimed classic jock, playing soccer, track, football and tennis all the way through school. He also still plays high-energy […]

The uber cute: Flip Ashley

Meet Flip Ashley, who not only has a cool name, but is such an adorable dude! Flip is a native Texan from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Flip has been modeling for 3 years now, and is yet another personal trainer turned model. He is also featured over at On Display Men, which is an online […]

Joshua Delos by Kristopher Kelly

I have yet to really explore the work of photographer Kristopher Kelly, but after stumbling upon this recent photo shoot from a couple months ago involving young 19 year old model Joshua Delos from upstate New York, I’m bound to be featuring many more models that have worked with this talented photog. Kris captured a […]

Rugby's Finest Hunks 2010 Calendar

Still looking for your 2010 calendar, maybe for the office, or for you room at home? Well look no further, because this coming year’s edition of the Rugby’s Finest Hunks delivers what you might just be looking for! This a 2010 calendar features some of the hottest English rugby players. This calendar contains various Rugby […]

Male Hunk Goodness with Peter Stubbs

Don’t you just absolutely love the work of Simon Le? I do.. and that doesn’t fall short with his work with super sexy male model Peter Stubbs. Peter is a student and model part time, hailing from Denmark. It may be just me but I find his name ‘Stubbs’ to be a bit comical and […]

Benjamin Godfre for Timeteo Underwear

You all know how I love Benjamin Godfre’s work, here’s some recent material from Ben for Timoteo Men’s Fashions, particularly men’s underwear. Ben is always perfectly photographed by Tom Cullis, who must be one of the most blessed photographers around to have a guy like Ben to get behind his camera day in and day […]

The Hunky Ryan Daharsh

Ryan Daharsh is probably one of the most ‘real’ looking models around. His body is naturally appealing, landing him modeling assignments for All American Guys, Abercrombie and Fitch (A&F), Vogue Italia and Bloomingdales. He has also featured in DNA and Out Magazines. Not surprising though, as this former high school football and wrestling star took […]

Sexy summer frat boy Hurley

Summer really brings out the adorable guys with the amazing bodies. Lets face it, a lot of guys work hard all winter to be able to strut their stuff for the few warm months of the year where they can strip down to nothing more than a loose pair of shorts. Hurley is one of […]

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