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Yotam Solomon Is Being A Cock Tease!

I do believe this is the first time we have seen fashion designer and male model Yotam Solomon on the Gay Body Blog before, and what an intensely erotic debut it is! You guys know I love the tease, and although we’ve seen some great teasing images of some other really hot guys over the […]

We All Want To Wake Up With Mark R!

The title for this awesome shoot by Thomas Synnamon is “Woke up like this”, and I think I speak for all of us when I say we very much like the way he woke up! Can you imagine waking up to find yourself next to this gorgeous young jock? Have a think about that for […]

Ryan Young Likes To Tease

I know what you’re thinking, another bedroom shoot with a hot hunk showing off just a little extra skin, but not enough!? I know, and I feel your pain, but I think this shoot with gorgeous Ryan Young is still worth sharing no matter how done-to-death the theme is, and no matter how frustrating it […]

Sweet Twink Model David Rodriguez

While it’s certainly true that hunky muscled men and gorgeous buff jocks are our bread and butter here on the Gay Body Blog, occasionally I like to throw a gorgeous twink model out there for you guys to appreciate. I was checking out some recent shoots today and stumbled across this collection of images featuring […]

Hairy And Handsome Nathan Scott

Awesome photographer Thomas Synnamon has done it again with this sexy shoot featuring handsome and hunky Nathan Scott. The gorgeous stud muffin is showing off his excellent body in this collection of images, teasing us with the sight of his cotton-covered bulge! He really is a stunning man, perfect in absolutely every way. I say […]

Jay Roberts Nude - Thomas Synnamon

Model and porn star Jay Roberts is no stranger to taking his clothes off, as you might expect there are a lot of images of the hunk out there with his big uncut dick on show and often rock solid and up to naughty things too! But shoots of Jay Roberts nude like this are […]

Sexy Alejandro Salgueiro By Thomas Synnamon

Argentinian male model Alejandro Salgueiro is certain to get you all a little interested and horny after checking out these photos by Thomas Synnamon. The hunk has everything going on, and although these images are pretty tame I think your imaginations will be filling in and creating some of your own mental pictures! The handsome […]

Men By Thomas Synnamon

Although most of the time a post is dedicated to a certain male model, actor or porn star, there are times when I like to show off the work of a favorite photographer and just get together some of their hottest images. In this case it’s the work of Thomas Synnamon that gets some attention […]

Justin Clynes Hairy Perfection!

I had another argument with a friend of mine over body hair this morning. It’s not the first time either. The guy is hot, and he has a great body. I especially love the way he looks because even though he’s gay he doesn’t conform to the image and he doesn’t comply with the whole […]

A Little More Of Levi Poulter!

Okay, so Monday is here again and I’m sure a whole lot of you are now feeling those distinctive blues for the start of the week. And throw in a little stress about presents and you have a miserable start to the week. Or is it just me worrying about Christmas presents and getting my […]

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