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Hairy Stud Edgar Moreno - And Friend!

Okay guys, I will admit that I don’t really pay attention to the whole “Mr. Gay” thing around the world. I know I probably should, and there are lots of them from the US to Europe, and a lot of the guys who participate are gorgeous too, but it’s never been something that interests me […]

Italian American Stud Muffin Lenny San

It kind of goes without saying that the majority of guys we have on the blog are American. It’s a shame, but the English internet seems to be unfairly slanted towards the US, just because of mathematics obviously. So it can sometimes be hard to find all those gems of international loveliness in all the […]

Hairy Stud Alessandro Calza

You’ll probably recall Alessandro Calza from a great post a while back, with some really sexy pics of the guy teasing and posing in some pretty erotic shots. This model and actor is perhaps one of the sexiest men on the planet as far as I’m concerned, and while it’s rare to find something like […]

Michael Churchill: The old, the new, the stunning.

Michael Churchill is nobody new on the modeling scene, however it’s been so long since I’ve featured this super stud, I thought his time on Gay Body Blog was due again. Michael who’s been modeling for 5 years now, has worked with the many of the best male model photographers out there. As you comb […]

Bad Boy Jason Borish is all muscle

This 28 year old Akron Ohio stud is the definition of bad boy muscle. Jason Borish who is well-known as a fitness related model, has an explosive and powerful physique. His body has muscle in every place imaginable and his size is Zeus-like. Jason has worked with photographers like Luis Rafael and Vince Gallione, ranging […]

Eating Out with Ryan Carnes

There’s nothing I love more than a sexy young actor, who plays a sexy role with hot nude scenes. To top that off, there’s nothing I love more than a sexy young actor who does all that in a gay role! Well, I bring you Ryan Carnes who is just such an actor. Starring in […]

12 days of Beautiful Bodies 10th Day: Jon Micklow

“On the 10th Day of Beautiful Bodies, my friend Zack brought to me, 10 less notches on your belt…” This Christmas I’m featuring 12 days of my favorite male bodies of the year from earlier posts I featured. My choices are based on your comments, ratings and my personal favorites. On the 10th day I’m […]

All the Muscle you can Handle

To completely contrast yesterday’s post, this photo gives us a lot to look at, a lot of muscle that is. This muscle-bound model has amazing size in all the right places. A massive chest and bulging arms connect along the emerging veins of his shoulders. Top it off with the great perspective of the shot […]

Smiley and wet

I’ve always wondered what the guys in these ocean photos are thinking. I mean, the ocean is usually a cold place and by the looks of this photo, it doesn’t look like a tropical environment. Most models have to put on a look of pleasure and enjoyment in a photo like this and I tip […]

Evan Wadle

Evan Wadle is absolutely stunning. He takes some really breathtaking shots. Not only the DNA mate of the month in Feb. 2008, Evan Wadle is a New Jersey made stud who graces the likes of many great blogs across the world wide web. Also, some of you might be saying, wait, isn’t it Evan Wade? […]

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