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New Handsome Hunk Jason Morgan

I know that you guys are going to want more of handsome male model Jason Morgan, and although there’s only a very small collection of photos for this post I couldn’t simply ignore that gorgeous face and that tight and lean body. I thought you guys would appreciate seeing him regardless of the fact that […]

Handsome And Fit Jefferson West

Twink fans will love this post, but plenty of you who don’t consider that kind of thing to be important at all will love it too. His name is Jefferson West, and he’s a very handsome and sexy young man with a great body. I think this is the first time we’ve seen him on […]

Rafael Licks - Thats His Name Not An Assumption

It’s no secret that I’m really not sporty at all and I have little interest in football (soccer for those Americans out there lol) However, if all soccer players looked like Rafael Licks then I think we would all be paying a hell of a lot more attention! Forget all the branding on shirts and […]

Sexy Jock For Boxair

I’m sure someone will disagree with me when I say this, but isn’t there something about this unknown handsome hunk that reminds you of David Beckham? I know he has far less ink than the famous Brit, but there is a similarity there in a couple of these pics at least. Not that this matters […]

Able Seamen Fabio Santana And Junior Bryan!

Of course I had to make a pun about gorgeous sailors Fabio Santana and Junior Bryan appearing in this very sexy shoot for Gypsy Fashion. The handsome duo look so fine together in his shoot, but I have to ask why they felt the need to wear such outfits around the pool lol Not that […]

When Intellect And Physical Beauty Combine - Pietro Boselli

I have only just caught up with this story after seeing someone Tweet about it, and I knew immediately that you guys would appreciate seeing Pietro Boselli and hearing  how he’s now come to prominence around the world… This British hunk is a male model, and a gorgeous one at that, but he’s also a […]

Fit New Model Luciano Cunha Jr

Woohoo! I love finding sexy new male models out there worthy of sharing on the Gay Body Blog, and I think most of you will probably agree that Luciano Cunha Jr is worth ogling in this post. If you don’t, then please be assured that I would love to slap you for being so silly. […]

The Sexy Zodiac By Sergio Costa Vicent

I know for a fact that this concept has been done before, at least twice, but I think this shoot by Sergio Costa Vicent of handsome hunks depicting the signs of the Zodiac is probably one of the best versions I have seen. The other versions I have seen were a little too obvious, and […]

Jock Boy Trevor Van Uden

Do you ever see a handsome male model and instantly feel as though what you’ve seen is nowhere near enough? I guess you probably get that quite a lot, I know I do. Trevor Van Uden is one of those guys for me. I just saw this handsome young jock boy and knew he would […]

Salvador Pozo Offers A Homage To Tom Of Finland

I had to get these photos on here for you guys even though I had a feeling some of these hunks might get a little criticism for the smoking and the tattoos. Some of you guys are such puritans! lol As you can probably tell, there’s more than a little bit of appreciation for the […]

Colby Keller In California

I know I am not the only one here who adores hunky and handsome gay porn star Colby Keller. This guy has been getting a lot of great attention over the last couple of years, but not just for his hardcore work in the business. For those who don’t know much about this (and believe […]

Handsome Hung And Uncut Nicolas De Urquiza

So, on my search for the identity of a handsome and hairy hunk in yesterdays post I discovered this very hot collection of photos featuring Nicolas De Urquiza, and they definitely deserved to be shared on the blog with all you horny guys! He’s not shy about showing everything off in this creative presentation of […]

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