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Jacob Lomas For Huntley Homme

There’s a lot of newness in this post of pics, but I think it’s all likely to meet with your approval First, I had never heard of the brand Huntley Homme before this, but I think I’ll be hearing more about them after this too. It seems they have an interesting homo-erotic style to their […]

Yummy George Blackwell

When I saw some pics of the handsome and buff young fitness model George Blackwell it was a no-brainer that he should be on the blog for you guys to check out. Can you guess what this handsome young Florida guy does for a living? Yeah, he’s a personal trainer. I know, they all are, […]

Uncut Amateur Showing Off

I have no idea who this guy is or how these photos came into being, but I knew they would make a great addition to the Gay Body Blog for a nude post. One of my friends sent me these pics this morning and suggested he would make a great nude guy to share, and […]

A Lazy Afternoon With Lucas Garcez

This shoot featuring Lucas Garcez pretty much shows how I feel today. Although I would love to have the kind of setting he’s enjoying for this shoot, and the sun too, I’m about to be mimicking his pose while I chill out for the afternoon. That’s something I suppose. Photographer Henrique Ferrari is the one […]

Australian Fittie Chad Fellows

It’s Sunday, and although I’m enjoying a lazy day watching movies and catching up with friends later this evening I have double the dose of hotness to share with you. I missed the post yesterday, but I think I can make up for that with this double delivery We’re going to start this off by […]

TOWIE Hottie Charlie King Naked

You guys know I don’t do the whole reality TV thing, and to be honest I would rather extract my toenails with a rusty spoon than sit through an episode of that pointless rubbish, but I can still accept that TOWIE guy Charlie King is a hottie who should be appreciated, especially when he’s showing […]

Naked Dudes For Attitude Magazine

I was in two minds about sharing this post on the Gay Body Blog, because I know that when Attitude Magazine does a “nude” shoot you generally don’t actually see much. I don’t know how they get away with it to be honest, because every time the preach about it being “red hot” inside the […]

Teasing Shots Of Rhys Gilyeat

A good photo shoot can create almost a story in your mind. Okay, maybe that’s not true if it’s a fashion shoot and it’s yet another guy in something small and tight on a beach somewhere, but shoots like this one of Rhys Gilyeat certainly have that potential for creating a fantasy narrative. What little […]

Serious Muscle With Vasa Nestorovic

Have we seen Vasa Nestorovic on the Gay Body Blog before? I don’t think so, I’m sure I would have remembered this gym-buff serious looking hunk if we had. He has it all going on, and aside from that handsome and serious face he has an amazing physique that most definitely deserves some sharing. You […]

We All Want To See Neil Patrick Harris Almost Naked - Right?

I don’t usually do to well with the whole celebrity culture and I don’t usually watch any awards ceremonies at all (I know, I’m letting down #teamgay) but on this occasion I will be compelled to go and watch the Oscars after seeing that the lovely Neil Patrick Harris got almost naked in front of […]

Tall Dark And Handsome Shayne Cureton

Although we only have five photos of the gorgeous Shayne Cureton for this post I had to get him on the Gay Body Blog when I saw that pic of his stunning ass on show. I think you guys will agree that although we want far more of him, what we have here is definitely […]

Bobby Penney Looking Totally Hot!

I hope you’re having a nice weekend so far. If you’re enduring the cold and terrible weather then you might need something a little hot and steamy to inspire you, and this photo shoot with handsome and buff Bobby Penney might just do that. Now, I am gonna say something negative about this collection of […]

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