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Derek Yates Photographed By Rick Day!

After sharing some gorgeous photos of Derek Yates a couple of days ago I had to get out there and find more, and look what I managed to get hold of for you guys to drool over! Rick Day is one of the most legendary photographers of gorgeous men, often wearing very little and being […]

Massively Muscled Raciel Castro By Rick Day

It’s certainly no secret that I absolutely adore the work of photographer Rick Day. This guy knows how to pick and present some of the most handsome and hunky men in his shoots, and this new arrival featuring Raciel Castro is definitely going to get some attention from all you fellow appreciative fans out there. […]

Fit And Buff Robert Mull By Rick Day

Whenever I see a shoot by Rick Day it simply has to be on the blog. I have never seen a shoot by that man that I didn’t love, and this collection of gorgeous and teasing images of ripped and buff male model Robert Mull absolutely needs to be on here for you guys to […]

More Sexy Bulge - Eric Biovino By Rick Day

Rick Day is one of my fave photographers, and he has been for a long time now. I think male more Eric Biovino is going to be on my list of hottest male models too after seeing this collaboration. Although, I’m not entirely sure that all of these images are actually by Rick, some seem […]

Ripped Hunk Adam Gumula By Rick Day

It’s been a little while since we last saw some of the great work of Rick Day on the blog, but when I found this shoot featuring Adam Gumula I just had to get some of the pics on here for you guys to appreciate. If you’re not familiar with the work of this talented […]

Rick Day And His Sporty Boys

It’s no secret that we love Rick Day on GBB, and I think there are probably a lot of you out there who pay attention a little more when his name is mentioned in connection to a shoot. I’m right there with you on that, and it certainly paid off when I saw an email […]

More Of Gorgeous Allen Lovell

Way back in October last year we had some gorgeous photos of the stunning young Allen Lovell on the blog, and I made a promise to myself that I would look for some more photos of this handsome young man. It’s been a little while, but I found some more photos that I absolutely had […]

Rick Day Is At It Again - More Ripped Hunks!

Now, if someone were to ask me this afternoon what I want for Christmas, I think I would show them a picture of these guys and leave it at that. Can you imagine opening a big box on Christmas morning and having these hotties jump out? Heaven! Rick Day is probably the undisputed master of […]

Lukas Ridgeston By Rick Day

You’ll notice that we have a banner on the right hand side for the Bel Ami Online site, and when I looked at this earlier it suddenly dawned on me that we hadn’t had any of the photos of the gorgeous Lukas Ridgeston on here taken by Rick Day recently. Of course I had to […]

Tanned Hunk Daniel Garofali

This is not the first time we’ve had some photos of the handsome and muscular Daniel Garofali on the blog, but although we saw some sexy pics of him before almost naked and showing it all off, these are worthy of sharing too just because of their sexiness. He’s undoubtedly one of the hottest male […]

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