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The Sexy New Yorker Nicky Pizzaro

Nick Pizzaro is the perfect example of what sexy New York can be. Nicky has a great athletic build and body that’s smokin’! Seen here in captured by many great photographers such as Hans Fahrmeyer and Carlos Arias, Nick does well with his shirt off I must say. Not only his shirt, but keep going […]

Jack Jefferson is all man.

What can I say other than yowza? Jack Jefferson is one hell of a beefy stud, who not surprisingly started out as a gymnast, and turned to modeling (lucky us!). Why do gymnasts always have the best bodies? Well I guess the answer to that one is obvious, which probably explains why male gymnast fetishes […]

Arthur Sales by Greg Vaughan

Meet Arthur Sales, photographed here by the talented Greg Vaughan. Arthur is certainly one work of ‘Art’, he’s got the most amazing body and all-American look that most boys (and girls) these days drool over. Sporting the classic Calvins, Arthur’s look is brings him through the classic and sporty, all the way to sexy and […]

The muscle god: Ivan Scannell

Sometimes I wonder if I can find a guy who has such a great body that I would be rendered speechless, well this week I feel like that is the case. Ivan Scannell is ridiculously beautiful, and has the most perfect muscularly toned body, in all the right places. Photographed by the legendary David Vance, […]

Male Beauty Simply Put: Nick Ayler

Meet Nick Ayler, a 22 year old model, actor, musician, currently from New York. Having modeled for just over 2 years now, Nick as worked with some well known photographers, such as Hans Fahrmeyer and Michael Anthony Downs, to name a few. What’s so striking about Nick is his face. He has huge potential as […]

The uber cute: Flip Ashley

Meet Flip Ashley, who not only has a cool name, but is such an adorable dude! Flip is a native Texan from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Flip has been modeling for 3 years now, and is yet another personal trainer turned model. He is also featured over at On Display Men, which is an online […]

Stunning Male Model Philip Fusco by Scott Hoover

Once again Philip Fusco never fails to deliver beautifully sexy and stunning photos with whomever he works with. This time it’s a feature set from Scott Hoover where Philip shows that he not only has the perfect male body, but he takes his work one step further by showing us a different side of himself. […]

Gay Body Blog Survey Results

Thanks to all of you who took the time to answer my short survey! The results were very helpful and I’ve already started making changes to reflect your likes and dislikes. I’ll be considering many of your suggestions over the next little while and making some changes for the better! Some of you asked for […]

Male perfection is Michael Brent

I recently came across uber sexy model, Michael Brent. He is yet another example of male perfection, that can always come in different shapes and sizes. Michael, a good Minnesota boy, was quite young when he decided he wanted to start modeling. He moved to California and back to Minnesota, and over the years has […]

Grant Lofthouse makes great eye candy

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a guy in his underwear. What’s more classic than a pair of Calvins? Grant Lofthouse is a 20 year old Aussie from Melbourne, who is a personal trainer slash model. He runs his own weight loss and body toning site, I guess you could call it, at Body by Desire. […]

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