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Hung And Uncut Straight Stud Andy Lee

I know that some of you are gonna be a little put off by all the ink Andy is sporting, but I think plenty more of you are going to absolutely love the sight of this hunky muscled straight dude with a massive uncut cock! His name is Andy Lee, and I think some of […]

Russian Male Model Leonid Rusanov Shows A Little Flesh

Of course, there’s been a hell of a lot of negative press for the Russian nation over the last couple of years, and rightly so, but it’s important to remember that there are some very good things coming out of that country. I know you’re trying to think of some examples, and you might be […]

Anonymous Cock Flashers

It’s time for some cock on the Gay Body Blog! I’ve been out there looking around the wilderness of the internet and I’ve found some rather deserving hotties flashing their cocks in some amateur pics that I thought you horny guys would want to see. It got me thinking and I wanted to ask if […]

Paolo Bellucci Naked!

Just yesterday we had a post starring the handsome and buff Paolo Bellucci in some sexy underwear, and after looking around out there for a little more of this daring hunk I managed to find some pics for another post that is definitely going to get your attention! Check out Paolo Bellucci naked, teasing the […]

Time For Some Hot Naked Guys!

Yeah, I’m pretty horny today. I went to the gym this morning and saw not one but two totally gorgeous jock dudes with semi hard dicks in the showers, when that happens you can pretty much guarantee that every spare minute of the day to come is going to be filled with me looking at […]

Lolo Mari Flashing More Muscle!

So on Monday I shared some pics of the gorgeous and hunky Spanish model Lolo Mari, and the post seemed to get quite a lot of attention from you guys. I can understand why, the man is amazing, and willing to show off a little more than other models too – that makes a guy […]

Just Some Hot Naked Men

So I was looking around out there on the net today and trying to work out what I should do for a nude post. At first I was thinking that there should be a theme to it, but then I kinda figured that there are so many hot guys showing their dicks out there in […]

A Sexy Nude Cuban Guy By Jorge L. Romillo

I knew that we were due a nude post on the blog today, and I spent a little while looking around out there for the perfect shoot to share. I found this excellent collection of photos by Jorge L. Romillo, and I was a little unsure about sharing them because there’s really not enough here […]

Flashing Uncut Dick With Handsome Olivier

I have a feeling that I should know who Olivier is, but I don’t. I believe this is the first time I’ve seen the handsome and revealing muscled hunk, but I had to share him when I saw these photos by Exterface. Obviously there is a lot to appreciate about this hot guy, not least […]

Nude Men By Milan Vukmirovic

Guys, I have something a little arty for you today, but I really don’t think any of you will mind the focus being on the creativity of photographer Milan Vukmirovic when you see what he does with his models and his camera. The guy is a real talented photographer, we can all agree, right? They […]

Andoni Garcia photographed naked by Johnny Lopera

I have no idea what the story of theme for this shoot by Johnny Lopera is meant to be, but I really don’t care about that very much considering I’m too distracted by the handsome and buff naked form of gorgeous male model Andoni Garcia. He’s out in the middle of nowhere in what I […]

A Musclebound Hot Hunk By David Vance

I think most of you guys know about David Vance by now, we’ve seen his work on the Gay Body Blog more than just a few times. He’s famous for featuring some truly handsome and sexy men wearing very little and being extremely teasing, and this new shoot I’ve just found is no different. I […]

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