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Kerry Degman Naked

I love it when I know I can get plenty of attention for a post with a headline like that! Yes, we’re seeing handsome and buff young jock model Kerry Degman naked, showing off his perfect little ass and being incredibly sexy in a shoot by Mariano Vivanco, and it’s going to leave you all […]

Just A Sexy And Smooth Hot Naked Guy

So it’s time for a nude post, and I think I did rather well finding this handsome young man showing everything off for the world. Although, I’m not too sure about the embossed body art, what do you even call that? I have no information about this guy, I don’t know who he is, what […]

Kirill Dowidoff Naked And Stunning!

Yes, I know we’re getting close to having to rename this site the Kirill Dowidoff fan club, but come on, you know I had to have this shoot on here when I saw it! He’s one of the most gorgeous men in the world, ever, and that’s undebatable. The chance to see Kirill Dowidoff naked […]

I Would Love To Know All Of These Naked Dudes

I had a lovely text message from a friend this morning who felt compelled to show me a very revealing pic of the guy he hooked up with last night. It seems he was chatting to this “curious” dude on line and then met him to teach him a few things, and he wanted me […]

We Need More Nudity From Thiago Preda

Check out handsome and tanned Thiago Preda by Paoulo César, a sexy shoot with the tempting and teasing hottie getting us a little worked up with with just a little nudity, leaving us all wanting a lot more. This is yet another one of those occasions where I was certain we’d seen this guy on […]

Random Cock Flashing!

It’s time for a nude post, and although there were a couple of shoots I’ve seen this week with sexy male models showing everything off I know you guys love seeing the random cock flashing pics from around the web. I think I have a pretty hot collection for you guys for this one too, […]

Random Naked Dudes Showing Off Their Junk

So I went to the gym this morning, for the first time this week even though every month I tell myself that I’m going to go every couple of days – I know I’m lame and so pathetically unmotivated, I get distracted far too easily to be able to commit lol – and while I […]

Brad Meyer naked in the surf!

Okay guys, after complaining for a while about the endless parade of beach shoots we constantly see from various brands and photographers, finally I have one that I can really get behind – so to speak! It’s gorgeous young jock model Brad Meyer naked in the surf, looking damn fine and absolutely deserving of some appreciation. […]

Dudes Flashing Dick In Some Hot Selfies

I discovered today that going to the gym is becoming more about meeting hot guys than about staying in shape, or at least for me it seems to be going that way. I met a really hot dude this morning, after he flashed me his junk in the locker room, and I have a hook […]

Hung Male Model Trevor Adams

I know we’ve seen the handsome and hung male model Trevor Adams on the blog a couple of times before, but after seeing a big dicked friend this morning and being reminded of this hunk I thought it was about time we had some more pics of the guy on the blog So I went […]

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