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Gorgeous Men For Kurt R. Brown

I hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday. I’m taking it easy today (usually I do a little bit of work, but I really can’t be bothered), I’ve started properly planning my summer and have a festival trip to arrange – which requires all kinds of things, mainly buying lots of camping gear from eBay […]

Rafael Berger Nude At The Beach

All the way back in 2012 we had some very sexy pics of Rafael Berger on the Gay Body Blog, looking smooth and fit for photographer Fernando Effquen, but I think you guys will prefer this sexy shoot of the guy getting naked and sexy on the beach. Admittedly we don’t get to see a […]

More Naked Hunks From Paul Freeman

We’ve seen the amazing work of photographer Paul Freeman before, but I couldn’t resist sharing these excellent images for a new nude post. If you’re having a shitty day, these stunning guys showing off in some amazing photos should have you feeling far more cherpy! He has a reputation for capturing men in some truly […]

A Lot More Of Adrian Adi

So we’ve already seen a collection of pics of the gorgeous Adrian Adi, and I made a mistake in my last post about him. I somehow suggested that he wasn’t like a lot of other gorgeous male models out there in the business, that he’s perhaps a little more “regular” but hot because of it. […]

Random Dudes With Dicks Out

Rock out with your cock out! It’s time to enjoy some lovely guys showing it all off in some very sexy pics, and I think I might have just about covered most interests with this one too! We have hairy guys, jocks, smooth dudes, muscle, average guys, pro men, amateurs, cut cocks, uncut, thick, thin, […]

Naked German Male Model Tom

So it’s Saturday, and I guess some of you will be nursing a hangover from last night just like I am, or perhaps planning to give yourself a hangover for tomorrow. Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I tend to get a little horny when I’m hungover, and that’s led me to sharing […]

Handsome And Fit Jefferson West

Twink fans will love this post, but plenty of you who don’t consider that kind of thing to be important at all will love it too. His name is Jefferson West, and he’s a very handsome and sexy young man with a great body. I think this is the first time we’ve seen him on […]

The Sexy Zodiac By Sergio Costa Vicent

I know for a fact that this concept has been done before, at least twice, but I think this shoot by Sergio Costa Vicent of handsome hunks depicting the signs of the Zodiac is probably one of the best versions I have seen. The other versions I have seen were a little too obvious, and […]

Insanely Hot Jonas Sulzbach

We’ve seen the deliciously hot and incredibly handsome Jonas Sulzbach on the blog a couple of times before, but I think this shoot of the stunning muscular stud is going to be a favorite. If you don’t enjoy this post then I can only say that I wish I were there with you to give […]

A Teasing Young Jock Flashes

You know what I love the most about the Internet? No, not cat videos, twitter rants or bizarre unexpected memes. It’s all the many hundreds of thousands of really hot guys who how have the opportunity to share themselves with the world in all their magnificent glory! Some of you might be old enough to […]

Muscled Hung And Uncut Too

I see a lot of guys out there being shared around on blogs and Twitter etc, and while there are a lot of dudes who deserve to be shared around occasionally I see one that instantly grabs my attention and I need to share on the blog straight away. That’s the case with this muscled, […]

Uncut Male Model Tony At The Beach

I had to share this handsome and fit dude when I saw these photos, and while I know we’re not due to have a naked shoot on here just yet I didn’t think you would mind seeing this gorgeous guy with his uncut cock out You guys know I have a thing for uncut guys, […]

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