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Andoni Garcia photographed naked by Johnny Lopera

I have no idea what the story of theme for this shoot by Johnny Lopera is meant to be, but I really don’t care about that very much considering I’m too distracted by the handsome and buff naked form of gorgeous male model Andoni Garcia. He’s out in the middle of nowhere in what I [...]

A Musclebound Hot Hunk By David Vance

I think most of you guys know about David Vance by now, we’ve seen his work on the Gay Body Blog more than just a few times. He’s famous for featuring some truly handsome and sexy men wearing very little and being extremely teasing, and this new shoot I’ve just found is no different. I [...]

Uncut Jock Pedro In His First Solo

I was looking for a nude hottie to share with you guys for one of the posts today, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show off one of the new arrivals on the Sean Cody site and introduce you all to Pedro! He’s a handsome guy, even if his hair makes him look [...]

Revealing A Little More Of Dan Murphy

Dan Murphy is a handsome and hunky male model that I know a lot of you would absolutely adore. We’ve actually seen him on the blog before in a post where he teased and seduced plenty of us, naked, without showing everything. However, although he’s a little known for being a bit of a tease [...]

Uncut Jérémy gets naked

Although we’ve had one nude shoot on the blog already I just couldn’t resist sharing this sexy naked collection of Jérémy showing everything off. I have a slight criticism that I’m going to get out of the way first though, and that’s going to be my usual gripe about airbrushing and making models look like [...]

Jon Foehl gets horny with Landis Smithers

We’ve seen some of the sexy work by Landis Smithers on the blog before (most notably the gorgeous, thick-dicked British porn star Paddy O’Brian) and I was eager to post more of the amazingly beautiful work of this guy the moment I found something worthy of a post on here. I think I’ve found exactly [...]

Logan Swiecki-Taylor Selling... Cushions

How the hell do you make cushions sexy? You get a handsome hunk like Logan Swiecki-Taylor to show them off wearing absolutely nothing but his sexy tan. Yes, you heard me, Rufskin have seemingly stepped into the realm of soft furnishings recently, creating some sexy items that I don’t think any of us would mind [...]

Model Actor And DJ Walter Delmar By David Wagner

I have something a little different for you guys in this post, and I have a feeling that this guy might be a little divisive in the ranks In my opinion, Walter Delmar is a very interesting guy. He’s a handsome “older” dude (and I hate saying that, but in contrast to the young buff [...]

Sailor Boy Gregory Stiles

So, it’s time for a new nude post on the blog, and although this one might not be as full-on as some of the other ones we’ve had on the blog in the past, they’re definitely sexy pics of a very sexy young man gradually getting his kit off for a talented photographer! His name [...]

A Guaranteed Reader Favorite - Nigel Maldon

Sometimes I look at a guy I’m planning to share with you all and I have to wonder whether you are gonna love him as much as I do, but when it comes to Nigel Maldon I don’t need to guess at all. I know for a fact that you guys are all gonna be [...]

Uncut Boy Louis Mayhew By Steven Klein

I know you might not have been expecting a naked shoot just yet (we have a hardcore shoot coming tomorrow of course) but when a friend of mine sent me some pics of Louis Mayhew showing it all off for photographer Steven Klein I was compelled to share them on the blog with you guys. [...]

Roy Blakey And His Naked Men

I don’t know whether this a bit of a new phenomenon, but I’ve been seeing a lot more attention being paid to classic artists and photographers of the 70’s and 80’s recently, and plenty of sites talking about the bygone age of male eroticism. I guess a lot of you guys know about the Tom [...]

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