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This Cock In A Sock Thing...

I love it when something like this happens. Although nothing like this has ever gone so viral before, it’s been amazing to see the whole cock in a sock thing taking off all over the world. In case you missed it, this was kicked off here in the UK last week (I think) hot on [...]

Fancy Some Random Naked Muscle Jocks?

Silly question, right? Of course you want some naked muscle jocks, when would you not? This post is a little late, but I don’t think you’ll mind that so much when you see some of the buff hotness on offer. There might be one or two that have been featured on the blog before, but [...]

Naked Men By UK Photographer Bengie

I know we aren’t due another collection of naked hotties on the Gay Body Blog just yet, but I felt inspired to share some of these incredibly hot hunks with you when a friend of mine sent me them in an email. These are apparently by a UK photographer by the name of Bengie, based [...]

More Hot Men From Clean Slate

A few days ago I shared some very sexy photos of an uncut British guy out in the snow, photographed by Clean Slate photography, and after seeing some more of their work I just had to get another post of gorgeousness up on the blog for you all to drool over. I think we all [...]

Hot Naked Men

So I had a plan to do a themed nude post today after a buddy of mine called me up this morning and we got talking about a weekend break in a couple of months and the possibility of going to a nude camp. Yep, after that chat I was thinking about going out there [...]

My Hottest Men From Sean Cody

So you guys know that we like to throw some nude posts, and some hardcore porn posts, into the mix sometimes. It can actually be a little difficult to find photos to share of just sexy naked men without going to the porn sites. That seems a little odd, but trying to find a sexy [...]

Naked Men For Gay Times - But Not Quite

I think something needs to be established… Naked means something different to the editors of Gay Times, or at least the idea of nudity needs to be accurately considered before promoting something as one thing, while actually delivering another. I don’t mean to complain, it is all in aid of charity after all (the very [...]

Cheeky Chappy Zack Lemec

So I wanted to get a hot jock guy on here for the naked post today, and when I realized I hadn’t added Zack Lemec in his shoot for Next Door Male I thought I would give him a go and get some cock on here for you to enjoy. Now I know I only [...]

Men With Big Balls

It’s time for me to add another one of our awesome nude posts, and I wanted to do something a little different. I hope you don’t mind, but after the last discussion about foreskin and whether cut is hotter than uncut, I thought there are a few other subjects we could go for too. And [...]

Random Naked Men

Hey guys! It’s time for a little more nudity here this week. I know I added some yesterday, but I’ve had an email from a friend this morning with some really sexy naked men posing for some photography and I just had to get them on the blog for you guys, and find some others [...]

High Class Gay Erotica

I know we’ve already had a lot of muscle cock on the blog today, but it is Friday after all, and when I saw this shoot from G Magazine with some really interesting gay erotica I had to share it with you guys and get your opinion on it. It’s one of those dark and [...]

ESPN Body Issue 2012 - The Men

Okay guys, so I know we’ve had a naked post already, but when I saw this collection of images from the ESPN Body Issue 2012 I knew these guys had to be on the blog. This is the first time I’ve seen what they do when it comes to showing it all off, and I [...]

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