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Naked Uncut Jock Marcel

So we needed a nude post on the blog today, because I know you guys love getting some meat in your GBB diet, and when I saw this solo jerk off video on the Sean Cody site I figured you’d be down for something a little hornier than just some nudity. Was I right? His [...]

British Photographer Matt Lee

The British are coming! There’s a problem on the Gay Body Blog… there are far too many American models and photographers and not enough British talent and European hotties. As I know a lot of you guys love to see hot muscular men from all over the world I’m going to be working harder in [...]

Up Shorts Photos Of Sexy Guys

It may be seasonably chilly here in the UK right now, but when I went to the gym with a good friend of mine this morning I had a pleasant surprise. He was kitted out in some baggy shorts that showed off his muscled ass and his tempting package perfectly, and when he sat down [...]

Naked Jock Jesse Townsend

I’m going to start off this post by saying that I know for a fact I have seen Jesse Townsend before, but for some reason the time and place escapes me. I know I sometimes say that I think a hot young jock like him would look great on a gay porn site in a [...]

Naked Instagram Guys Bearing All

Have you guys been seeing all the news and press about Apps that delete photos you send to people within sixty seconds of them arriving? There’s this push to help with privacy for people who send naked photos of themselves to others, but they completely forget that those photos can be saved by anyone who [...]

Reader Requested - Hot Guys Sleeping Naked

So you guys know that I often get requests and messages from all kinds of readers. Sometimes we get emails from companies with a hot shoot to share, and sometimes a reader will suggest someone to feature or a theme to go with. I have to thank one of our readers for this suggestion. Mike [...]

Liam Magnuson Naked For Rick Day

A couple of months ago I shared some photos from a solo jerk off video on the Colt site with stunningly handsome young muscled jock Liam Magnuson, and it began a bit of an infatuation, I have to confess. There are so many male models and porn stars out there that I love to see, [...]

Naked And Teasing With British Male Model Jamie Clarke

Okay, I’m gonna say it, Jamie Clarke looks like a typical English gent, doesn’t he? It’s okay, I can say that because I’m British lol This handsome young man showing a lot of flesh for a shoot by Nicholas Andrews looks like the kind of privately educated guy you might find at Eton, playing Polo [...]

Naked And Horny With JR Bronson

I was inspired this morning, and yes it was by a guy at the gym. I can’t help it, one of the best things about working out for me is the chance to enjoy some eye-candy! I definitely got that this morning, when I spied a really handsome guy in the locker room and then [...]

Hot Naked Hunk Brayden Forrester For CellBlock 13

So you know that the Gay Body Blog is pretty influential these days, right? I know, it sounds a little arrogant, but I did say a “little” influential! lol This just means that we have a lot of people who come here to check out the guys and possibly read some of my rambling bullshit [...]

Big Dick Tuesday!

Hey guys, I know some of you might be feeling a little down today because it’s Tuesday – it’s not a great day, lets be honest. So to put a bit of a smile on your face I thought I’d give you guys a nude post, and make it all about the big dicks! Yep, [...]

Getting Naked With Benjamin Godfre And Will Wikle

I know there are not very many pics in this post, but I think the fact that Benjamin Godfre and Will Wikle are doubling up in a naked shoot will probably be enough to make this one worthwhile! Whenever I have Benjamin Godfre on the blog you guys seem to enjoy it, and I can [...]

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