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Dudes Flashing Dick In Some Hot Selfies

I discovered today that going to the gym is becoming more about meeting hot guys than about staying in shape, or at least for me it seems to be going that way. I met a really hot dude this morning, after he flashed me his junk in the locker room, and I have a hook […]

Random Naked Guys With Uncut Dicks

I know I’m not the only one here who loves uncut dicks, especially when they’re attached to sexy men like these guys. Check out some random hot dudes with intact cocks on show, a perfect addition to the blog for a nude post on a Tuesday. I was a little inspired by an encounter I […]

Derek Yates Gets His Kit Off

I was a little surprised that I was so late to the party with this one, but I don’t think you guys will mind too much when you see handsome and hunky Derek Yates getting his kit off for David Vance in this sexy shoot. It seems this gorgeous guy found some fame last year […]

Manuel Ortega Gives Us Some Gorgeous Men

Photographer Manuel Ortega has an eye for handsome men with amazing physiques, as you can see from this collection of photos featuring some buff hunks in some classically styled photography. Now, I know that we’re not due to have any nudity just yet, but I couldn’t not have this shoot on here, and I couldn’t […]

College guys naked for Mark Lynch

Okay, I’m calling them college guys mainly because all I can picture when I see these dudes with their dicks out is them all at a frat party getting wasted, or on Spring Break or something. Not being American myself, it might all be based on a stereotypical image, but I think some of you […]

Ripped And Handsome Bryce Thompson Gets Naked!

We’ve seen Bryce Thompson in a shoot before by legendary Rick Day, but this one is even hotter than that. And yes, after seeing this shoot by Greg Vaughan this dude has now shot up into my top five of make model hunks I would love to get it on with! I have a feeling […]

Some Impressive Amateur Cocks For You Guys

It’s been a little while since I last trawled around the Internet looking for amateur cocks to share with you guys, so as we’re due a nude post today I though you might appreciate it. Okay, I just lied, it’s not actually been a while at all, I was out there cruising around looking at […]

Walter Savage Is Looking Lean And Ripped!

Walter Savage has been on the Gay Body Blog a few times in the past, but I don’t think any of those shoots have been as sexy and teasing as this one by one of my favorite photographers – Greg Vaughan. The shoot is for Out Magazine, and it’s pretty hot. The handsome hunk looks […]

Gorgeous Jock With A Tempting Cock

So here we are again, due to have some naked hotness on the blog, and I actually struggled to find something to share with you guys today without resorting to a porn shoot. I was going to add another collection of naked randomness with all kinds of guys showing off their junk, but then I […]

I Need To Know Who This Teasing Bodybuilder Is!

Happy Saturday guys! I hope you’re having a gorgeously fabulous weekend so far. Mine is going nicely, although I did have a little too much to drink last night and struggled to go on my run this morning. A friend made Bacon infused Vodka, say no more lol I was distracting myself from having do […]

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