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The Male Nude Photography Of Mustafa Sabbagh

I can’t believe it’s been more than two years since I shared some of the sexy and stylized artistic shots of Mustafa Sabbagh (you can check out those photos here). If you read that, then you know that this guy captured my attention way back then, and although I’ve been following his work since then […]

The Artistic Male Nude

If you’ve ever been in an art class, the chances are you’ve had to sit there and draw or paint a naked man or woman. I guess it’s a standard thing in art class, but although some say there’s nothing sexual about it, I have to disagree. I remember the discussions others had back then […]

Male Nudes By Zedneram

Hey guys! I have to begin by wishing you all a fantastic new year, and although I am still recovering from a completely crazy day yesterday and one of the most interesting and wild nights I’ve had for a long time, I’m sure I am not alone! Let me just say that I seem to […]

Massively Muscled Tyler Black

Massively muscled Tyler Black is a real manly man. I know that seems like a pretty generic statement, but with all the muscled guys they have on sites like Next Door Male showing off their jock bodies and their jerk off moves, this guy actually stands out because he’s so much more ripped and bulging! […]

Classic Male Nude Photography

After the post yesterday featuring some of the most delicious hunky men in some classic physique photography, I had to get some more erotic pics up on the blog when I saw these nude shots of really sexy models showing it all off. It really does surprise me how erotic and sexual men were back […]

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