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Drooling again over Logan Swiecki-Taylor

It’s fair to say that whenever I find a new shoot out there featuring the awesome Logan Swiecki-Taylor it’s going to be on the blog. He’s the body and face of Rufskin, I’m sure you’re aware, and it seems that every time I share him on the blog boners are springing up all around the [...]

Hairy And Handsome Nathan Scott

Awesome photographer Thomas Synnamon has done it again with this sexy shoot featuring handsome and hunky Nathan Scott. The gorgeous stud muffin is showing off his excellent body in this collection of images, teasing us with the sight of his cotton-covered bulge! He really is a stunning man, perfect in absolutely every way. I say [...]

A Mystery Hunk By Brian Kaminski

I really need to know who this hot hunk is in this shoot by photographer Brian Kaminski! There’s no mention out there on the net of who the hairy and fit dude is, but everything about him gets me hard and horny. It’s such a teasing and appropriately summery shoot, with a seriously hot dude [...]

Fit And Buff Robert Mull By Rick Day

Whenever I see a shoot by Rick Day it simply has to be on the blog. I have never seen a shoot by that man that I didn’t love, and this collection of gorgeous and teasing images of ripped and buff male model Robert Mull absolutely needs to be on here for you guys to [...]

Naked Gym Guys - I Need To Change Gyms!

I was looking around out there for some freeballing pics to share on the blog for a nude post today, and I was gonna go with a collection of guys showing off the shape of their semi in some shorts and trackies, but instead I found something a hell of a lot hotter. You guys [...]

Today I Lust After Reinaldo Dalcin

You might have seen this handsome specimen of gorgeousness before, but I don’t think you’ll mind seeing these sexy photos of the hunk. His name is Reinaldo Dalcin, and he competed and won the title of Mr Brazil back in 2013. Apparently, he’s taking another shot at the title this year, and I have a [...]

Staying Tame With Gorgeous Muscled Jock Todd Morgan

When I was looking through the posts at the previous Todd Sanfield shoots we’ve had I also discovered some previous major hotness with muscled jock and gay porn star Todd Morgan, and as it’s been a while I obviously had to get back out there and see what else I could find that we haven’t [...]

Some Sexy Random Hot Guys

We all do it. You’re walking down the street or you’re on the train and you see some totally gorgeous guy that you can’t stop stealing glimpses of. You start to imagine what he looks like naked, how big his cock is, what he would be like in bed, whether he would let you bang [...]

Handsome Studs For aussieBum

When a company like aussieBum releases a shoot of hot hunks in their gear you know for a fact that it’s pretty much going to go viral across the gay blogosphere. I know some of you have probably seen photos from this collection in all kinds of places already, but a lot of you guys [...]

New Male Model Tonci Tomic

It might be true that I made an assumption about Tonci Tomic being brand new to the male modeling business, but after a little look around out there I have to say that there is almost nothing I can find other than this sexy shoot by photographer Jakov Baricic. I’m going to take that to [...]

More Bulge Action With Handsome British Model Jamie Clarke

We’ve seen the handsome British male model Jamie Clarke naked on the blog before, but although he was hiding his junk it was still a sexy and teasing shoot that I know had a lot of you guys out there drooling just a little. I found this new shoot with the guy playing the role [...]

Stuart Reardon And Friends

Okay, I admit that perhaps calling these three friends might be a bit of a stretch, they might not even know each other. But, that’s not gonna stop me (and a few of you guys) thinking about it Stuart Reardon is a firm favourite with most of us, I think we all know this to [...]

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