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Soccer Hunk Lance Parker

I don’t know how many Soccer players (Football to us Brits lol) we’ve seen on the blog, but I don’t think it’s as often as we’ve see Rugby hunks. I think that’s about to change now that we’ve seen handsome, fit and adorable Lance Parker. He’s the Edmonton FC Goalkeeper (London – and coincidentally the […]

An Unknown Buff And Delicious Underwear Hunk

I have no clue who this handsome and tanned muscle jock is, but I really want to know more about him – this is your cue to tell me what you know guys, I know some of you are veritable annals of information when it comes to gorgeous male models! He’s showing off his impressive […]

The Tight Bod Of Santiago Ferrari

Although Santiago Ferrari is a handsome guy with gorgeous features (anyone else think he looks a little like a young Jensen Ackles?) there’s no doubt that Santiago is more famous for that tightly muscled body. Obviously we all love to see some sexy muscles on a guy, and there are a lot of really fit […]

Lucas Fernandes Naked!

I know you guys all love to see a hot and handsome hunky model naked and showing it off, and although we’re not due a proper naked “cock out” post on here today I wanted to share this collection of photos featuring handsome Lucas Fernandes naked. Okay, some of you might be a little disappointed […]

Handsome And Muscled Hunk Lolo Mari

After the twink sexiness of Kacey Carrig earlier I couldn’t wait to go to the other extreme and share this collection of images featuring the awesomely fit and muscled bod of Lolo Mari. I know nothing about this guy, but I know that this one shoot is not going to be enough for me, and […]

Is Julian Gabriel Hernandez Perfect?

So after the post yesterday with Julian Hernandez, Steven Dehler and Joshua Brickman I was a little inspired to get out there and look for some more delicious shots of this particular hottie, and I think most of you guys will appreciate this collection of images as much as I have. Now, I know we […]

Young And Handsome Scott Gardner

I know this shoot of the sexy young Scott Gardner is going to hit the right spot with a lot of you guys. This is a shoot by photographer Carlos Moscat, and one worth sharing on the blog to finish up the weekend Once again, I was certain that we’d seen him on the Gay […]

Hairy Hunk For TVTOR

I know some of you guys are going to be a little disappointed that there aren’t twenty pics of this guy to enjoy in this post, but I had to share this guy and his hot hairy body with you all even though the pickings are slim, as they say. I think this guy is […]

Handsome Dude For Unico

I think (although I’m not certain) this might be the first time we’ve had a shoot from Unico Underwear on the Gay Body Blog, but I think we all know it had to be done when I saw this handsome and smooth jock dude showing off some of their gear. I have to say that […]

Handsome Black Jock Clay

I knew we were due to have a nude shoot on the Gay Body Blog, but I really had a hard time finding something suitable. However, when I found this guy on the Sean Cody site I figured you lot would want to see him and appreciate his fine body as much as I have. […]

Three Hot Guys In Swimwear - What More Do You Need?

This shoot for the 2014 City Beach Collection from BWET has had my interest today, not only because there are some hot guys showing off their buff bods, but because the setting is a little unusual. There’s not a grain of sand in sight, just a jungle of concrete beside a body of water in an unknown […]

A Little More of Lucas Fernandes

I did suggest in the last post of pics of the sexy Brazilian male model Lucas Fernandes that I was gonna get out there on the net and see what else I could find, and I immediately went looking for more. Usually it becomes a little futile, and I’m often disappointed to see that a […]

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