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New Handsome Hunk Jason Morgan

I know that you guys are going to want more of handsome male model Jason Morgan, and although there’s only a very small collection of photos for this post I couldn’t simply ignore that gorgeous face and that tight and lean body. I thought you guys would appreciate seeing him regardless of the fact that […]

Handsome And Fit Jefferson West

Twink fans will love this post, but plenty of you who don’t consider that kind of thing to be important at all will love it too. His name is Jefferson West, and he’s a very handsome and sexy young man with a great body. I think this is the first time we’ve seen him on […]

When Intellect And Physical Beauty Combine - Pietro Boselli

I have only just caught up with this story after seeing someone Tweet about it, and I knew immediately that you guys would appreciate seeing Pietro Boselli and hearing  how he’s now come to prominence around the world… This British hunk is a male model, and a gorgeous one at that, but he’s also a […]

Jock Boy Trevor Van Uden

Do you ever see a handsome male model and instantly feel as though what you’ve seen is nowhere near enough? I guess you probably get that quite a lot, I know I do. Trevor Van Uden is one of those guys for me. I just saw this handsome young jock boy and knew he would […]

Handsome Hung And Uncut Nicolas De Urquiza

So, on my search for the identity of a handsome and hairy hunk in yesterdays post I discovered this very hot collection of photos featuring Nicolas De Urquiza, and they definitely deserved to be shared on the blog with all you horny guys! He’s not shy about showing everything off in this creative presentation of […]

Hairy Hunk Naked And Teasing - What's Not To Love?

I’ve just spent the last half an hour trying to find out who this gorgeous hairy hunk is, and although it led me to a lot of other great shoots of some very hot guys who will definitely be making the blog this week, I still have no idea who this handsome and teasing man […]

Davood Ghadami Naked

I hope you’re all having a great weekend! I am, the weather here is gorgeous right now and I plan to go and hang out in the park later (secretly hoping there are some shirtless guys enjoying a kick about). So, a couple of days ago I shared some pics of David Witts flashing us […]

At The Beach With Logan Swiecki-Taylor

There are some guys who regularly appear on the Gay Body Blog, and with good reason too. A handful of hunks are just irresistible, and whenever I see that they’ve been appearing in a new shoot you can be sure I want to get them on the blog for everyone else to enjoy. Logan Swiecki-Taylor […]

Handsome Hunk Willie Gomez

Do you ever look at a shoot and wonder what the story is to it? I think a lot of you probably do. I was left pondering when I saw this new shoot with hunky muscled dude Willie Gomez, shot by an unknown photographer in what seems to be an entirely empty house… I think […]

The Irresistible Scott Eastwood

I can’t believe we haven’t had Scott Eastwood in a post on the Gay Body Blog before! I just saw some very sexy photos of the handsome hunk and I knew instantly that he deserved to be here. Although, it has to be said, for such a gorgeous guy with such a famous lineage he […]

Ryan Young Announces That Summer Is On The Way

I plan to spend the afternoon sunning myself in the garden. We have gorgeous weather here right now, and it looks like summer might be coming early for the UK, we apparenyl have a heatwave arriving next weekend and the shops are already dragging out their BBQ gear. It’s also why I feel compelled to […]

Bedroom Antics With Chris Salvatore

This is not the first time we’ve seen the gorgeous actor/model Chris Salvatore on the Gay Body Blog, and it damn well wont be the last time either. Although I’ve never seen him on screen, I have seen plenty of shoots with the sexy guy and I have to say that he might be the […]

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