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Stuart Reardon And Friends

Okay, I admit that perhaps calling these three friends might be a bit of a stretch, they might not even know each other. But, that’s not gonna stop me (and a few of you guys) thinking about it Stuart Reardon is a firm favourite with most of us, I think we all know this to [...]

The Tempting Bulge Of British Model Ben Hunt

Way back in August last year we had a shoot from the Curb Wear brand starring the gorgeous Ben Hunt showing off some sexy underwear on the London Underground, and I recently came across a new shoot from them with this gorgeous young British guy that I had to share with you all. I still [...]

I Need A Hero - And I Just Found Marcelo Giordani

I know, you can curse me for putting Bonnie Tyler in your head for the rest of the day, or you can just enjoy it and sing along, making everyone who encounters you look on with confusion. I can’t help it, that’s exactly what I thought of when I saw these photos of the gorgeous [...]

What Would You Do With Karl Simon In A Hotel Room?

I think asking that question in the title is potentially going to lead to a lot of very interesting comments. I guess I can imagine what most of you would be thinking while contemplating hanging out with Karl Simon in a hotel room, but I wonder if anyone would be more implausible, such as enjoying [...]

Handsome Bearded Man Jacek Jelonek

I think beards are most definitely back in fashion, wouldn’t you agree? I’ve always had a thing for a handsome and buff older man with a beard, and after seeing this collection of photos featuring Jacek Jelonek I thought I’d get your take on the whole “beard situation”. I have a feeling opinions are about [...]

The Achingly Handsome Ryan Cooper

I saw some of these photos of the handsome male model Ryan Cooper this morning and knew he was the next guy to make it to the Gay Body Blog. There are a lot of reasons to share him with you guys, but I have to confess that my main reason is to ogle him [...]

Simply Handsome Marcus Zierke

We’ve had some photos of the handsome Marcus Zierke on the blog before, waaay back in January 2012. That was a hot shoot, and although there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot out there on the net showing that he’s done much since then, there are enough images for deserve another post of this [...]

Handsome Nude Male Model Adam Rexx

I don’t know how this happened – because Adam Rexx is someone I should have known about – but this is the first time we’ve seen him on the blog. I know for a fact that plenty of you are going to absolutely love this post, and so even though we’re not due a nude [...]

Insanely Handsome Alex Prange

Occasionally I find a male model who really grabs my attention for one reason or another. It could be that they have an amazing physique, or perhaps the style of the images they appear in, or even that they have something about them that just makes them unique and sexy. But sometimes I find a [...]

Handsome And Rugged Simone Bredariol

There are so many different kinds of men I love, and I share all sorts of guys on the blog with you all, but those of you who are regular readers will probably know that I have a special affinity for guys who look a little rough around the edges by are so obviously handsome [...]

Jacking Off With Handsome Muscle Jock Cameron

So I knew that there were two posts due today, one collection of nude pics, and one standard post of sexy manliness for you to appreciate too. The standard post coming up is going to be a little different today, but I’ll get to that very shortly. Although I could have gone with something else [...]

Achingly Handsome Jeff Tomsik

After the previous posts of the incredibly handsome Jeff Tomsik, I wasn’t sure that the guy could become any sexier, but man was I wrong! One of my buddies knows how much I absolutely adore this gorgeous and buff guy, and when he found these shots of the dude stripping off and being incredibly seductive [...]

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