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Serious And Sexy - Ilgiz Khuzhin

How has your weekend been so far? I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. Mine is going well, I’m just getting a little work done this morning then I’m heading out to the nearest beer garden to have a few drinks with a friend. It’s gorgeous here right now and you know I love to […]

Any Excuse To Ogle Stuart Reardon Naked

It’s been far too long since we last had buff muscled hunk Stuart Reardon on the Gay Body Blog, and after a friend sent me a very sexy pic of the stud this morning I was out there on the Internet seeing what else I might have missed from the guy. Everything this stud appears […]

Rafa Rech In Sexy Hipster Style By Jvdas Berra

I don’t think we’ve had a whole lot of the Hipster hotness on the Gay Body Blog over the last few years, and I get the feeling that some of you might find it all a little too pretentious and ridiculous too, but when I found this shoot featuring sexy Rafa Rech by Jvdas Berra […]

Lucas Lima - Muscled And Hairy Hunk

Lucas Lima is my kind of man, then again my kind of man seems to change every day depending on what hottie I’m looking at lol Yeah, I guess I think with my dick a little more than I should, but then what guy out there doesn’t? 🙂 He’s a big guy, a muscled hunk […]

Here, Have Some More Of Sexy Hunk Risan Benishu

Even though not one of you commented on the gorgeous hunk that is Risan Benishu in the last post, I know it got a lot of attention from the fans of real muscled studs with great bodies. So of course I had to get some more gorgeous pics of the handsome dude on here today! […]

Risan Benishu Is One Seriously Sexy Muscle Hunk!

I already know that you guys are all gonna love Risan Benishu, so when you’re done checking him out in this gorgeous shoot make sure you leave a comment at the bottom and maybe I’ll get out there on the Internet and see what else I can find of this guy! 🙂 Lëo Castro is […]

I Want To Go Camping With Andrew Corvin

Okay guys, so the weather here is a bit shitty right now, and when it’s like this you know I start thinking about the summer and spending my days out in the sun, on hikes, camping with buddies in the woods… I started thinking about that again this morning when I saw these gorgeous photos […]

Hairy Bearish Hunk Chris Judd

And now for something completely different! You guys know we like to be a little diverse on the Gay Body Blog, and we don’t generally stick to jocks, or twinks, or even male models. There’s a vast array of handsome and sexy men out there and they all deserve to be appreciated. And that’s why […]

Who Is This Handsome Hunk Showing Off For aussieBum?

I know there’s not a lot of him, but when I saw this guy showing off his damn fine bod for the aussieBum brand I knew I had to share these photos on here for you guys to check out. I can predict that plenty of you will want to see more of him, just […]

Long Haired Hunk James Kennelly

Okay guys, be prepared to fall in love (or lust) with another utterly gorgeous and fit guy with a great head of hair on him and an awesome body we would all want to see up-close for some fun. His name is James Kennelly and I was so sure we’d seen him on the Gay […]

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