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I Want To Go Camping With Andrew Corvin

Okay guys, so the weather here is a bit shitty right now, and when it’s like this you know I start thinking about the summer and spending my days out in the sun, on hikes, camping with buddies in the woods… I started thinking about that again this morning when I saw these gorgeous photos […]

Hairy Bearish Hunk Chris Judd

And now for something completely different! You guys know we like to be a little diverse on the Gay Body Blog, and we don’t generally stick to jocks, or twinks, or even male models. There’s a vast array of handsome and sexy men out there and they all deserve to be appreciated. And that’s why […]

Who Is This Handsome Hunk Showing Off For aussieBum?

I know there’s not a lot of him, but when I saw this guy showing off his damn fine bod for the aussieBum brand I knew I had to share these photos on here for you guys to check out. I can predict that plenty of you will want to see more of him, just […]

Long Haired Hunk James Kennelly

Okay guys, be prepared to fall in love (or lust) with another utterly gorgeous and fit guy with a great head of hair on him and an awesome body we would all want to see up-close for some fun. His name is James Kennelly and I was so sure we’d seen him on the Gay […]

Mike Pishek Has Some Moves

Okay guys, I think I’m developing a little bit of an obsession with handsome and ripped hunk Mike Pishek. We’ve had quite a lot of him on the Gay Body Blog in the last month or so, but I don’t think many of you will mind seeing more of him. He’s back in what seems […]

Calum Windsor Is A Bit Jack Sparrow, But Definitely Hot

While I’m not too sure about some of the Jack Sparrow styling going on in this shoot with gorgeous Calum Windsor I am definitely enjoying his hot and sexy bod, and his willingness to show off a little more. It’s a shoot by Ricky Cohete and it’s a pretty good one too if only because […]

Starting The New Year With Manuel Deboxer

Happy New Year guys! I hope you all had a great night whether you were out and celebrating or having a quiet one at home. I went out for a few hours and had a nice time, usually I don’t bother too much with new year because of the crowds but this time I felt […]

We Don't Have Enough Of Mike Pishek

We’ve seen drop dead gorgeous Mike Pishek on the Gay Body Blog a couple of times before, but we haven’t seen enough of him. Indeed, there’s not enough of this stunning man out there in the world in general, so I felt compelled to get another post of random pics of the guy on here […]

A Sexy Look At Seth Fornea

We’ve seen Seth Fornea on the Gay Body Blog a couple of times before, but not enough in my opinion. When I saw this impressive collection of photos of the redheaded hunk showing off a little more than expected I gad to get them on the blog for you all to check out. I guess […]

Fresh Face Rafael Kubitschek

I do enjoy seeing a brand new male model appearing in the business, and I can usually predict if they’re going to do well and be appearing all over the Internet too. I think, in the case of Rafael Kubitschek, we’re about to see a lot more. This handsome and fit Brazilian is looking pretty […]

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