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Pablo Robles attacked with a glitter bomb by photographer Carlos Medel!

Yeah, I thought I’d go for the spectacular and bombastic title you see above for this one, just because I’m in a funny mood today The handsome and buff Pablo Robles is posing for photographer Carlos Medel for this very interesting shoot, wearing apparently nothing but lashings of glitter. If you want to know how […]

Muscled Cowboy Hunks Alisson Neri And Fernando Amancio

What is it about buff country guys and cowboys that does it for me? Really, I would love to know where this all started and how I developed this little fetish because I really don’t know how a young man born in London can be so infatuated with muscled American country guys. lol Actually, maybe […]

Bearded Hunk Burke - A Naked Dude For Your Tuesday

If you’re feeling a little despondent today (is Tuesday a potentially depressing day for many?) I have some jock cock to cheer you up. Yes, we’re due a nude post, but although there were a couple of things I could have shared on the blog with you guys today I decided to go for this […]

Caio Cesar Is Drool Worthy In This Shoot By Marco Ovando

Stop whatever you are doing and spend a few minutes drinking in the sight of Caio Cesar. It’s a new shoot by Marco Avando, showing off the truly incredible physique of one of the most attractive men in the world. I have to say that a couple of things really stand out in this shoot… […]

In Bed With Craig Le Roux

In bed with this guy is somewhere we would all love to be, right guys? His name is Craig Le Roux, and it’s the first time we’ve seen this handsome and fit South African male model on the blog, but if I have anything to do with it (and of course I do) this won’t […]

Getting All Manly With Euan Warren

I know some of you might not agree, but in my opinion Euan Warren is looking particularly manly in this shoot by Jose Pope. I had to share him on the blog with you this afternoon when I saw this shoot, he’s a good looking guy and looks so ruggedly handsome! He’s a Scottish model, […]

Kirill Dowidoff Looking Awesome As Always

I know for a fact that whenever I share a post on here with the gorgeous and hunky male model Kirill Dowidoff it’s going to get a lot of attention from you guys, and usually a few comments too. So, I fully expect you to be saying something about this shoot at the bottom of […]

Plenty Off Buff Men For Those Feeling Greedy

Wednesday can be a bit of a strange one with mixed emotions, but I think the sight of all these handsome and muscled hunks should have you smiling a little more this afternoon if you’ve been having a stressful one so far For me the middle of the week can be a tricky thing, I […]

I Could Gaze Into Those Eyes For Days!

Guys, check out the gorgeous Adam P. That’s all I know about him, other than the fact that he’s so gorgeous I feel almost captivated by those eyes and that stunning body. Photographer Lucas Ferrier has snapped the handsome and slightly hairy hunk in nothing but his underwear, and naked too (while being such a […]

Handsome Adam Perry

I was quite sure that we’d seen sexy male model Adam Perry on the blog before, but after taking a look it seems I might have been wrong! You will let me know though, I’m sure. Still, whether he’s been here before or not I know plenty of you guys are going to appreciate this […]

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