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Jock Butt With CellBlock 13

I think we’re probably all pretty familiar with the CellBlock 13 brand by now. If you’re not, then this post is going to be a very nice little surprise for you This company is one of the very few that actually knows who to market their gear to. Yeah, I said it, too many out […]

Fit Aussie Kim David Smith

This is my first encounter with Australian hottie Kim David Smith, but I’m really hoping it’s not the last! I have a thing for Australian guys I have to confess. I met a gorgeous Aussie a few years back when I was living in London for a couple of months and we had such a […]

Remembering Greg Plitt

Two days ago the fitness and male modeling world was rocked by the news that legend of health and fitness Greg Plitt was tragically stuck and killed by a train in Burbank, California. We couldn’t let this pass without adding a post on the Gay Body Blog appreciating him in some way. It would be […]

Marlon Teixeira In Underwear

What else could I title this post? I knew that having that name and the mention of underwear would have plenty of you clicking to see more, and so you should, the guy is stunning! We’ve seen him on the blog plenty of times before, but we can never get bored of seeing that shaggy-haired […]

Cute And Fit Benjamin Hall

It’s his first appearance on the Gay Body Blog, but I’ll be damned if it’s his last. This is gorgeous and fit young male model Benjamin Hall, and he’s utterly delicious. It’s excellent that the first time we’ve seen him just happens to be so revealing too, showing off his tight abs and his fit […]

John Kharalian Looking Real Fine

I have to thank my buddy Carl for this shoot *waves*. I sometimes get emails from him with some pics of some pretty hot hunks, and the one I got this morning with some photos of gorgeous male model John Kharalian really had my attention. I would be failing in my duties to you all […]

Daniel Duboy In Underwear

It might be a little surprising to learn that this is the first time we’ve seen the handsome and buff young male model Daniel Duboy on the Gay Body Blog (I was sure we’d had a shoot with him on here before), but I don’t think he’s going to be a stranger to us in […]

More Polaroids - Valery Ualeron

You see? My suggestion that there’s a whole retro resurgence of Polaroid usage is true. I was looking around out on the net for something else to share on the Gay Body Blog with you guys when one of my friends emailed me with these photos having seen me comment on the use of Polaroids. […]

Going Retro With Photographer Serge Lee

Is it just my imagination or is the Polaroid coming back into fashion? I’m certainly not complaining, not when it’s in the hands of a creative genius like Serge Lee. Shoots like this one can only serve to hasten that return of the brand too, in my opinion. For those who like to go a […]

Hot Young Birthday Boys By Brian Jamie

No doubt plenty of you have done a whole lot of partying over the last couple of weeks, so this theme might be a little apt. It’s a shoot by Brian Jamie, and he’s gathered together some sexy young men for a Birthday Party, then shared the results with us! We don’t know who it […]

Smooth And Fit Jocks In Shorts!

The 2eros brand has done it again with this recent shoot featuring a collection of truly gorgeous young men wearing some very small and very sexy shorts! I have to ask who out there owns short shorts like these? I don’t, because I really don’t have a use for them. Other than going to the […]

Hairy And Hunky Fernando Amancio Gets My Pulse Racing

We’re always adding pics of smooth and muscled jocks on the Gay Body Blog, but it’s no secret that we have a thing for the hairy and hunky guys of the male modeling world too. Check out this collection of pics of the gorgeously rugged looking Fernando Amancio, for example! He’s been snapped by photographer […]

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