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Benjamin Godfre Naked - We Can Never Get Enough!

I have something pretty special for you guys today, and I already know that many of your are gonna absolutely love it. I was looking at my plan for the posting and knew we needed a nude shoot, and so I went looking. I should have know that gorgeous stud muffin Benjamin Godfre would have [...]

Hotel Room Life With Mark MacKillop

New York hottie Mark MacKillop has something special to offer in his latest collection of photos. As I understand it, this singer, actor, dancer and all-round gorgeous and talented man has compiled a collection of photos of himself living in hotels rooms around the world. I’ve only read a little about this, but it seems [...]

Jock Cock Flashing For Barcode Berlin

I love, love, love this shoot from Barcode Berlin! I had to get these photos on the blog when I saw some cock being flashed in one of the photos, and considering it’s an otherwise mainstream shoot it’s so sexy to see it. It’s like a little surprise, an unexpected gift, something that makes the [...]

Living The Dream With A Fit Young Model

First of all, if you can name this handsome and smooth young man then please tell me who he is and where I can find more of him! Right, now that’s out of the way I have to talk about this gorgeous dude and his hot young bod. Don’t worry, before those of you who [...]

These Guys Are ABS-olutely Delicious!

I’m gonna start this off by saying the that first hunk in this collection of gorgeous men from the Discover Underwear brand is my absolute fave out of all of them. He’s handsome and buff, with hairy pecs and an inviting bulge being thrust out there to be on display… could you say no to [...]

Cute And Sexy Caio Cesar By Hudson Taylor

This is not the first time we’ve seen Caio Cesar on the Gay Body Blog, and it’s not gonna be the last. Every time I share photos of this gorgeous young man you all seem to fall ass over tit for him, and I totally get that too. The boy is one of the most [...]

You Are Going To Love This Bulge!

The moment I saw this handsome and hunky young man wearing some sexy bulging undies I knew that he was one for the Gay Body Blog. The studly young male model is perfect in so many ways, and even though I know you guys can sometimes be more picky than the pickiest picky thing, you [...]

Kiu Meireles And His Naked Brazilian Men

It’s gorgeous here right now, sunny and hot, but although I would love to go for a nice cold beer in a pub garden somewhere the medication I’m at the moment won’t let me :’( I was, however, cheered up a little when I found this sexy collection of photos in my email in box [...]

Everyone Loves David Gandy

You might have been expecting only one cock show today, but after I found these photos of gorgeous British male model David Gandy I didn’t want to hold them back just because he’s flashing his sexy uncut dick in a couple of the shots. He’s long been one of my favorite men, and for more [...]

Roy Blakey And His Naked Men

I don’t know whether this a bit of a new phenomenon, but I’ve been seeing a lot more attention being paid to classic artists and photographers of the 70′s and 80′s recently, and plenty of sites talking about the bygone age of male eroticism. I guess a lot of you guys know about the Tom [...]

Insanely Hot Victor Galvez

Stop whatever it is that you’re doing, sit down and take a look at this utterly stunning man. I have a new all-time favorite hunk that has just risen to the top of my male model list, knocking all the others out the way without even trying too hard. I know this seems like a [...]

Sexy Riley By Marlen Boro

I love it when we get something special from a fan of the Gay Body Blog, and that’s exactly what happened with this shoot of sexy Riley showing off his hot body and that delicious dick! He’s been shot by photographer Marlen Boro for this shoot, and he really doesn’t hold back. He’s a male [...]

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