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I Would Love To Lick Stuff Off Henry!

I just saw this shoot for Curbwear and instantly I knew it was one for the blog. I know know his first name – Henry – but if you know anything more about him please share in the comments. This guy is fit, cute, sexy and so teasing, I guess that all makes him perfect […]

Alexis Gremmel Showing Bulge In Florida

Woo hoo! Another hottie discovered, one we have never had on the Gay Body Blog before! Check out the handsome and lithe Alexis Gremmel. Lithe, that’s a word I rarely use, but when I was thinking about how to best describe this good looking dude that’s the first word that came into my pretty little […]

Matthew McGue Looking Hot With Joseph Lally

I have a feeling that you guys are going to enjoy seeing this handsome young man with his shirt off and his butt out, but I also think you’re going to be left wanting more. That’s okay though, I think there might be plenty more of Matthew McGue out there to share with you all, […]

Johan Bruinsma Might Be The Perfect Twunk

I’m just getting used to using the word twunk to describe a hot young man with some definition, but I’m still not sure if I’m using it correctly. Would you guys call Johan Bruinsma a twink, a twunk or a jock? Let me know in the comments, after you’ve enjoys his sexy photos. He’s looking […]

Naked Muscle Hunks Reveal All - How Many Can You Name?

This is not the first time we’ve seen the gorgeous hunks of photographer Mark Henderson on the Gay Body Blog, and it most definitely won’t be the last either. This lucky man gets to work with some of the most amazing men, most of whom (if not all) work in adult entertainment too, so they’re […]

A Lot More Of Adrian Adi

So we’ve already seen a collection of pics of the gorgeous Adrian Adi, and I made a mistake in my last post about him. I somehow suggested that he wasn’t like a lot of other gorgeous male models out there in the business, that he’s perhaps a little more “regular” but hot because of it. […]

More Of Insanely Hot Cole Monahan

It’s so frustrating to have a male model out there looking as fine as Cole Monahan and only seeing the same few shoots of the guy repeated, as if he’s barely working at all. Surely his phone is wringing constantly with photographers begging to shoot him. There are so many hot men in the modeling […]

Muscle Man Roman

Guys, I’m confused. Check out this massively muscled Russian hunk being called both Roman Dawidoff and Roman Khodorov. So, which is it? I think we all know him as the former, and the handsome and hunky brother of equally stunning Kirill Dawidoff too, but it seems he might be going by more than one name. […]

Wet And Clinging With Tim Arlovski

About once a month I see a photo shoot that really grabs me for some unusual and unexpected reason, and this is one of those times. There are a lot of great photographers out there shooting a lot of gorgeous guys, and while there are loads of shoots I can share on the blog and […]

Buff Porn Stars For Addicted

Addicted is pretty well known now for getting some porn hunks in their gear, but this shoot with some of the hottest guys from Europe is easily one of the best we’ve seen yet. You probably don’t need to be given a list of names here, because all of these guys are major stars in […]

Random Dudes With Dicks Out

Rock out with your cock out! It’s time to enjoy some lovely guys showing it all off in some very sexy pics, and I think I might have just about covered most interests with this one too! We have hairy guys, jocks, smooth dudes, muscle, average guys, pro men, amateurs, cut cocks, uncut, thick, thin, […]

Hairy Hunk Justice Joslin!

There’s a veritable ocean of smooth twinks and jocks out there in the male modeling business, but now and then a real hairy hunk comes along with something special. He’s not covered in fur, but he has enough to make him stand out from the tanned and buff gym-toned clones we’re so often bombarded with, […]

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