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Insanely Hot Victor Galvez

Stop whatever it is that you’re doing, sit down and take a look at this utterly stunning man. I have a new all-time favorite hunk that has just risen to the top of my male model list, knocking all the others out the way without even trying too hard. I know this seems like a [...]

Sexy Riley By Marlen Boro

I love it when we get something special from a fan of the Gay Body Blog, and that’s exactly what happened with this shoot of sexy Riley showing off his hot body and that delicious dick! He’s been shot by photographer Marlen Boro for this shoot, and he really doesn’t hold back. He’s a male [...]

Handsome Bearded Man Jacek Jelonek

I think beards are most definitely back in fashion, wouldn’t you agree? I’ve always had a thing for a handsome and buff older man with a beard, and after seeing this collection of photos featuring Jacek Jelonek I thought I’d get your take on the whole “beard situation”. I have a feeling opinions are about [...]

The Erotic Work Of Yeikov - Y Not Creations

I have something a little different for you guys with this post, but I think you’re really going to appreciate it when you see some of these images. You know that I occasionally like to throw in some erotic art here and there, and it’s not all about the muscled jocks and handsome hunks posing [...]

Naked Hunks By Hotsnapz

This is not the first time I’ve shared some amazing images from Hotsnapz photography, but when I knew it was time for a naked hunks post on the blog I was suddenly reminded of some of the sexy nude guys I’d seen in their images and decided to get some of them together for one [...]

More Of Gorgeous Allen Lovell

Way back in October last year we had some gorgeous photos of the stunning young Allen Lovell on the blog, and I made a promise to myself that I would look for some more photos of this handsome young man. It’s been a little while, but I found some more photos that I absolutely had [...]

Buff Boy Eian Scully - By Stewart Shining

We’ve had some photos of this sexy young American model on the blog before, taken by Greg Vaughan, but although they were sexy and got quite a lot of attention from you guys I think you’ll appreciate these shots by Stewart Shining a little more. Yes, I say that because there’s just a little more [...]

Hotties Galore From ES Collection

I’m going to start off by asking if anyone out there knows the name of the stunningly gorgeous young man to the left in the first picture. I don’t know anything about him but I am certain that I have seen him before and probably added him to a post here more than once. I [...]

Some More Of Diego Miguel

It’s been quite a while since we saw a post of hot pics of the gorgeous Diego Miguel on the blog, but having been out there and looking around today I discovered quite a lot more of him that definitely deserved some sharing with you all. I was inspired to go out looking for more [...]

More Of Handsome Rugby Hunk Ben Cohen

Okay guys, I have some more photos of one of my ultimate man crushes for you all to enjoy in this post, courtesy of Attitude Magazine. We’ve seen shoots of the famous Rugby playing hunk Ben Cohen on the blog a couple of times before, but he’s definitely looking hotter than ever in these sexy [...]

Hairy Handsome Hottie Dusty st. Amand

It’s certainly no secret that I love unusual male models, the kinds of men who break out of the traditional idea of what a sexy male model should be. I think we all agree that we’ve seen some very interesting and sexy men on the blog over the years, male models who don’t fit that [...]

Reader Requested - Hot Guys Sleeping Naked

So you guys know that I often get requests and messages from all kinds of readers. Sometimes we get emails from companies with a hot shoot to share, and sometimes a reader will suggest someone to feature or a theme to go with. I have to thank one of our readers for this suggestion. Mike [...]

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