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Ruben van Waas And That Smooth Tight Body!

I have just been introduced to the sexiness of young Dutch male model Ruben van Waas when a friend of mine sent me some pics in an email, and I instantly knew that you guys would appreciate him as I have. If you don’t enjoy him or think he’s sexy, don’t know what to tell […]

British Jock Model Tyler Maher

I don’t know whether our American readers know this, but the whole jock thing doesn’t really exist in the UK, that’s why it felt a little strange to be saying British Jock when considered the title for this post featuring Tyler Maher. Still, even though it’s an Americanism, it definitely suits this handsome and buff […]

All-American Cory Drouillard

You know how there are sometimes guys who really epitomize a certain nationality? Occasionally I can see a model and kind of guess when he’s British, or Italian, or South African… well, Cory Drouillard is obviously American. He just has that perfect all-American jock boy look about him, doesn’t he? You can totally imagine him […]

Jan Aeberhard - Handsome Boy

It can sometimes be pretty difficult to write a post title about a model, and include everything that you think needs to be said about the post to draw people in to read it. So for this post featuring the really good looking Jan Aeberhard there wasn’t much else I could say other than the […]

Three Sexy Boys - Wearing Very Little!

I’m afraid this might have to be one of those slightly vague posts. I was cruising around the net this afternoon and I stumbled across this fine trio of really delicious models. Unfortunately, everything I’ve found about this shoot is in Spanish. I’ve managed to ascertain that these guys are Jefferson Lopes (left), Thiago Bergamasco […]

Patryk Kaczmarek - Cute AND Muscled!

I have to let you into a little story here. I was actually planning to feature another hot guy here today, and I had everything sorted. I collected some really hot images of the young British guy, and I’d even planned what I was going to say about him. He’s a young, sporty hunk who’s […]

Boy Band Good Looks - Stephan Hoffman

You know there are plenty of hot young guys who end up in boy bands, and you look at them and just know that they could have been a male model too if they’d really wanted to. Stephan Hoffman has to be one of those gorgeous young guys who really wouldn’t look out of place […]

Wilderness Boy Josh Conners

I love Fridays, especially now I post some hardcore action starring some really hot guys. It’s a great way for me to end the week and look forward to the weekend of partying (and maybe hooking up!) But I have to admit that after watching this video last night over on Randy Blue I’m thinking […]

Young and Beefy Damon Sparks

I don’t like calling guys “cute”, there’s rarely a need for it in the kind of guys I like. I see all those twink boy sites out there and agree that, yes, a lot of them can be called that, but when you’re talking about a hot young jock guy it often doesn’t fit. In […]

Cute and Ripped Miro Moreira

Miro Moreira is one of those guys who is what I would call “unusually handsome”. He has that boyish look about him, and you can kind of imagine him being a bit of a geek in high school. And when I started reading up on him it turns out I was kind of right! He […]

Mystery Hunk - Caleb Lane

Okay, so when I see a hot guy I like and think he might be appreciated here I go on the hunt for some info and more pics. I chose Caleb Lane because he reminds me so much of a really hot guy I used to mess around with when I was in my late […]

Naked Boy Bands - McFly

You have to admit it’s pretty clever to promote a boy band to the gay audience through nudity. And even though most of the boys are presumably straight, they know where the money and fame is coming from, and it seems they’re often more than happy to get their kit off for a photo shoot […]

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