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Muscle Jock Threeway With Chris Bines, Diego Sans And Eric Pryor!

Holy moly it’s Friday already! You know they say that time seems to speed up as you get older? I’m definitely thinking that’s true. So we’d better make the most of it before we wake up and find that we’re 80. lol I’m kicking off the weekend with some hardcore gay fucking from Randy Blue […]

Chris Bines and Paul Wagner - Hairy Muscle Sex

Okay guys, it’s Friday already, and I have just enough time to come in and share with you something I’ve been watching today while I work myself up for a buddy tonight. A friend of mine I haven’t seen for a while invited me over to his place tonight, and knowing how things went the […]

Chris Bines And Hayden Clark Gettin' It On!

We’ve shared a lot of really hot and slightly hairy hunk Chris Bines before, and he’s proven to be a really popular guy both here and on the Randy Blue site. I have to admit, I do love to watch him in action on video, and I think it’s because he’s not quite the typical […]

A Great Mix Of Porn Hunk Chris Bines

Another Friday has arrived, and this week has gone really quick for me. Of course, the regular trips to the gym helps to break up my day, and this week I haven’t skipped a single work out session. I feel so proud of myself! lol But it’s guys like Chris Bines who inspire me, and […]

It's Friday - Time For Some Muscle Action!

It’s Friday!!!!! Yay, I can’t wait for tonight, I’m finally heading out on the town to see a few bands and sink a few beers with some buddies. And it’s been a little while so I guess it might be time to get a little drunk and rock out! lol To kick off the Friday […]

Muscled Jock V's Hairy Hunk

Okay, so we didn’t all die in a fireball of apocalyptic proportions yesterday, as some religiously minded folk had believed. And so I think it’s time to celebrate this glaringly obvious fact by enjoying some treats in the form of two incredibly beautiful men getting down and dirty! I know we haven’t really had a […]

Chris Bines and Travis James

There’s so much porn out there on the internet, but it’s a real treat to find some hardcore action where you know the guys featured in it are horny for each other. The energy is completely different when the guys really find each other attractive, and everything from the blow job to the ass fucking […]

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