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Kirill Dowidoff Getting His Butt Out For Serge Lee

There are some things you can be forever certain of – death and taxes are a couple of famous ones. Another is that when I find a shoot featuring Kirill Dowidoff it will be on the blog within an hour of me finding it. It might have been said a thousand times by me in [...]

Oh That David Ramirez Butt!

I sometimes dread opening my emails and looking at what’s arrived because I usually have to wade through a mountain of penis enlargement scams and offers to see the pics of some Russian chick I have absolutely no interest in “getting to know”. But very occasionally I do find a real gem in there from [...]

Random Hotties From The Web

You guys know that I’m basically addicted to the web, right? I mean, I know how to put my phone down when I’m with company (don’t you just HATE it when you’re hanging out and your friends are on Facebook? I feel like slapping them with their own phone) but I find myself at a [...]

Clauss Castro Naked For Wong Sim

Back in January I shared a collection of photos featuring Clauss Castro getting naked and sexy outside, showing off a little extra flesh for photographer Wong Sim. It was a really sexy shoot, with some very seductive poses that had more than a few of you wanting to see some more. Well, I didn’t know [...]

Hot Naked Men

So I had a plan to do a themed nude post today after a buddy of mine called me up this morning and we got talking about a weekend break in a couple of months and the possibility of going to a nude camp. Yep, after that chat I was thinking about going out there [...]

Flashing Some Butt With Sexy Jeff Tomsik

Who remembers a certain movie star back in the 80’s who all the gay men loved? I think you’ll know who I’m talking about when you see these photos of Jeff Tomsik. I might be way off base here, but this dude looks a hell of a lot like the star I’m thinking of – [...]

Nude And Sexy Alex Petroff

Hey guys! I have some sexy pics to share with you for this post and although there might not be a whole lot of them to enjoy the ones I do have here are totally delicious and teasing. It might be true that there is no full-on male nudity, but still, Alex Petroff is hot [...]

Adam Coussins - Bulge And Butt!

I’m not sure I really need to say a whole lot about Adam Coussins. I’ve shared some awesome pics of this hot British boy before on the Gay Body Blog, and I know a lot of you like him. A lot of you obviously also know that he’s made the transition from mainstream modeling to [...]

Belgian Export Henny Seroeyen

Say Belgian, and someone else will say chocolate. But that isn’t their only deliciously tasty export! Henny Seroeyen is a male model who has quite the following, but that’s to be expected when you see some of these images grabbed from the net. A few bloggers have featured this hunk over the last couple of [...]

Less Is More With Joel Rush

My buddy Zack posted some pics from a set of this hunk way back in June 2009 in this post (opens in new tab), and I’ve been meaning to show a little more flesh from this gorgeous guy since then, so here it is! Joel Rush is one of those guys that I think we’d [...]

Dedicated to - The Muscle Butt

Living in the UK, we don’t really do the whole “Jock” thing. For me it seems like a thoroughly American obsession, and I do believe that for many guys it’s almost a rite of passage for American boys to get their first jock, like a girl getting her first bra. Am I right in that [...]

Naked Boy Bands - McFly

You have to admit it’s pretty clever to promote a boy band to the gay audience through nudity. And even though most of the boys are presumably straight, they know where the money and fame is coming from, and it seems they’re often more than happy to get their kit off for a photo shoot [...]

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