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Salvador Pozo Offers A Homage To Tom Of Finland

I had to get these photos on here for you guys even though I had a feeling some of these hunks might get a little criticism for the smoking and the tattoos. Some of you guys are such puritans! lol As you can probably tell, there’s more than a little bit of appreciation for the […]

Bulges In All The Right Places

This is the first time I have ever heard of #Hooker (that’s “hashtag hooker” for those not up to speed with social media speak) but after seeing their handsome and hunky male model Chris showing off some of their gear I have to admit that I am intrigued. Just when I thought I had my […]

David Witts Is Proud Of His Bulge!

You guys probably know me pretty well by now, and you know I only really delve into popular culture very occasionally. The soaps are something I cannot possibly endure (I would rather dig my toenails out with a rusty spoon), and the British EastEnders is one such example. I can’t watch it, I just find […]

Handsome Hunk Willie Gomez

Do you ever look at a shoot and wonder what the story is to it? I think a lot of you probably do. I was left pondering when I saw this new shoot with hunky muscled dude Willie Gomez, shot by an unknown photographer in what seems to be an entirely empty house… I think […]

One More Post With Colby Melvin

Gorgeous young Colby Melvin has had our attention for much of the week, and I think with good reason too. He’s been appearing in some incredibly hot shoots recently, and showing off his fit jock body. I was out there looking around for a little more of the handsome guy when I found this old […]

Colby Melvin Looking HUNG!

Okay guys, I know that I’m not the only one here who really loves handsome and hunky Colby Melvin, and I know you guys would want to see more of him on the blog too. I had to share this shoot with you guys when I saw it, because I was literally drooling at the […]

More Of Anatoly Goncharov Looking Awesome

So it seems a lot of you guys love Anatoly Goncharov as much as I do, and you were quick to add some very nice comments to one of the hottest shoots of the guy on the Gay Body Blog this past week. Of course I’ve been out there looking for more of this guy […]

Thiago Catena Might Just Be The Sexiest Man Alive

I am both shocked and appalled that we had not yet seen this utterly amazing man on the Gay Body Blog before. I don’t know how this happened, but one of the most stunning men I have ever seen has never been featured on the blog, until now. There are quite a few guys out […]

Francois Sagat Showing Off His Hot Muscled Body For L'HOMO

I don’t think I’m the only one here who loves Francois Sagat. He’s one of those multi talented male models who does everything from hardcore gay porn to posing for mainstream photographers,  designing his own creations to releasing highly artistic works himself. There are only a handful of men out there who seem to be […]

Hairy Muscle Boy Quinton Wynn!

He’s another gorgeous young man we have never had on the blog before, but one I know we’re going to see again after checking out this awesome shoot. He’s one of those guys for all the fans of real muscled and slightly hairy hunks too, but although we usually see guys in their 30’s and […]

Giuseppe Giofré Is Looking Sexy

I know there’s not a whole lot of images in this shoot featuring Giuseppe Giofré, but when I saw that flash of butt I thought you guys would want to see it too Photographer Jeffery André is the one snapping the handsome and buff young man in this shoot, and I think he’s done a […]

Andrei Goes From Waiter To Male Model

London-based photographer Paul Dedona hasn’t just delivered a sexy bedroom shoot in this post, he’s potentially discovered a gorgeous new muscled male model for us all to obsess over too. Andrei is a new guy to the business, apparently not represented by anyone at the moment, just one day working in London as a waiter […]

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