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Lean And Tight Jock Model Antonio Pino

Guys, say hello to Spanish hunk Antonio Pino, feel free to admire and drool a little if you need to. A friend of mine sent me these pics this morning to try to motivate me to get to the gym. He does that a lot, but unfortunately I missed my alarm clock and didn’t get […]

David Gandy Still Has It Going On

Happy Monday! I know some of you hate Mondays, but I think this post of pics with gorgeous daddy dude David Gandy should have you all feeling a little better. I have to admit that I woke up this morning a little stressed right from the start. I had a big pile of work to […]

Handsome And Sexy Christian Santamaria By Daniel Jaems

Now this is what we love to see! What a great way to end the working week. Check out gorgeous male model Christian Santamaria in an incredibly artistic and totally sexy shoot by photographer Daniel Jaems. Mr. Jaems has become a favourite photographer of mine over the last year or so for the sumptuous photos […]

James Norley Is A Hottie

If you have a sneaker fetish then some of you will appreciate this post on a whole other level. Don’t worry though, the rest of us will enjoy it too, because James Norley is a gorgeous guy we can all appreciate. I think I’ve decided that there’s a never ending parade of gorgeous new guys […]

More Gorgeous Men By Paul Dedona

I went out for a drink last night and met up with a friend I haven’t seen for a while, things obviously got a little messy and I’m dealing the hangover consequences today. It’s okay though, it’s not too bad and I at least get to use it as an excuse to avoid a family […]

I Need To Go To Australia

What is it about those Aussie men that does it for so many of us? I was just checking out these gorgeous guys showing off their buff bodies for the aussieBum brand and instantly decided that I need to book a long holiday there. I’ve met some Australian guys over the years (it may be […]

Paul Dedona Knows Some Gorgeous Muscle Jocks

I know I say this a lot, but I really wish I’d gone into photography when I was a student. Every now and then I see a shot that really makes me jealous, and this is one of those times. Paul Dedona is responsible for this collection of photos featuring some truly gorgeous muscle jocks […]

Guys Showing Off What They've Got In Sexy Shorts!

So I was out there looking around the internet today and I saw some pics of hot hunks showing off their junk in some very sexy pics and I instantly knew you guys would appreciate it as much as I do. It’s a collection of awesome pics with some real studs showing their dicks in […]

TheIrishWolf Picks Perfect Men

I know I’ve said this before, but shoots like this always remind me of why I got into art in general and why I probably should have gone into photography… these are the kinds of men I would love to be pointing a camera at and taking stunning images of. This is a collection by […]

Footballer Aaron Ryker

I’m not sure if he’s a former Football player, but Aaron Ryker is definitely succeeding in his game as a male model in this shoot by MiLo800. I did a little checking and found out that this handsome and buff hunk is a Fitness model, a nutrition specialist, Nasm Sports Performance Specialist (whatever that is) […]

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