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Giuseppe Giofré Is Looking Sexy

I know there’s not a whole lot of images in this shoot featuring Giuseppe Giofré, but when I saw that flash of butt I thought you guys would want to see it too Photographer Jeffery André is the one snapping the handsome and buff young man in this shoot, and I think he’s done a […]

Andrei Goes From Waiter To Male Model

London-based photographer Paul Dedona hasn’t just delivered a sexy bedroom shoot in this post, he’s potentially discovered a gorgeous new muscled male model for us all to obsess over too. Andrei is a new guy to the business, apparently not represented by anyone at the moment, just one day working in London as a waiter […]

Muscled Hung And Uncut Too

I see a lot of guys out there being shared around on blogs and Twitter etc, and while there are a lot of dudes who deserve to be shared around occasionally I see one that instantly grabs my attention and I need to share on the blog straight away. That’s the case with this muscled, […]

A Damp Bulge With Rob Maya

I know, I usually bitch and complain about there being yet another beachy, wet shoot with a hunk, but in this case I cannot find anything to complain about and I really don’t mind the fact that we see this style and setting every week from another photographer. Check out Rob Maya, wearing very little, […]

James Hill Naked And Sexy

I know nothing about this man or where these photos came from, but a friend of mine sent them to me in an email this morning (believing I needed cheering up) and I had to share them with you guys for a Friday post. I believe his name is James Hill, but I hope someone […]

Brian Lewis Has Balls

Male model and jock hottie Brian Lewis has balls, big, heavy and pendulous balls, if a couple of these photos are to be believed. Come on guys, you know what I’m talking about. Although the other images in this collection by photographer Ray John Pila are all hot and sexy, I am a little fixated […]

Grabbing It With David Vargas

We all love a sexy shoot with a hot guy, and this shoot with David Vargas is one of the horniest I’ve seen this week. It’s a great shoot by photographer York Carmona, with some clear teasing going on. There’s something incredibly sexy about a shoot where a guy flashes just enough to keep our […]

Holidaying With Sexy Enzo Carini

A month ago we saw the adorable Enzo Carini in a sexy shoot for Alexandre Eustache, looking all slippery and oiled up (I know I am not the only one who spent some time imaginging a pretty messy wrestling match with him! lol) So today I found this other really sexy shoot with the young […]

The DreamBoys Have Recruited Dan Osborne?

Well, isn’t this a treat for a Saturday afternoon! UK stripper group the DreamBoys have been promoting their new tour, and it looks like they have some surprises for us too. The most notable one is that they’re recruited the hot and hunky young UK celeb Dan Osborne to join them on the road. I […]

Jacob Lomas For Huntley Homme

There’s a lot of newness in this post of pics, but I think it’s all likely to meet with your approval First, I had never heard of the brand Huntley Homme before this, but I think I’ll be hearing more about them after this too. It seems they have an interesting homo-erotic style to their […]

Teasing Shots Of Rhys Gilyeat

A good photo shoot can create almost a story in your mind. Okay, maybe that’s not true if it’s a fashion shoot and it’s yet another guy in something small and tight on a beach somewhere, but shoots like this one of Rhys Gilyeat certainly have that potential for creating a fantasy narrative. What little […]

We All Want To See Neil Patrick Harris Almost Naked - Right?

I don’t usually do to well with the whole celebrity culture and I don’t usually watch any awards ceremonies at all (I know, I’m letting down #teamgay) but on this occasion I will be compelled to go and watch the Oscars after seeing that the lovely Neil Patrick Harris got almost naked in front of […]

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