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Clark Lichty In The Rough

Yes, I feel the need to make up for not giving you something on Sunday, so you’re getting double trouble today! I’m really happy to be sharing this shoot with you guys too, some pics a friend of mine sent me this morning. We’ve seen handsome Clark Lichty on the Gay Body Blog a couple […]

Kevin Dzienny Is A Bulging Hunk Of Man

Hello guys! You might have noticed that I wasn’t on the blog yesterday, I was a little bit ill, and it had nothing to do with being drunk the night before either – I wouldn’t have minded so much if it was of my own making. I caught some kind of 24 hour thing and […]

Check Out The Immense Jock Body Of Justas Jes

Prepare to fall in love with Justas Jes, or at least in lust with him. I just saw these photos of the gorgeous guy and of course I had to have his pics on the blog for you guys to enjoy today. He’s amazing, a handsome and almost angelic looking young men from the neck […]

I Know You Want More Of Cole Monahan

Yes, we have more of Cole Monahan, and of course you all want to see as much of him as possible, right? This is the rest of the recent shoot by Stevan Reyes for the Marcuse brand and he’s doing a fantastic job of showing off just how sexy their gear looks. Then again, I […]

Oh My Gosh Cole Monahan Is Looking Amazing!

Damn! Would you look at Cole Monahan showing off his gorgeous body in this sexy shoot! I just saw this new collection of pics of the gorgeous hunk looking furry and totally sexy at the beach and of course he had to be on the Gay Body Blog. This guy has fast become one of […]

A Bit Of A Todd Sanfield Overdose

Well, it seems a lot of you enjoyed the post yesterday where I asked you guys whether you think Todd Sanfield has the perfect body, and I think I pretty much agree with most of you that he does look damn fine but there’s a lot of guys we all love – so, we can’t […]

Does Todd Sanfield Have The Perfect Body?

I was talking about this guy just a couple of days ago, with a friend who said he thought Todd Sanfield had the perfect body. I’m torn on this, because I see so many gorgeous men and share plenty of them on the Gay Body Blog with you guys too, it’s basically impossible for me […]

Going On A Journey With Jess Vill

Happy Monday boys! How is the start of a new week treating you guys? I had a lazy morning, a very slow start to the day, but even though I was just gonna get to my desk and start work this shoot starring Jess Vill kind of persuaded me to go for a walk and […]

Serious And Sexy - Ilgiz Khuzhin

How has your weekend been so far? I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. Mine is going well, I’m just getting a little work done this morning then I’m heading out to the nearest beer garden to have a few drinks with a friend. It’s gorgeous here right now and you know I love to […]

Smooth And Buff Nick Sandell

Good morning guys! The weekend is finally here and I can’t wait to get outside this afternoon and enjoy a few nice cold beers in the sun. It’s gorgeous here today, hopefully it will stay like this the whole weekend. So, what do I have for you on the Gay Body Blog today… I have […]

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