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Teasing Shots Of Rhys Gilyeat

A good photo shoot can create almost a story in your mind. Okay, maybe that’s not true if it’s a fashion shoot and it’s yet another guy in something small and tight on a beach somewhere, but shoots like this one of Rhys Gilyeat certainly have that potential for creating a fantasy narrative. What little […]

We All Want To See Neil Patrick Harris Almost Naked - Right?

I don’t usually do to well with the whole celebrity culture and I don’t usually watch any awards ceremonies at all (I know, I’m letting down #teamgay) but on this occasion I will be compelled to go and watch the Oscars after seeing that the lovely Neil Patrick Harris got almost naked in front of […]

We Would All Love To Know Adam Ayash

Guys, meet American male mode Adam Ayash. This is the first time I’ve seen him, but after checking out this shoot for Under Gear I really want to see more. I know what it is about him that does it for me, and it’s actually a whole collection of things. To start with, I have […]

Igor Augusto By Wong Sim

Wong Sim is one of those photographers I love to appreciate and share on the blog, and I think you guys know why. This lucky man gets to photograph some of the sexiest men in the world, and he does a great job of it too. This example should prove that. Igor Augusto is a […]

Buff Guys At The Gym

Do you go to the gym? Are you one of those guys who drives himself to go a few times every week or one of those guys who struggles to commit to the New Year Resolution? I’m one of the latter it has to be said. I’m always telling myself that next week I’ll go […]

Jock Model Rink In Tight White Undies!

Yeah, it’s Monday, and I’m writing this while taking a break from the shit load of work I have on my desk right now. If you’re having a dodgy Monday then I think I have something that might cheer you up a little. No one can resist seeing a hot young muscular and fit jock […]

In Spain With Stunning Hunks

I’ve always been in love with Spain as a country, and I definitely don’t get to go there as often as I would like. If you’ve never been you really need to, but just avoid all the touristy places with drunk Brits throwing up in the streets and head for the coastal towns. Check out […]

Ruben van Waas And That Smooth Tight Body!

I have just been introduced to the sexiness of young Dutch male model Ruben van Waas when a friend of mine sent me some pics in an email, and I instantly knew that you guys would appreciate him as I have. If you don’t enjoy him or think he’s sexy, don’t know what to tell […]

Would You Bend Over For Andrew Christian?

You know, Miley should really have made a trademark out of the word Twerk, she would have made a few extra millions by now. The guys over at Andrew Christian (always ready to do something new and interesting) have adopted the word for themselves in this marketing promo for a new collection of bright and […]

Sexy Big Boy Vinicius Guervich

Check out Vinicius Guervich, a handsome and hunky man showing off his gorgeous body for the guys of ES Collection. I was checking out this shoot of the Brazilian hunk this morning and I knew he made the grade for the blog, and I hope you guys agree. I have to confess that I was […]

Bulging With Thomas Keal

Yep, he’s another new guy for us, but I know a lot of you are really going to enjoy the sight of Thomas Keal showing off his fit physique and that tempting underwear bulge. You can bet your butt I’ll be out there later looking for more of this handsome guy, and hopefully finding something […]

More Of Buff British Stud Ashley Morris

So, after sharing some gorgeously tempting and teasing pics of handsome and hunky Ashley Morris yesterday I had to get out there and see what else I could find featuring this handsome and studly man, and I was glad to get my hands on these pics to share with you all. Although this British stripper […]

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