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Ken Bek Loves The Attention!

Is this the first time we have seen sexy red head Ken Bek on the Gay Body Blog? I think it is, but I don’t think it’s going to be the last time – or at least I hope not. Someone sent me some pics this morning of a shoot by photographer Thomas Knights, titled […]

Porn Hunks For Andrew Christian

We already know that the Andrew Christian brand loves to get some hunky gay porn stars into their gear and take some sexy pics, and we are always appreciative of their efforts. So, when someone sent me these pics of three dudes showing off their gear, and I noted that one of them was Landon […]

Flashing Abs With Renato Freitas

Renato Freitas is a show off, an unashamed and unabashed displayer of abs, and not one of us minds his confidence and teasing either. He’s doing that thing that we all love to see guys doing in selfies at the gym (there are so many hundreds of thousands of guys who post pics of their […]

Ripped Hunk Rafael Medenca

Rafael Medenca has the kind of body that stops me in my tracks when I go to the gym and someone like him walks past. Yes, I do still go, but I have kind of given up on ever having a body like this dude. I guess there comes a time when you just have […]

Shaggy Haired Johann Camboulive

Johann Camboulive is the subject of a shoot by talented photographer Nicolas Aristidou for this somewhat dreamy collection of photos, and I have a feeling that a lot of you guys are going to want to see more of this handsome male model after you gaze upon these pics. This is the first time we’ve […]

Hanging Out With Fit Dude Charles Gaget

You guys know we love to get a bit of international action on the Gay Body Blog from time to time, and while it might be true that the majority of hunky and hot male models seem to come from the US, there are a lot of very handsome and fit men out there from […]

An Unknown Buff And Delicious Underwear Hunk

I have no clue who this handsome and tanned muscle jock is, but I really want to know more about him – this is your cue to tell me what you know guys, I know some of you are veritable annals of information when it comes to gorgeous male models! He’s showing off his impressive […]

Buff Celebrity Trainer And Fitness Model Patrick Frost

You might be familiar with the handsome and butt fitness model Patrick Frost already (I actually wasn’t until someone sent me this collection of pics, I am now officially a fan!) but I don;t know if any of you will have seen the gorgeous guy looking as hot as this, nor in such a revealing […]

The Tight Bod Of Santiago Ferrari

Although Santiago Ferrari is a handsome guy with gorgeous features (anyone else think he looks a little like a young Jensen Ackles?) there’s no doubt that Santiago is more famous for that tightly muscled body. Obviously we all love to see some sexy muscles on a guy, and there are a lot of really fit […]

I Need More Of Ryan Young!

We’ve seen him on the blog before in some really sexy teasing photos, but I knew when I saw these shots by photographer David Wagner you would want to see these too. They’re not as sexy and teasing as those other images of him wearing absolutely nothing and just hiding his modesty from view, but […]

A Jock Hottie For Your Hump Day Blues

I don’t usually use the term hump day, being British it’s not something we’ve ever used over this side of the pond. But for some reason it was in my head this morning, and when I saw this handsome guy showing off his muscles, bulge and butt for Underwear Nation I instantly had the title […]

Bulge And Butt With Christian Fernandez

I have a very special appreciation for the handsome and buff Christian Fernández. This year I went to a new festival with a group of people I really didn’t know, and I met the most amazingly handsome and sexy guy. We spent most of the weekend together, and I got to know quite a lot […]

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