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Ripped Fitness Model - Alon Gabbay

Alon Gabbay is a 24 year old fitness model from Germany. He just submitted a video (embedded below) to CamWithHim TV and it’s HOT! Apparently the fitness model has some sick video editing skills. He just got back from a three month modeling gig in the US where he visited Miami, LA, and Ohio for […]

Beefy Stud Vinny Dias

I thought it was about time I added a hardcore post, I’ve let them go for a little while but I know how much you guys love them. Especially the hot content from Randy Blue, am I right? Well they have a new guy over at the site there, and his name is Vinny Dias. […]

Ben and Joseph for Timoteo Underwear

These latest shots are hot off the press from Timoteo Underwear! Benjamin Godfre and Joseph Sayers are seen here in some really sexy underwear by Timoteo. Jospeh has a great masculine figure, and piercing eyes that strike right through the soul. It also seems that Benjamin is rippling muscle in all directions these days. This […]

Male Muscle Defined by David Costa

It seems a lot of the times, male model and personal trainer are synonymous most times with a lot of models, and this is not any different with the beautifully stunning David Costa. David is not only a breathtaking male model, he is also an accomplished personal trainer. You can check out everything fitness from […]

Muscle Hunk of the Day: Ronnie Douglas

Ok all you body builders out there take note. Ronnie Douglas is one seriously muscular dude. Seen here photographed by Rick Day, the 27 year old from Oklahoma has one of the most well-built bodies that scream look at me! Wow I am blown away how tight and ripped this guy is. Leave it to […]

Is the hottest male alive Chris Campanioni?

Maybe, just Maybe! When you think of the definition of a man, what do you think of? Do you think of a muscular figure that is statuesque-like resembling some roman God? Or do you think of Adam from Adam and Eve? Perhaps you think of yourself, the man you’ve always wanted to be. Well, meet […]

The uber cute: Flip Ashley

Meet Flip Ashley, who not only has a cool name, but is such an adorable dude! Flip is a native Texan from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Flip has been modeling for 3 years now, and is yet another personal trainer turned model. He is also featured over at On Display Men, which is an online […]

Monday Muscle Goodness: Jamie Dominic Monas

This is the second time I feature this super shredded muscle hunk Jamie Dominic Monas. With some more recent photos (among some older ones), Jamie has worked hard on his body, and is certainly proud of it. In fact, he commented on one of his photos below, that indeed he can bench press 315 lbs, […]

Michael Churchill: The old, the new, the stunning.

Michael Churchill is nobody new on the modeling scene, however it’s been so long since I’ve featured this super stud, I thought his time on Gay Body Blog was due again. Michael who’s been modeling for 5 years now, has worked with the many of the best male model photographers out there. As you comb […]

Quirky. Sexy. Cool. Parker Hurley.

What do you get when you throw together some funky tattoos, 10 piercings, and a smile that is just delicious? You get the undeniably sexy Parker Hurley. This 23 year old from NYC is a man of many hats. He’s Parker the artist, bartender, personal trainer, kick boxer, self proclaimed nerd, music lover, the list […]

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