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Alexis Gremmel Showing Bulge In Florida

Woo hoo! Another hottie discovered, one we have never had on the Gay Body Blog before! Check out the handsome and lithe Alexis Gremmel. Lithe, that’s a word I rarely use, but when I was thinking about how to best describe this good looking dude that’s the first word that came into my pretty little […]

Ryan Young Announces That Summer Is On The Way

I plan to spend the afternoon sunning myself in the garden. We have gorgeous weather here right now, and it looks like summer might be coming early for the UK, we apparenyl have a heatwave arriving next weekend and the shops are already dragging out their BBQ gear. It’s also why I feel compelled to […]

Hot Actor Raul Bova

It was about time I featured a sexy actor, and I saw a film the other night with this guy so I knew I had to quickly jot his name down. Raul Bova (nickname Rollo) is an Italian actor born in Rome in 1971. He found fame in Italy through appearing in his debut film […]

Hairy, Hot and Handsome - Steve Dapri

Guys, feast your eyes, salivate and whimper as you take in the awesome sight that is Steve Dapri. This 27 year old American model hails from sunny California, and covers everything from swimwear to fashion, editorial to runway. Now a profile of his suggests that he’s not willing to shoot nudes, but isn’t this a […]

Ryan Lewis for Timoteo

Mike over at Timoteo Underwear sent me over these latest shots of Ryan Lewis, for their new spring/summer campaign. Photographed by Allen Zaki, Ryan steams up Santa Monica beach in that killer body of his. The speedo-type swim trunks suit his body perfectly, yet there’s still something to be said about the long-type board short. […]

Dream Summer Boy: Luiz Germias Junior by Maycon Silveira

Here’s an interesting set by Maycon Silveira. Unusual set of photos, as Luiz Germias is intense and fierce in his look. Not sure it this is the intended look, but nonetheless, he is one sexy dude worth a second look! Entitled Dream summer Boy, this set is placed in a beach/field setting, which is supposed […]

Ricky Martin comes out of the closet... finally!

Let’s not act like we didn’t know this already, on some level. Well now it’s official. Ricky Martin has come out of the closet on his official website, stating that he’s “Proud to Say I am a Fortunate Homosexual Man”. Good on ya Ricky! He goes on to say… “A few months ago I decided […]

Stunning Male Model Philip Fusco by Scott Hoover

Once again Philip Fusco never fails to deliver beautifully sexy and stunning photos with whomever he works with. This time it’s a feature set from Scott Hoover where Philip shows that he not only has the perfect male body, but he takes his work one step further by showing us a different side of himself. […]

Taylor Lautner Workout Routine

With the onset of the lastest addition to the Twighlight Saga: New Moon, we all saw and know that this hit series has brought to light the amazing body and transformation of the young actor Taylor Lautner. Taylor Lautner has made an incredible physical transformation over the past year, gaining 30 pounds of muscle for […]

Grant Lofthouse makes great eye candy

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a guy in his underwear. What’s more classic than a pair of Calvins? Grant Lofthouse is a 20 year old Aussie from Melbourne, who is a personal trainer slash model. He runs his own weight loss and body toning site, I guess you could call it, at Body by Desire. […]

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