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Buff Bulging Jock Model Jake Houser

I know the ink might put a few of you guys off just a little, but I think the rest of Jake Houser will distract you from that enough to really appreciate him in this shoot for Andrew Christian. It goes without saying that when they jet a hunky jock in front of their cameras […]

The Immensely Talented Arad Winwin

Arad Winwin is the star of this very sexy post, a collection of pics showing off his immensely hot and sexy body in some undies for the Andrew Christian brand – one we undoubtedly all love. You probably know that they love to get some porn stars in their shoots, right? Well, Arad Winwin is […]

We All Want More Of Kevin Benoit

I do believe we have a new face (and body, and cock) to appreciate thanks to the awesome Andrew Christian brand. Check out handsome Kevin Benoit showing off his stuff for the underwear company, and looking fine doing it. I just saw this shoot this afternoon and I was so impressed that I had to […]

Would You Bend Over For Andrew Christian?

You know, Miley should really have made a trademark out of the word Twerk, she would have made a few extra millions by now. The guys over at Andrew Christian (always ready to do something new and interesting) have adopted the word for themselves in this marketing promo for a new collection of bright and […]

Porn Hunks For Andrew Christian

We already know that the Andrew Christian brand loves to get some hunky gay porn stars into their gear and take some sexy pics, and we are always appreciative of their efforts. So, when someone sent me these pics of three dudes showing off their gear, and I noted that one of them was Landon […]

Hot Hunks For Andrew Christian

We all know that the Andrew Christian brand is pretty famous for their interesting shoots and some very interesting videos in the past, but the underwear brand seems to have toned down their efforts for this sexy shoot with a small collection of hot hunks. The settings are usually so interesting, and they’ve had some […]

Football Jocks Are Super Hot - Andrew Christian

I know we might be a little bit late for a World Cup themed shoot on the Gay Body Blog, but when you see this offering from the Andrew Christian company I really don’t think you’ll mind at all that I chose to share this anyway. First of all, the guys appearing in this one […]

Hung Porn Star Topher Di Maggio For Andrew Christian

I’m pretty sure that a lot of you know of Topher Di Maggio. You’ve probably seen him on video and enjoyed his performances, but now you get to see him playing the role of the male model for this shoot for Andrew Christian, and one that goes a lot further than their traditional underwear shoots […]

On The Beach With Andrew Christian

It’s been so nice outside today that I took the dog for a walk and sat in the park reading for an hour, but of course when I say reading I really mean that I was watching some college boys playing ball 😉 It got me thinking more about some plans for the summer, the […]

Smooth Muscle Boy Daniel S

First, I have to say, gosh it’s become mighty quiet around these parts! Where has everyone gone? Where are you all? Come back, I miss you! Okay, I’m thinking it might have something to do with the new Disquss comment system, so I guess this is something that needs to be looked into and fixed. […]

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