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Yummy George Blackwell

When I saw some pics of the handsome and buff young fitness model George Blackwell it was a no-brainer that he should be on the blog for you guys to check out. Can you guess what this handsome young Florida guy does for a living? Yeah, he’s a personal trainer. I know, they all are, […]

A Lazy Afternoon With Lucas Garcez

This shoot featuring Lucas Garcez pretty much shows how I feel today. Although I would love to have the kind of setting he’s enjoying for this shoot, and the sun too, I’m about to be mimicking his pose while I chill out for the afternoon. That’s something I suppose. Photographer Henrique Ferrari is the one […]

Teasing Shots Of Rhys Gilyeat

A good photo shoot can create almost a story in your mind. Okay, maybe that’s not true if it’s a fashion shoot and it’s yet another guy in something small and tight on a beach somewhere, but shoots like this one of Rhys Gilyeat certainly have that potential for creating a fantasy narrative. What little […]

Serious Muscle With Vasa Nestorovic

Have we seen Vasa Nestorovic on the Gay Body Blog before? I don’t think so, I’m sure I would have remembered this gym-buff serious looking hunk if we had. He has it all going on, and aside from that handsome and serious face he has an amazing physique that most definitely deserves some sharing. You […]

Bobby Penney Looking Totally Hot!

I hope you’re having a nice weekend so far. If you’re enduring the cold and terrible weather then you might need something a little hot and steamy to inspire you, and this photo shoot with handsome and buff Bobby Penney might just do that. Now, I am gonna say something negative about this collection of […]

Insanely Hot Saville Dorfman

I have a brand new crush, but I think I’m going to have to share him with you all after I get these pics on the blog. I don’t mind, I’m feeling generous, and I believe there’s enough of this stunningly gorgeous hunk to go around. His name is Saville Dorfman, and he’s awesome. It […]

Igor Augusto By Wong Sim

Wong Sim is one of those photographers I love to appreciate and share on the blog, and I think you guys know why. This lucky man gets to photograph some of the sexiest men in the world, and he does a great job of it too. This example should prove that. Igor Augusto is a […]

Stuart Reardon In Underwear

There are so many men out there that I can spend hours fantasizing about, but there’s a small selection of hunks that I am totally in lust with. I think you guys probably know this already, but Rugby playing muscled hunk Stuart Reardon is one of my top five. I know he has a lot […]

Walter Savage Looking Amazing!

My list of favorite male models is already quite long, (that’s what I get for being so into hot guys and sharing them with you hungry lot every day lol) but one of my top finds of the last few months has to be the hunky and slightly hairy ruggedly handsome and chiseled Walter Savage. […]

Some Gorgeous Naked Hunks For You

I was at the gym again this morning (after spending an hour arguing with myself in bed about whether I could justify missing it again) and after only ten minutes of being there I was happy I chose to go. I did something I don’t normally do and took my gear to change into and […]

Brian Shimansky Henrik Fallenius And John K

Although all these of these guys are sexy and worth seeing, and I don’t think any of you would be kicking any of them out of your bed if you had the chance to get them in it, I have to admit that for me this is mostly about Henrik Fallenius. He’s the long-haired and […]

Ruben van Waas And That Smooth Tight Body!

I have just been introduced to the sexiness of young Dutch male model Ruben van Waas when a friend of mine sent me some pics in an email, and I instantly knew that you guys would appreciate him as I have. If you don’t enjoy him or think he’s sexy, don’t know what to tell […]

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