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Muscled Hunk Danilo Custowichi

This is the first time I’ve seen Danilo Custowichi, but after checking him out in these photos I desperately want to see more. There are a few shoots out there of the guy, but it’s definitely not enough. There are a lot of male models I see in the business and really which they’d gone […]

Check Out Anatoly Goncharov

I was so sure we’d seen young male model Anatoly Goncharov on the Gay Body Blog before, but after a little searching it seems that he’s new here. I’m thinking this isn’t going to be the last time we see the guy on here though, I’m going to be looking for more pics of this […]

A Teasing Young Jock Flashes

You know what I love the most about the Internet? No, not cat videos, twitter rants or bizarre unexpected memes. It’s all the many hundreds of thousands of really hot guys who how have the opportunity to share themselves with the world in all their magnificent glory! Some of you might be old enough to […]

Sexy New Dude Alex Vanderlinden

I’m going to start this post off by complaining a little. Yes, I’m going whine about the fact that there’s not more of the handsome new hunk Alex Vanderlinden with his shirt off, or more pics of the guy wearing just some undies in some teasing poses. I know, I’m greedy, but I think a […]

Andrei Goes From Waiter To Male Model

London-based photographer Paul Dedona hasn’t just delivered a sexy bedroom shoot in this post, he’s potentially discovered a gorgeous new muscled male model for us all to obsess over too. Andrei is a new guy to the business, apparently not represented by anyone at the moment, just one day working in London as a waiter […]

Bobby Creighton Looking Buff!

We’ve had Bobby Creighton on the Gay Body Blog a couple of times in the past, and one of those shoots was by Armando Adajar too, as this new one is. I had to get this guy back on here when I saw this incredibly erotic shoot showing off the hunks immensely muscled physique and […]

The Hairy Legs Of Cole Monahan

Cole Monahan is a sexy surfer hunk we’ve seen on the blog before, but one that I know would get more appreciation a second time around. I have a feeling you guys are going to really appreciate this sexy and sunny shoot with the handsome and hunky guy, not least because of his impressive hairy […]

Brian Lewis Has Balls

Male model and jock hottie Brian Lewis has balls, big, heavy and pendulous balls, if a couple of these photos are to be believed. Come on guys, you know what I’m talking about. Although the other images in this collection by photographer Ray John Pila are all hot and sexy, I am a little fixated […]

Holidaying With Sexy Enzo Carini

A month ago we saw the adorable Enzo Carini in a sexy shoot for Alexandre Eustache, looking all slippery and oiled up (I know I am not the only one who spent some time imaginging a pretty messy wrestling match with him! lol) So today I found this other really sexy shoot with the young […]

The DreamBoys Have Recruited Dan Osborne?

Well, isn’t this a treat for a Saturday afternoon! UK stripper group the DreamBoys have been promoting their new tour, and it looks like they have some surprises for us too. The most notable one is that they’re recruited the hot and hunky young UK celeb Dan Osborne to join them on the road. I […]

Yummy George Blackwell

When I saw some pics of the handsome and buff young fitness model George Blackwell it was a no-brainer that he should be on the blog for you guys to check out. Can you guess what this handsome young Florida guy does for a living? Yeah, he’s a personal trainer. I know, they all are, […]

A Lazy Afternoon With Lucas Garcez

This shoot featuring Lucas Garcez pretty much shows how I feel today. Although I would love to have the kind of setting he’s enjoying for this shoot, and the sun too, I’m about to be mimicking his pose while I chill out for the afternoon. That’s something I suppose. Photographer Henrique Ferrari is the one […]

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