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More Tomas Skoloudik - By Dean Isidro

Tetu Magazine is one that I have shared some photos from numerous times on Gay Body Blog, and although it’s been a little while I had to have this shoot with gorgeous Tomas Skoloudik on here. After the last post with the handsome young man I was out there looking around and found this one, [...]

Out Male Model Tomas Skoloudik

It’s been far too long since we last saw the handsome and sexy male model Tomas Skoloudik on the Gay Body Blog. After seeing this shoot by Greg Swales today I knew I had to have the pics on here to refresh your memory. He’s undoubtedly one of the most popular young male models out [...]

Penis Painting With Hunk Brent Ray Fraser

I am shocked and appalled that this is the first time I have ever seen or heard of handsome and hunky Brent Ray Fraser. As an artist, a fan of erotic art, and a fan of gorgeous men with gorgeous bodies and gorgeous cocks I have to say that I should have known about this [...]

Diego Altino Is Such An Evil Tease

I hope you’re sitting down and somewhere private for this post, you deserve some privacy and alone time when looking at these photos of the devilishly sexy and teasing Diego Altino. He’s been snapped for H Magazine in this shoot, showing off his incredibly hot body and teasing us with some bulge display. Once again, [...]

Gorgeous Stuart Reardon!

I know we’ve already had one post on the blog today featuring some sexy photos by Paul Reitz, but this shoot with hunky former Rugby stud Stuart Reardon had to be on the blog today. I could not wait to share these photos with you and I was a little annoyed that it’s taken so [...]

Punky Jaxon Colt Bottoms For Kaydin Bennett

Where can I start with this new hardcore fuck scene from the Next Door Buddies site? There is so much about this video that has me hard and horny, and I really find it a little challenging to know what to focus on first! Okay, to start with, check out Jaxon Colt’s new look. He’s [...]

Parker Hurley By Paul Reitz

We’ve seen the handsome beach bum Parker Hurley on the Gay Body Blog a few times in the past, but it’s been a little while since we saw that gorgeous face and that immense smile. I saw this shoot by Paul Reitz and of course it had to be added here for your perusal. He’s [...]

Football Jocks Are Super Hot - Andrew Christian

I know we might be a little bit late for a World Cup themed shoot on the Gay Body Blog, but when you see this offering from the Andrew Christian company I really don’t think you’ll mind at all that I chose to share this anyway. First of all, the guys appearing in this one [...]

Ryan Young Likes To Tease

I know what you’re thinking, another bedroom shoot with a hot hunk showing off just a little extra skin, but not enough!? I know, and I feel your pain, but I think this shoot with gorgeous Ryan Young is still worth sharing no matter how done-to-death the theme is, and no matter how frustrating it [...]

Is Andre Watson The Perfect Brazilian Hunk?

I know what you’re thinking, of all the many handsome and hunky men we have on the Gay Body Blog it’s impossible to say that one of them is the hottest, the most gorgeous, the most fuckable… but I think some of you will agree that it at least needs to be suggested that Andre [...]

Sweet Twink Model David Rodriguez

While it’s certainly true that hunky muscled men and gorgeous buff jocks are our bread and butter here on the Gay Body Blog, occasionally I like to throw a gorgeous twink model out there for you guys to appreciate. I was checking out some recent shoots today and stumbled across this collection of images featuring [...]

Fit Jock Boy Patrick Rangel By Jeff Segenreich

It’s Friday! I have a lot of plans for the weekend, it’s a festival tomorrow in London and then Sunday I’m hooking up with a buddy of mine I haven’t seen for months, should be an excellent weekend! Before that I have some posts to share with you guys and some incredibly sexy guys. We [...]

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