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Say Hello To Josh Upshaw

I had an email from a friend this morning who wanted to share some pics of the handsome Josh Upshaw with me. I was appreciative before I even opened them, knowing that the guy was a handsome stud. But he’s certainly changed since I last saw him, and even though I do enjoy guys with [...]

Ugly Duckling Turned Hottie - Leonel

If you’ve ever been to a school reunion of any kind you probably know that it’s pretty common to find that the geeky guy you hardly ever noticed found a gym and changed his diet and become a serious hottie, and likewise that hot jock you lusted after might have discovered beer and donuts and [...]

So Duncan James Is Gay Now?

It’s hard to keep up with some “celebs” when it comes to their opinions and statements of their sexuality. If it’s not Gaga it’s Pink, if it’s not Pink it’s Jessie J. In recent years the boys have been getting in on the act too, with several coming out as Bi, or Gay, then perhaps [...]

Tanned Hottie Lucas Gil At The Beach

I am both stunned and appalled that I have never shared any photos of the handsome Lucas Gil on the blog before. I was sure that I had, but after checking it looks like I have completely missed out on showing you some of this handsome hunks gorgeous shoots. This is the right time to [...]

Brian Shimansky in the sun

I guess you guys might already know that handsome Brian Shimansky is no stranger to getting his dick out and showing everything off for the right photographer. He’s been naked in front of the cameras in a few extremely teasing shoots, but this recent one is a lot more subtle and sexy. Whatever the weather [...]

Bosnian Model Tarik Kaljanac

When was the last time you saw the words Bosnian and Model in the same sentence? It’s just something that was pointed out to me when I shared some pics of Tarik Kaljanac with a friend of mine while chatting this morning, and I have to say it’s true. There are plenty of American models [...]

Handsome Suave And Buff Colton Szostek

I was trying to think of just the perfect collection of words to describe my thoughts about this handsome male model, and for some reason the word Suave popped into my head. There are more to describe him too of course, such as gorgeous, buff and hunky, but there is something about him that just [...]

Will Winkle And Colby Keller Get Their Junk Out

Time for some nudity on the blog, and having featured the hunky gay porn star Colby Keller before, showing off his naked body in some sexy “non-porn” shoots, I figured you guys might appreciate this pairing with Will Winkle. This is not the first time I’ve mentioned that I’m really not that into reality TV [...]

More Of Victor Galvez

Yes, I have become a little obsessed with this handsome hunk after sharing some photos of him on the blog, and although there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of him out there showing off his gorgeous body and that tempting bulge when compared to some other major male models, there are some more [...]

Insanely Hot Victor Galvez

Stop whatever it is that you’re doing, sit down and take a look at this utterly stunning man. I have a new all-time favorite hunk that has just risen to the top of my male model list, knocking all the others out the way without even trying too hard. I know this seems like a [...]

Muscled Fitness Hunk Adrian HC

A friend and reader of the blog sent me some photos of a real muscle hunk this morning, and when I took some time to enjoy them (yeah, come on, you know that I mean) I decided that they would make a very good addition to the site and that you would probably enjoy them [...]

Yet More Of Castaway Marlon Teixeira

Okay guys, I knew there was going to be more of this gorgeous young male model on the blog today, because there were a lot of shots by photographer Felipe Carneiro and they all deserved sharing on here with you guys. I don’t know what you thought of the last post featuring this handsome young [...]

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