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Garbage Man turned Stunning Male Model: Jeff Tomsik

What do you get when you put sexy into your everyday garbage man? You get Jeff Tomsik, that’s what. Jeff is a stunning and uber sexy male model from the a very little town in Ohio called the Grange. Quickly after going to an open casting call where he met legendary photographer Bruce Weber, Jeff […]

David Entinghe: A man's pretty boy

Who can deny the hotness that an Abercrombie and Fitch model brings to shopping bags everywhere? The almost nude photos of these guys is enough to drive the women to the stores, but more so, the gay men. David Entinghe is yet another one of the pretty boys, that dawn the Abercrombie and Fitch credits […]

Carlson Twins: Double the fun!

If you haven’t heard of the Carlson Twins you are either living under a rock or don’t surf around the web too often on sites like these. I’m surprised I haven’t done a post featuring these gods of beauty yet, so finally here it is! Kyle and Lane Carlson, known collectively as the Carlson Twins, […]

Trip O'Connell

What a great little Irish model Trip O’Connell is. Having posed for Abercrombie and Fitch, and done work with the agency PGKMen, Trip is a model with a look that works. Trip has a young fighter gentle lover look. Some of these shots are from when he was younger too, but I’d take him either […]

Brace yourself for Philip Fusco

Oh how we love to see photos of Philip! Philip Fusco is a New York base model with an amazing physique. I should probably rename this blog from’ Gay Body Blog’ to ‘I wish he were Gay Body Blog’. I find Philip takes edgier photos, it’s something with his eyes I think. He can also […]

Lets go swimming!

Have you ever gone swimming spontaneously with your buddies? Have no swim trunks or bathing suit with you? No worry, you have no choice but to go in your underwear! It’s probably one of the most homoerotic things you can so with your buddies, besides actually showering with them. Swimming in cold water may not […]

CJ Richards

CJ Richards is a well-known staple model in the industry today, and was recently a new face at the Major Model Management agency. CJ has modeled for many high talent agencies and has even done work for Abercrombie. CJ who is 6’1″, has an amazing slim frame and killer facial features that all high end […]

Natural Beauty

This is a great shot of a natural beauty. With his toned midsection and gorgeous facial features, you can’t help but get lost in his deep hazel eyes and wonder what he’s thinking. I love the tattoo on the arm as well.

Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis is a 6’3″ Model who was signed with Abercrombie and Fitch in 2007. He plays basketball and loves to stay fit. Obviously. Here are some great shots of this ‘eat-me-up’ model.

Back from vacation!

Well I’m back from my 5 day vacation, and I will be making up for my lack of recent posts with some good ones very soon! My trip inspired some good photo ideas as well so check back soon for some good hot bodies

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