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A Jock Hottie For Your Hump Day Blues

I don’t usually use the term hump day, being British it’s not something we’ve ever used over this side of the pond. But for some reason it was in my head this morning, and when I saw this handsome guy showing off his muscles, bulge and butt for Underwear Nation I instantly had the title […]

A Sexy Nude Cuban Guy By Jorge L. Romillo

I knew that we were due a nude post on the blog today, and I spent a little while looking around out there for the perfect shoot to share. I found this excellent collection of photos by Jorge L. Romillo, and I was a little unsure about sharing them because there’s really not enough here […]

Bulge And Butt With Christian Fernandez

I have a very special appreciation for the handsome and buff Christian Fernández. This year I went to a new festival with a group of people I really didn’t know, and I met the most amazingly handsome and sexy guy. We spent most of the weekend together, and I got to know quite a lot […]

Flashing Uncut Dick With Handsome Olivier

I have a feeling that I should know who Olivier is, but I don’t. I believe this is the first time I’ve seen the handsome and revealing muscled hunk, but I had to share him when I saw these photos by Exterface. Obviously there is a lot to appreciate about this hot guy, not least […]

Nude Men By Milan Vukmirovic

Guys, I have something a little arty for you today, but I really don’t think any of you will mind the focus being on the creativity of photographer Milan Vukmirovic when you see what he does with his models and his camera. The guy is a real talented photographer, we can all agree, right? They […]

Military Muscle For Modus Vivendi

I love a good military themed shoot with some hunky male models (there is quite a lot of army porn out there, I guess you might have noticed lol) so when I saw this one I thought you guys might appreciate it too. Modus Vivendi has tapped into something so many guys love with this […]

Bareback Jocks Oliver And Duncan

I love Fridays, obviously. Not only do I finish up for the week and have a couple of days off, but I get to share some real hot hardcore fun with you guys too, and I know you guys are going to really appreciate this scene with bareback jocks Duncan and Oliver at Sean Cody! […]

Is Julian Gabriel Hernandez Perfect?

So after the post yesterday with Julian Hernandez, Steven Dehler and Joshua Brickman I was a little inspired to get out there and look for some more delicious shots of this particular hottie, and I think most of you guys will appreciate this collection of images as much as I have. Now, I know we […]

Drool-worthy Julian Hernandez, Steven Dehler And Joshua Brickman

What happens when a photographer like Jorge Suarez gets together with three stunning jocks like Julian Hernandez, Steven Dehler and Joshua Brickman? Wondrous things can happen! I have only just seen this shoot, which I was led to when searching for some images of the utterly gorgeous Joshua. I was going to share a small […]

Daniel Garofali Looking Hot As Ever

So yesterday I shared some photos of the truly stunning Australian hunk Daniel Garofali and I knew I wanted to get some more pics of the guy on here for you all to appreciate. I spent a while looking through all the shoots there are out there of this awesome guy and when I found […]

Muscle Jock Tristan Scott

So I wanted to get a nude shoot on the blog for you guys today, and although there were a couple of model shoots out there with some ass on show nothing was quite hitting the spot with me. So, I went back to a site I can always trust to give me some hot […]

How Much Do We All Love Daniel Garofali?

There are a few hot guys I know I can share in a post on the Gay Body Blog and get a lot of views and some favorable comments, and Daniel Garofali is one such guy. We’ve seen this handsome hunk on the blog three times in the past, and each time it seems that […]

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