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Sexy Men Delivered By David Vance

It’s been so long since we last had a shoot by David Vance on the Gay Body Blog, but I had to make up for that with this rather nice collection of photos, featuring various guys he’s snapped over the years. There are some shoots of his on the blog from way back, but I [...]

New Guy Nico At Sean Cody

Woohoo! It’s Friday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to get out there and have a good time. But before we do that I also have some horny action from the Sean Cody site to share with you all, and I think you’re all going to enjoy this new arrival very much! [...]

Eian Scully Naked!

You know, it’s always interesting to see where one post might take you, and after looking into TYTOR magazine I found a real gem that is going to have a lot of you interested. All I need to do is mention Eian Scully Naked and you’ll be sat upright in your seat ready to scroll [...]

Hairy Hunk For TVTOR

I know some of you guys are going to be a little disappointed that there aren’t twenty pics of this guy to enjoy in this post, but I had to share this guy and his hot hairy body with you all even though the pickings are slim, as they say. I think this guy is [...]

Handsome Dude For Unico

I think (although I’m not certain) this might be the first time we’ve had a shoot from Unico Underwear on the Gay Body Blog, but I think we all know it had to be done when I saw this handsome and smooth jock dude showing off some of their gear. I have to say that [...]

Handsome Black Jock Clay

I knew we were due to have a nude shoot on the Gay Body Blog, but I really had a hard time finding something suitable. However, when I found this guy on the Sean Cody site I figured you lot would want to see him and appreciate his fine body as much as I have. [...]

Kirill Dowidoff Getting His Butt Out For Serge Lee

There are some things you can be forever certain of – death and taxes are a couple of famous ones. Another is that when I find a shoot featuring Kirill Dowidoff it will be on the blog within an hour of me finding it. It might have been said a thousand times by me in [...]

How Have We Not Had Jose Joey Parra Here Before?

Occasionally I wonder if there are enough men out there to keep us going. I sometimes sit back and look at the many hundreds of posts we’ve had on the blog over the years and consider if there might come a time when every gorgeous man to ever end up in front of a camera [...]

Muscled Hunk Armando Fogaça By Ronaldo Gutierrez

I don’t know how the hell we have gone for so long without sharing some images of the stunning Brazilian hunk Armando Fogaça, but this obvious error is being rectified with this new post of images by photographer Ronaldo Gutierrez, a man I am totally jealous of for having the chance to work with such a [...]

Daddy Jock And A Tight Twink Bottom

So we needed some hardcore action on the blog to finish up the week with some style, and I think I have something that is going to hit the right note with a lot of you. This new release on the Fetish Force site is something for all the twink spanking fans out there, of [...]

Slovakian Model Frederik Muka

I am certain that this is not the first time we have seen the handsome face of Frederik Muka on the Gay Body Blog, but although I had a look back over the many previous posts I couldn’t find him mentioned. Regardless of that, I’m glad we have these photos to share with you guys, [...]

Russian Buff Boy Butt - Tim By Marat Mukhonkin

So you might have noticed that we had some “technical problems” here over the last couple of days, but you’ll be glad to hear that this has all been worked out and things are back on track. And just in time too, because I have a very sexy young man to share with you guys, [...]

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