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So You Want Some Gay Football Bondage Porn?

Yeah, this hardcore post is likely to get some attention from all you sports fans out there. I don’t mean sports fans as in sitting back and watching the game, I mean sports fans like thinking about big and muscled men peeling off their bulging kit together in the team locker rooms lol This is […]

Ripped Hunk Rafael Medenca

Rafael Medenca has the kind of body that stops me in my tracks when I go to the gym and someone like him walks past. Yes, I do still go, but I have kind of given up on ever having a body like this dude. I guess there comes a time when you just have […]

Ballet Dancer And Male Model Tristan Ridel

I had a bit of a mild panic attack this morning. I woke up and looked at my phone and the date was right there in my face, and I realized I hadn’t bought a single present for anyone yet! I know most of you probably have everything done and everything nicely wrapped already, but […]

The Fit Smooth Body Of Kyle Crain

So you like young and smooth twinks? And you like fit and toned jocks? What about the guys who seem to be perpetually in-between both worlds, straddling the fence? (hehe I said straddle). Yes, the labels and descriptions often confuse me, and I think Kyle Crain could probably be called both a twink and a […]

Anonymous Cock Flashers

It’s time for some cock on the Gay Body Blog! I’ve been out there looking around the wilderness of the internet and I’ve found some rather deserving hotties flashing their cocks in some amateur pics that I thought you horny guys would want to see. It got me thinking and I wanted to ask if […]

You Wouldn't Fight Off Aurelien

Although I have tried to find out more about this handsome and hunky man, I only know that his name is Aurelien and that he’s been photographed by Abo Palomo for this sporty and totally masculine shoot. It’s an interesting one, not least of all because the guy in it looks totally suited to the […]

Steven Dehler And Milan Christopher Get A Little Hot

So a few days ago I shared a very sexy shoot with the utterly, insanely gorgeous Steven Dehler, and I knew then that even though we’d seen him on the blog a few times before there were a few shoots we’d missed out and that they deserved to be shared on here. I went out […]

I Want An Adventure With Renato Freitas

I think I have an unexplored fetish. I saw these photos of the handsome Renato Freitas and immediately I was thinking what it would be like to go on an adventure and sleep under canvas with him. Then I started thinking about Bear Grylls and had to bring myself back to this post after a […]

Shaggy Haired Johann Camboulive

Johann Camboulive is the subject of a shoot by talented photographer Nicolas Aristidou for this somewhat dreamy collection of photos, and I have a feeling that a lot of you guys are going to want to see more of this handsome male model after you gaze upon these pics. This is the first time we’ve […]

Hairy Bareback Muscle Porn For Your Friday Night!

Woohoo! It’s Friday once again, and I am glad this week is over. It’s been a stressful one for me, but then I’m probably not alone. If you’re like me and plan to have a chilled out weekend starting this evening, I hope this hardcore bareback jock addition to the blog will help you along […]

Steven Dehler Has It ALL Going On

You guys probably know me pretty well by now, and you probably know that occasionally I get real interested in specific guys when I see a really hot shoot featuring them. This is not the first time I’ve expressed my adoration for the gorgeous muscled jock model that is Steven Dehler, but when I saw […]

Hanging Out With Fit Dude Charles Gaget

You guys know we love to get a bit of international action on the Gay Body Blog from time to time, and while it might be true that the majority of hunky and hot male models seem to come from the US, there are a lot of very handsome and fit men out there from […]

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