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Muscled Hunk Joey Berry By Paul Henry Serres

I know this is not going to suit everyone, but I also know that there are some real muscle fans on the blog who love to see a big handsome bulging man showing off some slippery flesh I would be one of those men, occasionally. I don’t mean I’m a big and bulging… well, you [...]

Run Boy Run - Jeroen Kerkhof by Barry Marré

I have a confession to make about this post. I wasn’t immediately drawn to young twink model Jeroen Kerkhof by is images and the look, nor the photography by Barry Marré, but by the title of this and the music appearing in the video I saw in relation to it. Still, after checking out the [...]

Pouting Brazilian Model Robson Costa Rosa By Manny Fontanilla

Allow me to introduce the handsome and ripped Robson Costa Rosa. I just saw these photos and wanted to share them with you guys for a nice Saturday post on the blog, even though I had a couple of reservations about that pout. No doubt the guy is handsome and one of his main features [...]

Drooling again over Logan Swiecki-Taylor

It’s fair to say that whenever I find a new shoot out there featuring the awesome Logan Swiecki-Taylor it’s going to be on the blog. He’s the body and face of Rufskin, I’m sure you’re aware, and it seems that every time I share him on the blog boners are springing up all around the [...]

Muscle Daddy Cock Action In A Locker Room

Friday is here at last, and I hope plenty of you have some plans for the weekend. I recently met a totally stunning man who I plan to go on a date with tomorrow, and I’m completely nervous about it. You know there are some guys who you don’t really expect to become anything more, [...]

Russian Male Model Ruslan Solovyov

There’s a whole lot of anti-Russian sentiment out there right now, this is something we know and it’s pretty much entirely called for in my opinion. There’s a lot to loathe about the former Soviet superpower and plenty of reason to be politically opinionated about their society and their leadership. However, even though we would [...]

Bobby Creighton shares his bulge with Armando Adajar

I know some of the more vocal commenters here might have something to say about the tattoos Bobby Creighton is showing off in this shoot by Armando Adajar, but I still had to have the handsome hunk and his impressive dick bulge on here when I found these photos of the guy. We’ve seen this [...]

Uncut Jérémy gets naked

Although we’ve had one nude shoot on the blog already I just couldn’t resist sharing this sexy naked collection of Jérémy showing everything off. I have a slight criticism that I’m going to get out of the way first though, and that’s going to be my usual gripe about airbrushing and making models look like [...]

Jon Foehl gets horny with Landis Smithers

We’ve seen some of the sexy work by Landis Smithers on the blog before (most notably the gorgeous, thick-dicked British porn star Paddy O’Brian) and I was eager to post more of the amazingly beautiful work of this guy the moment I found something worthy of a post on here. I think I’ve found exactly [...]

Sexy Tom Daley

I know there’s not a whole lot in this collection of photos featuring the adorable Tom Daley, but I had to have the shoot from Attitude magazine on here when I knew it was out there. Come on guys, I don’t care if you’re usually a twink fan or not, there is a hell of [...]

Kirill Dowidoff And That Hairy Butt!

Whenever I see a shoot featuring gorgeous hunky muscled man Kirill Dowidoff I know it needs to be on here for you guys as soon as possible. He’s absolutely one of the hottest male models I think we have ever seen on the blog, and he knows how to tease the guys and get a [...]

Todd Sanfield In The Sun With Kevin McDermott

Kevin McDermott is an excellent photographer, and when you have him taking snaps of a gorgeous hunky male model like the awesomely famous and adorable Todd Sanfield you know it’s going to end up being a totally delicious shoot worthy of a post on Gay Body Blog. I have to admit that this post is [...]

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