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Jake Bass For Pump! Underwear

So just yesterday I was saying how cool it is when the readers and fans get involved and share some pics or ideas for posts, and then another email arrives from reader Kasper in Denmark giving me lots of info about Jake Bass and suggesting a post about him. Thank you Kasper! I have been […]

Chaze And Juan By Gert Kist

Of course I have to start this post by wishing all our American readers a very happy 4th July! I hope you’re all having a great day, enjoying some beers and going to at least one BBQ. I hear that’s a big thing over there for this particular weekend, in the UK we tend to […]

Naked Men Posing For David Vance

David Vance has to be one of the luckiest photographers in the world. He’s constantly getting the opportunity to take images of some truly stunning naked men, and this latest collection of handsome dudes is going to have a lot of you wondering if you went into the wrong career – I know I’m thinking […]

Bareback Jocks Forrest And Blake Get It On!

Happy Friday guys! I hope you’re all making plans for this weekend. I know it’s going to be a busy one in the US tomorrow, but maybe we should be celebrating here in the UK too? Okay, that might be a little too controversial for a post like this lol Let me change the subject […]

You Want To Get Wet With These Hunks!

Guys, check out these hunky jock dudes showing off in some swimwear for BCNÜ Utility wear (am I the only one who thinks that company sounds as though they should be making tool belts and coveralls?) Every one of these guys is hot as hell, and they’ve actually convinced me that I need to get […]

Go Go Charles Gaget!

I don’t know if you’ll get the title, but I felt compelled to do it. For those who don’t understand, check out 80’s cartoon Inspector Gadget (did you have that in the US?) This guy is gorgeous. There, I said it. I know some of you might complain that there’s not a lot of him […]

Lucas Garcez Looking Delicious!

Is this the first time we’ve seen Lucas Garcez on the Gay Body Blog? I think it is, but I’m thinking this isn’t gonna be the last time now that we’ve seen these very sexy shots by photographer Louis Daniel. This shoot is called “Early Morning”, and I have some things to say about that… […]

Some Sexy Dick Pics For You

It’s Tuesday and it’s time for some cock on the Gay Body Blog! Okay, it’s really time for some nudity, but after swapping dick pics with a potential hook up today I was in the mood for sharing some hard boners with you guys and didn’t think you would all mind too much if you […]

Mario Beckman Cheered Me Up This Morning

Hello my lovelies! It’s Monday, and I think some of you might be having the same kind of day I’m having, so hopefully this hunk might cheer you up a little the way has for me. I had a shitty start to the day today, with a guys I was supposed to be hooking up […]

More Naked Men From Mark Henderson!

Okay, I finished too early… Oh, that sounds really bad! I shared some gorgeous hunky naked men with you in the last post, male models and porn stars already famous for getting their dicks out for the boys around the Internet, and I completely missed that it was only part one of a two-part email […]

Mark Henderson And His Naked Hunks

Mark Henderson is no stranger to us, mostly because he has a bad habit of getting some seriously hot hunks out of their pants and showing everything off for his cameras. Someone sent me these pics from a recent collection and I had to share them on the blog for you guys to enjoy, obviously! […]

Handsome And Muscled Charlie Wood In His Underwear

Guys, check out these sexy photos of handsome male model Charlie Wood. I’m currently writing this sat in my garden with a glass of white wine, listening to the sound of distant thunder and getting ready to move like a startled cat at the first hint of rain, and it somehow relates to this shoot […]

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