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Three Hot Guys In Swimwear - What More Do You Need?

This shoot for the 2014 City Beach Collection from BWET has had my interest today, not only because there are some hot guys showing off their buff bods, but because the setting is a little unusual. There’s not a grain of sand in sight, just a jungle of concrete beside a body of water in an unknown [...]

Brent Corrigan Returns To Hardcore Action!

So we were due a new hardcore gay porn post on the blog today, and after seeing this news I knew there would be plenty of guys out there interested in hearing about it! Superstar of twink porn Brent Corrigan is finally back in the gay porn world, after a two year break from the [...]

A Little More of Lucas Fernandes

I did suggest in the last post of pics of the sexy Brazilian male model Lucas Fernandes that I was gonna get out there on the net and see what else I could find, and I immediately went looking for more. Usually it becomes a little futile, and I’m often disappointed to see that a [...]

Could You Say No To Lucas Fernandes?

Are you ready to see perhaps one of the most stunning young men we have ever enjoyed on the Gay Body Blog? I know that sounds like it’s going to be an exaggeration, and I would forgive you for thinking that too, but in this case I think a lot of you are going to [...]

Andrew Morrill On Chilly Brighton Beach

I’m not sure if you know this, but we have three places in the UK considered to be gay hotspots. I can’t for the life of me remember the best American comparison, but I think you guys know what I mean. Here it’s generally considered that Soho in London, Canal Street in Manchester, and coastal [...]

Uncut Jock Pedro In His First Solo

I was looking for a nude hottie to share with you guys for one of the posts today, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show off one of the new arrivals on the Sean Cody site and introduce you all to Pedro! He’s a handsome guy, even if his hair makes him look [...]

Beautiful Albanian Dude Patrick Rukai

After the last post of handsome and hunky hotness featuring Kevin Vanesse I couldn’t wait to get a completely different guy on the Gay Body Blog. I think it’s clear that handsome and smooth Patrick Rukai is very different to Kevin! Is this the very first Albanian hottie we’ve ever had on the blog? I [...]

Bad Boy Kevin Vanesse

I might be alone in this, but I’m gonna say it anyway… does Kevin Vanesse make anyone else think of a James Bond character or another British action star? It’s not just the suit he’s wearing in one of these photos, it’s the whole package. The guy looks like he should perhaps be appearing in [...]

Mark Morris Teasing For Photographer Ray John Pila

It’s really no secret that I’ve been loving the work of photographer Ray John Pila over the last couple of weeks, and I think a lot of you guys have been enjoying it too. He has a real skill for being incredibly teasing with his male models, and creating some truly seductive and sexy shots [...]

KICKSAGAT - Underwear By A Gay Porn Hunk

You know of Francois Sagat already, no doubt about that. He’s one of the hunkiest European gay porn stars I think the world has ever seen, and if you’re into interesting muscle men with uncut dicks and a flair for performing then you’ve probably seen him in more than one or two movies. What you [...]

Golfing Buddies Brandon Lewis And Connor Maguire

Although I cannot stand Golf, I would be willing to give it a shot if it involved hanging out with a golfing buddy like Connor Maguire or Brandon Lewis! It has to be said that I don’t usually associate handsome and hunky jocks like these two with such a game, but then again I supposed [...]

Handsome And Muscled Too - Ruben Baars

Okay, it’s not so easy to find a man who so clearly has it ALL going on, but I think many of you would agree that Ruben Baars has more going on than many other handsome hunks out there. We’ve seen him on the blog three times in the past, but nothing recently. I think [...]

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