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Working out with hung and uncut Chip Tanner

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I was sure we’d seen some of these photos on the Gay Body Blog before, but after a little searching all I could find was a hardcore porn post starring Chip Tanner with Ryan Rockford (you should definitely check that out, by the way).

This collection of photos is pretty damn hot, it’s basically how I imagine 90% of the male gymnasts at the Olympics. I know I’m not the only one, we all look at those fit and handsome guys from all over the world and imagine them without their spandex outfits on, right?  🙂

It’s not an act for this guy either, he really was a gymnast before getting his cock out for some gay porn sites. I’m not sure if he was ever in line to appear at the Olympics but I do know if he had we would have all been cheering him, while imagining him naked.

Perhaps it’s a good thing he went into porn instead 🙂

If you ever wonder what it would take to look like him now you know that it requires years of physical training, but on the plus side it’s also made him extremely flexible and he can apparently suck on his own uncut cock.

Skilled, handsome, uncut and pretty hung too, and all while being a gay guy who loves to top and bottom… I think I just found the perfect guy.

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+18 rating, 18 votes)
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