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Underwear Bulging With Handsome Hottie Buster Battreal

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I did suggest yesterday that there was more of handsome hunk Buster Battreal to share with you, and after getting some underwear bulge shots together and seeing the deliciousness I knew you guys would appreciate this post today 🙂

There’s a mix of photographers in this one because it seems to me he’s only done a couple of full shoots for photographers up until now. I fully expect that to change, though.

I think a lot of these photos are newer than the ones we saw in the post yesterday. He looks a bit more muscled and toned in these ones, a little more mature. I guess that first shoot might have been one of his first ever forays into modeling.

He’s definitely looking hotter now too, or at least he does in my opinion.

This is still not enough, we need more of this guy and we really, really need to see him posing with fewer clothes on for a guy like Rick Day. Can you imagine how sexy that shoot would be? He would probably be viral in a matter of hours lol

Enjoy him, appreciate his sexiness, keep those fingers crossed for a lot more of the handsome hunk in the future.

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+22 rating, 24 votes)
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