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Jock Butt With CellBlock 13

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I think we’re probably all pretty familiar with the CellBlock 13 brand by now. If you’re not, then this post is going to be a very nice little surprise for you 😉

This company is one of the very few that actually knows who to market their gear to. Yeah, I said it, too many out there seem to think straight guys are buying mens undies, when they’re really not. It’s women making choices for their men, and gay guys buying the interesting and sexy stuff – most retailers don’t seem to have worked this out.

CellBlock 13 knows it, and they do everything they can to promote their gear to the right crowd with some very sexy shoots, like this one.

Of course, when they get some hot and hunky guys getting their butts out in front of their cameras and being pretty homoerotic they’re going to be shared all over the place by bloggers like me! 😉

The dudes showing off in this one are only known as Makus and Vasil, but I think some of you might know a little more about them than I do. Are they in porn? I think a lot of the hunks they shoot in their gear have done porn at one time or another…

Anyway, enjoy, and have a great Friday!

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+2 rating, 2 votes)
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