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When I hear the words “dirty sexy” used to describe a guy this is the kind of guy I’m thinking off immediately. His name is unknown, but he’s referred to as “B.C.” by photographer Ricky Cohete.

He’s a lean and ripped guy with a pretty tight body, and he has that hunky look about him that just turns me on. I know some of you might think I’m a little strange, but being a bit of a metaller this kind of tough and rough looking guy really gets my juices flowing.

I know I can’t ascribe personality traits to a guy like this when I know nothing about him other than his look, but I can just imagine that a night in bed with this guy would be pretty wild. In fact, I have a feeling that a bed would probably be the last place he’d want to hook up. lol

I guess it’s all part of the look and the personality in these photos, but I think this is the kind of guy you might meet in a club and be getting it on with in the mensroom, a back alley, the back of car or even right there in the club 😉

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