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Hung Surfer Noel Jacking Off

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So, it’s Friday again and you know that means some cock fun on the blog! I’ve been enjoying a lot of the videos on the Sean Cody site this week, and although it was hard to decide what one to share with you today I had to eventually go with hung surfer Noel and his energetic jerk off.

The young man starts things off by showing his skills on the board, enjoying the beach and giving us a few tips on how to do it. We really don’t care about how to surf, or at least I don’t. I just wanted to see him enjoying himself on video – and he really does!

You know, a lot of guys enjoy a jerk off with just lubing up and stroking it, and even though the guys on the site often put on a really good show and do a little more than that, this boy really gets into his jacking off session!

He has a great body and a really great cock that he knows how to handle. He changes pace, jacking furiously, then slowing down, perhaps building up his cum load. But the addition of some anal toy play suggests that there’s a lot more to come from this young man.

He clearly knows how to use his ass to get that cock exploding, and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing this hung young hottie being barebacked by another stud on the site real soon 😉

Hung Surfer Noel Jacking Off (1)

Hung Surfer Noel Jacking Off (2)

Hung Surfer Noel Jacking Off (3)

Hung Surfer Noel Jacking Off (4)

Hung Surfer Noel Jacking Off (5)

Hung Surfer Noel Jacking Off (6)

Hung Surfer Noel Jacking Off (7)

Hung Surfer Noel Jacking Off (8)

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+3 rating, 3 votes)
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  • 1tony165

    Mr SCody must sit on the beach in San Diego..but now most are referrals, I guess..he has got to be a very rich man made from the young dicks…he does keep it fresh unlike Fratman that I do like but believe most are straight, while Cody ” grooms” them whether straight /gay or whatever..Remember that guy Patrick about 10 years ago..HE was pure sex..big dick/balls & an amazing ass..well we all watched as he went from a massage /to topping/to being one of the bottoms…all that & he left for a girl ? He feel in love with.. Belami is a bit different, they keep their guys together/vacation together.. And money is a huge motivated when you are offerred a ” porn check” but it looks like they treat them very well….someone should write a book on the behind the scenes of today’s porn industry,.multi billion$ business.. I find it all very interesting ..you can tell the guys nn Belami are treated like gods because of the vacations around the world but SCody’s guys never leave the set/the car or a beach.. But you can tell that guys were not happy with the no condom newer movies because we don’t see them anymore…can you tell I’m a porn lover..I’m not as involved as when online everything overtook my sex life but happy to take a dose when I need to.. I know/or can tell when a guy really is in to the scene.. Not many people can do it & Cody does all of prep before they even see a camera.,Belami guys use their own harem to groom, which I think, is a better easier way for the new person..OK I’m signing off. 🙂 🙂 🙂