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You might not know this about me, but I have a love of indy and world cinema. I have a pretty healthy collection of DVD from all around the world from so many relatively unknown directors and with so many great actors who have never set foot in Hollywood. But one thing I have never quite managed to get myself into is Bollywood. I know its seen a bit of a craze around the world in the last few years, but I just haven’t really checked any of it out.

I might be reconsidering that now that I’ve seen Upen Patel.

He’s a model and Bollywood actor with a hell of a lot of hotness going on, as you can see from these photos by Specular.

I know there are a lot of very attractive guys in Indian cinema, but I think it’s quite rare to see real muscular men like Upen Patel making that transition into Bollywood and then around the world as a male model too. I might be wrong of course, but I’m sure I would have noticed if there were a lot of guys like him out there right now! lol

Bollywood Muscle Hunk Upen Patel (1)

Bollywood Muscle Hunk Upen Patel (2)

Bollywood Muscle Hunk Upen Patel (3)

Bollywood Muscle Hunk Upen Patel (4)

Bollywood Muscle Hunk Upen Patel (5)

Bollywood Muscle Hunk Upen Patel (6)

Bollywood Muscle Hunk Upen Patel (7)

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  • nicks40

    Hm, talk about gazing into the middle distance …

  • sam

    google john abraham

  • Gunther Thaddeus Danielsohn

    EXQUISITE!!!!! His face is stunningly handsome with perfect structure. The incredible strength of his brow and nose create such an amazingly stalwart T-frame for such a perfect statuesquely proportioned face and head. They lead down to his succulent quintessential, exemplary lips, and finely chiseled, powerfully robust chin and jaw. I would love to run my fingers through his slightly curly, soft hair. It is cut so well to not only accent his nonpareil looks, but to frame and complement them. All of those captivating looks top off an impeccable, brawny body.
    He would be the perfect match for David Gandy. The two together would be an ideal pair.

  • Chris Davis

    Ha ha, funny enough Upen is now signed with Gandy’s management :) he was a lovely guy to work with, gad you like the photos. x

  • Chris Davis

    Thanks for the post guys :) glad you like the shots, more to come from Upen soon :)

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