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Inked And Muscled Marine Alex Minsky

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I know that this post is going to be just a little controversial, but I don’t care. This is all about an incredibly sexy and inspirational young man, and he deserves to be shown to as many eyes as possible!

His name is Alex Minsky, and although I know a lot of guys here absolutely hate seeing guys with a lot of tattoos, I also know that a lot of readers love seeing some ink on a muscular young man like him. Of course, it would be stupid to not talk about the obvious, and that’s that he’s missing a limb…

I suppose it doesn’t take a lot of thinking to come to the conclusion that Alex lost his leg while at war. He was serving in Afghanistan when he was involved in an IED blast and a truck trapped him. But he didn’t let that stop him, quite the contrary in fact.

After several weeks in a coma, disfigurement of his arm and a head injury resulting in impaired vision too, he started his journey back to health. He’s now an inspiration to many, building a career as a male model, and showing that, even with some extremely difficult challenges, the Human spirit can overcome all kinds of things.

It’s important to remember how strong people can become after being knocked down 😉

Inked And Muscled Marine Alex Minsky (1)

Inked And Muscled Marine Alex Minsky (2)

Inked And Muscled Marine Alex Minsky (3)

Inked And Muscled Marine Alex Minsky (4)

Inked And Muscled Marine Alex Minsky (5)

Inked And Muscled Marine Alex Minsky (6)

Inked And Muscled Marine Alex Minsky (7)

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+5 rating, 7 votes)
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  • DavenSF

    umm Woof

  • wowwwwwwwwwww………………..

  • Robert in Detroit

    What a magnificent man! He is truly remarkable and outstanding in handsome features. Thanks for posting these shots.

  • Tom

    Handsome man but it is a shame he has desecrated his body like this. Tatoos take away from the natural beauty.

  • BRAVO nothing should stop him hope he gets some famous magazine cover or a movie contract…

  • 1tony165

    first time seeing all the pics together,seen the 3rd pic all over but none of the others..I happen to like tats( if picked/done properly) and his are beautiful …his body is just HOT!

    so many many guys return from war (I don’t exactly know what he was doing there?..was he in the Military or privately hired?) they return ,have serious trauma that the USA tries and helps but you know that will last a lifetime IF not helped…they go back into society tying to make a life…We as people need to make mental illness a priority in this world , along with the other disorders…and maybe choose another name(PTSD..Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)..sounds better & more palatable to people.

    Good luck in all his endeavors and I do see a great future for Alex in modeling alone.

    Thanks Conran..

  • there’s nothing controversial about the amazingness that is alex minksy! he is grounded, sober, stunning and incredibly generous to his fans (whom he refers to affectionately as “knuckleheads”)…if someone doesn’t like tattoos, then don’t look at them!

    tons more on his facebook page!

  • DavenSF

    He is stunning. nuf said

  • Amazing! :O

  • bigpapa

    well those are nice but what about these they got loose on the net

  • Robert Pelton

    Love all the tattoos that Alex has. It had to be somewhat painful but looks good now. Congratulations for being a inspiration to others overcoming obstaclers