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Just a few days ago I shared some pics of Rodiney Santiago, and when I found that there were more from Revista Junior I had to go and check them out and make another post about him. This handsome and slightly hairy dude always seems to elicit a response from some of you guys, and I think you might enjoy these pics as much as I am right now. Let me know in the comments!

Lucky Lëo Castro is the photographer getting to spend some time with this handsome and immensely built dude, showing off in what looks like a bit of a derelict environment. Although, I do have to say that some of these photos look a little odd from a perspective point of view. It’s almost like the background has been put in after the dude was snapped. You know what I mean?

I don’t really care too much about where the photos are taken in all honesty, in my opinion this is all about the gorgeous man showing off his hot and hairy body and that sexy teasing bulge. Seriously, he could have be photographed in a slaughterhouse and I probably wouldn’t care too much, I’m too distracted by his beauty! 😉

More Of Rodiney Santiago (1)

More Of Rodiney Santiago (2)

More Of Rodiney Santiago (3)

More Of Rodiney Santiago (4)

More Of Rodiney Santiago (5)

More Of Rodiney Santiago (6)

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  • anonymousmale67

    Fast metabolism plus the money for supplements, eating right, sleeping sufficiently, and possibly a work-out coach, and , voila, a body any woman would want her man to display maybe more than just Fridays before bed, or coming out of the shower.

  • Tom

    I am in love – again.

  • jos

    moore of, they said! it’s not enough!

  • Big

    He is a flower hunk. He is really too beautiful to behold. He is actually a feast for the eyes really.

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