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So I asked yesterday about whether you guys want some more jock muscle boys and young twinky lads on the blog mixed up more with the daddies, hairy hunks and inked guys, and curious sixty two commented that he liked guys who have some muscle and clearly work out…

When I saw this collection of pics of a hunk by the name of Sandro from OMG Brazil I immediately thought he would go down a storm on here with you guys, especially curious sixty two! lol

I have to comment on a couple of things about this Latin hunk especially.

First of all, check out those shoulders! If you’re a regular reader on the blog you probably know already that I have a thing for guys who are wide enough to look like they have to turn sideways to go through some doors. And this hunks shoulders are totally sexy!

Next, have a look at the teasing smoothly shaved patch leading down to his junk as he shows a little more skin. Is that hairless and smooth enough for you? I know what you’re thinking, you’d love to be the one to trim him down when he steps out of the shower, right? lol

You’re so dirty! 😉

Enjoy your Friday night guys, I will be!

Smooth Latin Hunk Sandro (1)

Smooth Latin Hunk Sandro (2)

Smooth Latin Hunk Sandro (3)

Smooth Latin Hunk Sandro (4)

Smooth Latin Hunk Sandro (5)

Smooth Latin Hunk Sandro (6)

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  • Bodyboy

    Seriously? Uber hott and doing my favorite pose with his arms overhead not once but twice. He checks all my boxes: lean and muscular, with gorgeous abs, pecs, and nipples!

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