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Nude Male Art

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It’s been a little while since we had some really impressive nude male art on the Gay Body Blog, but when I found these pics by an unknown artist on the “For The Love Of Man” Tumblr I definitely wanted to share them. I believe they are all by the same artist – the owner of that blog – but I can’t find any information about him.

He is extremely talented, and it reminds me a lot of the kind of fine art I used to do back in my college days before I found out I had to go out and get a “real job” lol

While a lot of this guys work is basic sketching, I love the style. I have to admit that if I could earn a living doing anything it would be sketching like this and oil on canvas of hot guys too. Can you imagine anything better than creating works of art starring gorgeous hunks? Okay, maybe being a cameraman on a porn set might be a better job!

As I said, I don’t know who the artist is, but I love his work. The digital work is pretty interesting too, and I would really like to transfer some of that style to canvas myself. I know I keep saying it, but some day I will share some of my own nude male art on here for you guys to check out lol

Nude Male Art (1)

Nude Male Art (2)

Nude Male Art (3)

Nude Male Art (4)

Nude Male Art (5)

Nude Male Art (6)

Nude Male Art (7)

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+1 rating, 5 votes)
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  • sizespec

    For once our share Male ART if I may share here someone also really talented you all should discover http://www.douglassimonson.com/menu.php One of my utmost favorite Exotic Nude Male painter. Douglass Simonson Enjoy

  • Conran

    Thanks for the link, I love what I’ve seen and it definitely deserves a post! 😉

  • artful

    Thanks man. I’m the artist, and it’s a real buzz to read your comments. I’m glad you like the tumblr blog.