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Male Muscle Model Abel Albonetti

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Now I have to admit that while I’m not sure about the haircut, Abel Albonetti is one gorgeous hunk of American muscle.

Based in Hernando, Mississippi, this all-American hottie is one serious fitness model. There are loads of guys out there who have hot bodies, but this guys abs are something to behold!

I see a few guys at my gym who get me hard and horny, but I swear if I saw this dude walk in I would probably pass out with all the blood rushing to one part of my body at such speed and vigor! lol

At only 23 years of age, he’s already forging an impressive career as a male fitness model and personal trainer too. There are probably hundreds of thousands of men out there who would do anything to have this hunk helping them in the gym. I’d pay him just to stand there and pose for me while I worked out, both for inspiration and entertainment. 😉

I’m gonna let you into a little secret here – I can usually tell how popular a guy is by how easy it is to find pics of him. And Abel Albonetti is all over the blogs and forums out there. Just thought I’d better point that out.

Model Abel Albonetti (1)

Model Abel Albonetti (2)

Model Abel Albonetti (3)

Model Abel Albonetti (4)

Model Abel Albonetti (5)

Model Abel Albonetti (6)

Model Abel Albonetti (7)

Model Abel Albonetti (8)

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+2 rating, 2 votes)
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  • He has a whole sexy geek vibe going on. I LOVE this model. 😉

  • Andrew

    Ruined by the Justin Bieber haircut.

  • sizespec

    Off the subject here. But for all the gay men who love your blog have a thought for the loss of a big DISCO DIVA Donna Summer passing of Cancer age 63. She brought so much joy for gay men from the 70s 80s and onwards and was an outspoken GAY LOVER!

  • Sean

    Count me in as one of Abel’s swooning fans! First time I laid eyes on this dude I couldn’t believe how gorgeous and sexy he is, despite the haircut! For me it’s also his huge flat nipples atop those perfect pecs too. There are a few YouTube vids of him being his hot handsome self, but we don’t get to hear him speak.

  • Itasca

    I am completely on the other side of most of these comments – I love the haircut. Equally as hot and sexy as his well-honed body. Both are incredible.

  • tgf

    He is making me very HOT!!!!!

  • Adrian

    He is ALL kinds of hot!

  • Adrian

    and I agree with Itasca. The haircut looks HOT on him.

  • clslslsc

    gosh! his haircut is so hot, he makes me horny and i am gay now!

  • rini

    Verry hot making me horny