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Muscled Polish Hunk Lukasz Przybyla by Dominik Wiecek

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Regular readers of the Gay Body Blog will know that we really love to be a little bit international here. There are so many gorgeous men all around the world, from fit actors to professional models. But, although there are a lot of nationalities that seem to have a higher than average ratio of sexy men, I think one such nation is at the top of my list.

When I was working in an office job, I had the great pleasure of working with a few young Polish men who arrived here looking for a better standard of living. All of them were so sweet, so polite and so nice, and all of them spoke English very well. Of course, in a professional way those qualities are all great, but it has to be said that they were all gorgeous too! Before you ask, no I didn’t work for a modeling agency lol

I don’t know the criteria they had to meet to come in and start working for us, but it was almost as if my boss had gone to Poland, found the nearest modeling agency and just hired guys from their portfolios! Not politically correct if it had happened that way (which it didn’t) but I wasn’t complaining!

Lukasz Przybyla is one of those guys who has everything going on in these shots from talented photographer Dominik Wiecek. He really knows how to tease the camera, and I can actually imagine him being highly successful if he ever made the move into adult work. Some guys you can look at and just know they’d be good at it, am I right? I don’t think any of us would be complaining if he did!

Lukasz Przybyla by Dominik Wiecek European Hunk Lukasz Przybyla by Dominik Wiecek Gorgeous Model Lukasz Przybyla by Dominik WiecekHot Model Lukasz Przybyla by Dominik WiecekTeasing Male Model Lukasz Przybyla by Dominik WiecekHandsome Polish Model Lukasz Przybyla by Dominik WiecekMuscled Male Model Lukasz Przybyla by Dominik WiecekPolish Model Lukasz Przybyla by Dominik Wiecek

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  • Adam

    This boy is simply beautifully gorgeous! Would love to see the meat hanging between those sculpted legs!

  • Bill

    Now youd did it! I’m redoing my list of top models. Everyone else gets demoted. This Polish boy is pure perfection from those gorgeous blue eyes right down to that beautiful, smooth skin. Wow…he not only made my day and my week, but my entire year. I hope to see much more of this beautiful guy….in more ways than one. Great legs and great choice of underwear. I’m trying to find some flaws here, but I can’t….


    A GOD!…those nipples & the bluest EYES…perfection to me


  • Conran

    He’s very sexy isn’t he? I might have to have a “Polish Week” or something, there are so many gorgeous young men from Poland!

  • 这么保守啊,