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Sexy Muscle Boy Simon George

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I had one of my buddies email me this morning with another collection of pics of yet another gorgeous young British muscle boy and I had to have him on the blog. I know a lot of the time it’s American jock type guys who make it onto the Gay Body Blog, but there are stunning amateur male models all over the world, and I definitely intend to start sharing more of them with you guys. I also hope that maybe there’s a photographer or two paying attention to the guys I post, and if that helps some of the lesser known hotties into the mainstream then that’s great!

So this is Simon George, and he’s a 20 year old male model from Liverpool, England. He’s a totally delicious young man, handsome as hell and with the kind of muscle boy body you really don’t expect when you’re looking at him fully dressed! lol

You know what I mean, right? Check out the pic of him in the t-shirt with a shirt over it and you would never really know that he has that awesomely ripped and toned bod underneath it all.

I can totally imagine this lad making a name for himself in the business.

Sexy Muscle Boy Simon George (1)

Sexy Muscle Boy Simon George (2)

Sexy Muscle Boy Simon George (3)

Sexy Muscle Boy Simon George (4)

Sexy Muscle Boy Simon George (5)

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+1 rating, 1 votes)
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  • Gary

    That last picture…wow!

  • In2muslmen

    Damn! Hard to believe he’s just 20 from the suit shot and the last two. He’s got an incredibly beautiful and muscular body for someone so young!

  • tgf

    I subscribe to his Facebook page! Lots of sexy pics, these are great too! thanks!

  • chris

    Hi my name is chris brown and yes like the famous one and i would like to meet you adam with your sexy british self so can you meet me plase i,m diying and then write and sendme a to your british accsent.