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Male Model Mayhem: Garret Rau

It seems like good looking male models are a dime a dozen these days, but this is certainly not the case with the sexy muscle hunk, Garret Rau. Garret is everything a budding male model should be. 6’2″, great face, perfectly defined chest and midsection, amazing smile that melts the cover of any magazine, and […]

Ryan Kwanten: Aussie Cutie

One of the most adorable faces to come out of the beautiful country of Australia, belongs to the very cute, Ryan Kwanten. Ryan was born in Sydney Australia, and became a sex symbol after his time on the Australian soap opera Home and Away, playing of all things, a hunky lifeguard. After having a kid, […]

Jacob Goodall: Stunning Sexy Model

Where do these great young bucks keep coming from? Jacob Goodall, an original Wisconsin boy now hailing from Los Angeles, is a hunky model with a passion for acting as well. He’s a young one, at the tender age of 20, he’s got a great career ahead of him. His portfolio is quite diverse, ranging […]

Clean as Black and White

This is a nice photo of some clean muscle on a clean-cut guy. His facial features are very model-esque and he is not too bulky. He would do well in most runway-type shows you can tell. Not to leave us uninterested, there is a hint of treasure-trail to keep an interested eye.

Casual Hunk

Oh how I am going to miss summer when it’s over, for the very reason that we can see in this sexy photo. Shirtless guys showing us what summer is all about! This hunk has a great body and and all-American face. If I were to meet him on the street I’d strike him for […]

Benjamin Godfre

I can never get enough of Benjamin. Here are some more pics of the amazingly stunning model Benjamin Godfre. Godfre, born in 1988, in Minnesota, USA, is an American model of Irish, Italian and English descent. He got his start with the veteran photographer Tom Cullis. Good thing he took up modelling because if he […]

Benjamin Godfre: Stunning

In an effort to gauge what you the reader enjoys, I’ve created a new poll to see what kind of images/posts you prefer. With that, many of you may have seen his face before, but I just have to share it again. Benjamin Godfre is probably one of the most stunning guys I’ve come across… […]

Treasure Trail

Yet another one of my fetishes… I just love treasure trails. They are such a tease.

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