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John Kharalian Looking Real Fine

I have to thank my buddy Carl for this shoot *waves*. I sometimes get emails from him with some pics of some pretty hot hunks, and the one I got this morning with some photos of gorgeous male model John Kharalian really had my attention. I would be failing in my duties to you all […]

Idolizing Alex Minsky

This is not the first time we have shared the interesting and hunky Alex Minsky on the Gay Body Blog, and it will certainly not be the last either. This fascinating model is one of my all-time faves, and not just because he’s so different to what we might be used to. It’s no secret […]

Justin Marcoccio Gets His Kit Off

I was looking for a very hot guy to share with you all today in a nude post, and although Justin Marcoccio isn’t quite totally naked and showing everything off, I had a feeling you guys would appreciate him anyway. Kevin Soucie is the lucky photographer getting the opportunity to snap this handsome and muscled […]

Is Stuart Reardon The Hottest Cock Tease Alive?

One day it’s going to happen. One day gorgeous Rugby playing male model hunk Stuart Reardon is going to let it all hang out and really show off. Until that day comes, we are consigned to a seeming eternity of teasing with shots like these. You know the guy already, right? You should do, he’s […]

Naked Punk Bobby Sullivan

I think Bobby Sullivan is going to be one of those love or hate boys that you guys feel compelled to comment on, and in a way I hope that’s the case I found this sexy shoot of the handsome young man showing off around the pool for Paul Reitz, and I knew he had […]

Parker Hurley For Mr. Turk

I know some of you are gonna mention his ink and say what a turn off it is, but I don’t care, I think Parker Hurley is one seriously sexy hunk of male jock model and I can’t stop staring at him when I see a shoot like this. He’s being snapped for Mr.Turk Swimwear […]

Hot Or Not - Igor Stepanov

I’m going to say something I don’t often say… I don’t like all the ink on this young man. There, I said it, I know that’s a little bit of a departure from my previous opinions when it comes to ink on a guy, but in the case of Igor Stepanov I think it’s a […]

Inked Bad Boy Lewis Grant

I know before I even get to the photos that Lewis Grant is going to be a “marmite” model – you’ll either love him or not. Personally, while I know that this post is likely to get some harsh words from those who hate tattoos and those who hate smokers, I think the guy is […]

Teasing Nudity With Yuri

I think a lot of you will agree that this is an interesting shoot. I’m sharing this one not only because the Yuri is a gorgeous man with a great body, but because of the setting and the style of the shoot too. I’m not really sure what the intention was for this shoot, but […]

Punk Jock Model Richard Rocco

Okay, I know some of you are not huge fans of the ink and piercings and all that kind of stuff, but I think a lot of you would be willing to overlook that when you see this gorgeous young man and his incredibly fit body. His name is Richard Rocco, and although I have […]

Alex Minsky Gets Ridiculously Sexy!

The ridiculously gorgeous Alex Minsky has been getting even sexier than he ever has been in this collection of shots. We had some photos of the stunning inked hunk on the blog before and the opinion of readers was almost unanimous – one leg or not, the guy is sexy as hell! Now, obviously there’s […]

Bobby Creighton Getting Sexy!

I am stunned and a little appalled that I haven’t shared any photos of this handsome and incredibly built stud on the blog for you guys to check out before now. I have been aware of Bobby Creighton for a couple of months now and he is without a doubt one of my best finds […]

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