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Damn Fine Stuart Reardon

Happy Thursday everyone. I hope your week is going well and you’re now looking forward to a spectacular Friday! If not, then I hope these photos of the always-gorgeous Stuart Reardon might cheer you up just a little. I’m in a good mood today, perhaps you can tell? I have a hook up planned for […]

A Sexy Hunk For WONK

Happy Saturday my lovely people. I have a very handsome and hunky guy to share with you today, and I think you’re going to enjoy. This is the first time I have seen the brand WONK out there, but already I like them for their choice in hunky and sexy male models. I think he’s […]

Something To Jack Off Over With Joe Oppedisano

It’s a little unusual, perhaps a little kinky, and maybe a little darker than we’re used to here on Gay Body Blog, but I have a feeling most of you guys will appreciate this collection of images for a Tuesday naked post. Joe Oppedisano is the photographer here, and he’s done something pretty impressive. It’s […]

Alex Minsky - Do I Need To Say Anything Else?

There are thousands of gorgeous male models in the world, but none of them are anything like the muscled, inked, hunky stud that is Alex Minsky. I know he’s a divisive figure here thanks to all that ink he has to show off, but even though we get some very strong opinions from those who […]

Bobby Creighton Looking Buff!

We’ve had Bobby Creighton on the Gay Body Blog a couple of times in the past, and one of those shoots was by Armando Adajar too, as this new one is. I had to get this guy back on here when I saw this incredibly erotic shoot showing off the hunks immensely muscled physique and […]

Sunday With Dan Osborne

So, after the post yesterday with the DreamBoys and Dan Osborne I thought I’d better get another post on here with some sexy pics of the young man. It can’t quite be called a Dan Osborne naked post, but it’s damn well close. Now, I know I was a little bit vague yesterday about how […]

Stuart Reardon In Underwear

There are so many men out there that I can spend hours fantasizing about, but there’s a small selection of hunks that I am totally in lust with. I think you guys probably know this already, but Rugby playing muscled hunk Stuart Reardon is one of my top five. I know he has a lot […]

John Kharalian Looking Real Fine

I have to thank my buddy Carl for this shoot *waves*. I sometimes get emails from him with some pics of some pretty hot hunks, and the one I got this morning with some photos of gorgeous male model John Kharalian really had my attention. I would be failing in my duties to you all […]

Idolizing Alex Minsky

This is not the first time we have shared the interesting and hunky Alex Minsky on the Gay Body Blog, and it will certainly not be the last either. This fascinating model is one of my all-time faves, and not just because he’s so different to what we might be used to. It’s no secret […]

Justin Marcoccio Gets His Kit Off

I was looking for a very hot guy to share with you all today in a nude post, and although Justin Marcoccio isn’t quite totally naked and showing everything off, I had a feeling you guys would appreciate him anyway. Kevin Soucie is the lucky photographer getting the opportunity to snap this handsome and muscled […]

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