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Drool-worthy Julian Hernandez, Steven Dehler And Joshua Brickman

What happens when a photographer like Jorge Suarez gets together with three stunning jocks like Julian Hernandez, Steven Dehler and Joshua Brickman? Wondrous things can happen! I have only just seen this shoot, which I was led to when searching for some images of the utterly gorgeous Joshua. I was going to share a small […]

Handsome Studs For aussieBum

When a company like aussieBum releases a shoot of hot hunks in their gear you know for a fact that it’s pretty much going to go viral across the gay blogosphere. I know some of you have probably seen photos from this collection in all kinds of places already, but a lot of you guys […]

Brian Shimansky in the sun

I guess you guys might already know that handsome Brian Shimansky is no stranger to getting his dick out and showing everything off for the right photographer. He’s been naked in front of the cameras in a few extremely teasing shoots, but this recent one is a lot more subtle and sexy. Whatever the weather […]

At The Beach With Miguel Betancort

It might be cold outside (it’s windy and rainy here in the UK, and I know a lot of people in the US are experiencing some bad weather too right now) but this shoot featuring buff and tanned hunk Miguel Betancort in a beach location should have you all feeling a little warmer! He’s a […]

Getting Wet With Sam Moore

I guess that now the summer is coming to an end we should be prepared to start seeing shoots of handsome guys wearing more clothes? It does seem to me that when the fall starts the nature of shoots seems to change, then in April we’ll be back to outdoor underwear and swimwear shoots to […]

On The Beach With Andrew Christian

It’s been so nice outside today that I took the dog for a walk and sat in the park reading for an hour, but of course when I say reading I really mean that I was watching some college boys playing ball It got me thinking more about some plans for the summer, the music […]

Brazilian Hunk Jean Carlos Santos

I’m starting this post with a thank you to all the commenters who shared the info on the last mystery hottie I posted. The “mystery male” was Aron Mathias, but after a little searching with an intention to post some more pics of the hot young guy I found that there is very little out […]

Sexy Lifeguards Of The World!

I think it’s about time we had a random pic post, and after a chat with one of my buddies today about some trips we’re planning for the summer I got thinking about all the really sexy lifeguards of the world. We’ve just had to cancel our first festival trip of the summer today, but […]

Tasty Guys In Swimwear

I was checking out some shoots last night for something else I’m working on and I found these really delicious boys showing off some sexy limited-edition Marcelu Ferraz swim wear. I wouldn’t call myself a very knowledgeable person when it comes to fashion brands and swimwear (underwear is probably a completely different matter! lol) but […]

Reader Recommended - Jock Model Kevin AZ

We love it when someone shows some real interest and points us in the right direction of a hot guy and some great images. And Kevin AZ comes to you courtesy of one of our readers. I can certainly see why he was suggested, he fits in here quite nicely doesn’t he? He’s handsome, has […]

Lean Young Jock - Adam Phebus

Okay, so after the massive muscle injection we had yesterday, I thought I might offer some of the guys who like their dudes a little more lean someone to drool over. I admit that I spent a little while drooling over this little hottie myself! If I could pic one guy who would be the […]

Oh my... It's Bernardo Velasco

Another of my buddies, this time a fully fledged member of the pink brigade, sent me an email with some really hot pics of one of his favorite guys. This dude is seriously hot, and I guess you can tell why my friend likes him so much! Although he’s incredibly good looking and has an […]

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