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Naked German Male Model Tom

So it’s Saturday, and I guess some of you will be nursing a hangover from last night just like I am, or perhaps planning to give yourself a hangover for tomorrow. Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I tend to get a little horny when I’m hungover, and that’s led me to sharing […]

Bearish And Hot - Sergio Art Shows His Ass

I have just seen this hunky guy for the first time, and I think I’m in love – or maybe it’s just lust? I don’t care, all I know is that this dude is hot as hell and deserves to be shared around with you guys. Feel free to comment, like, share, do all that […]

Hairy And Hunky Fernando Amancio Gets My Pulse Racing

We’re always adding pics of smooth and muscled jocks on the Gay Body Blog, but it’s no secret that we have a thing for the hairy and hunky guys of the male modeling world too. Check out this collection of pics of the gorgeously rugged looking Fernando Amancio, for example! He’s been snapped by photographer […]

I Would So Go Off-Grid With Walter Savage!

I hope you guys will forgive the fact that there’s so few shots in this collection and instead focus on the quality of the hunk appearing in them instead. I know we all want a whole more more of Walter Savage, but Greg Vaughan seems to believe that less is more, at least in some […]

Hairy Handsome Hottie Dusty st. Amand

It’s certainly no secret that I love unusual male models, the kinds of men who break out of the traditional idea of what a sexy male model should be. I think we all agree that we’ve seen some very interesting and sexy men on the blog over the years, male models who don’t fit that […]

Check Out Gerrad Bohl

So, it’s Monday, and here in the UK we’ve been having some bad weather to make the start of the week even more miserable. But I was pleased this morning to find that a friend in the US was attempting to cheer me up with some very sexy photos of a very sexy man who […]

David Diaz Naked By Thomas Saint Clair

I know, I’m a bit of a bitch for teasing you with these pics and using a post title with the word “naked” in it lol But, you do at least get to imagine him completely naked, and you do get a sexy butt shot and some man-bush too. I think that’s enough to make […]

The Stunning Tyrone Nell

He might not be showing a whole lot of skin in this shoot by an unknown and unnamed photographer, but I think we all agree that whenever Tyrone Nell takes his shirt off we want to be there. Hell, I would want to be there when he takes just his shoes off! The guy is […]

Hairy Hunk Wearing Little

Well, what an interesting Monday it’s been! I’m sure everyone knows that Margaret Thatcher died, it seems to be swamping news at the moment. And although I’m a liberal (obviously) I tend to be a political atheist when it come to parties – basically I don’t trust any of them. But I am shocked by […]

More Of Rodiney Santiago

Just a few days ago I shared some pics of Rodiney Santiago, and when I found that there were more from Revista Junior I had to go and check them out and make another post about him. This handsome and slightly hairy dude always seems to elicit a response from some of you guys, and […]

Sexy Rough Boy Rhuan Favoretto

I think you guys know that I have a thing for the bad boy image, or the scruffy boy I guess. I think it goes back to me being a kid of the 90’s, with the whole “grunge” scene and the guys I used to hang out with back then. Rhuan Favoretto and his slightly […]

Dan Murphy By Tony Duran - Underwear, Fashion And Nude!

I was absolutely certain we’d had some pics of the handsome Dan Murphy on the blog before, but after having a quick search, it seems we haven’t! Well, after finding these sexy shots I had to get them on here, and I would like to point out one thing in particular – Y-fronts CAN be […]

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