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Steven Dehler And Milan Christopher Get A Little Hot

So a few days ago I shared a very sexy shoot with the utterly, insanely gorgeous Steven Dehler, and I knew then that even though we’d seen him on the blog a few times before there were a few shoots we’d missed out and that they deserved to be shared on here. I went out […]

Marcuse Swimwear has some hotties for you

You know, in group shots with male models like this it’s pretty common that there’s one or two you can pick out as truly hot, and the rest just kind of fade into the background. In the case of Marcuse Swimwear and this shoot by Serge Lee I have to say that each and every […]

Russian Hunks Flexing Muscles!

The next time you’re wondering whether it’s safe to go to Russia or not, you might just want to take a look at this post and see what you could be missing out on. Sure, you could be harassed, abused, assaulted and even arrested just for being gay, but then it might all be worth […]

Is That Nick Ayler Naked?

There are a lot of fakers out there, guys who have become masters of photoshop to such a degree that they can almost seamlessly superimpose a big dick on some hot male celeb or mainstream model. But, although there are so many fakes, there are occasionally genuine naked photos thrown into the mix. We all […]

Shirtless Hotties By Vincent Dilio

We all see a lot of great models on the blog here, usually at least shirtless, and more often than not in nothing but some sexy underwear (or even completely butt naked), and the settings they appear in and the themes involved are sometimes pretty obvious. This collection of photos by Vincent Dilio are completely […]

Nate Maaske By Elias Tahan

I guess we all have a certain image in our minds of the kind of man we’d love to get into a relationship with, some of you have probably achieved that and have a loving partner you’ve always dreamed of, and some of you (like me) are still looking for Mr. Right, and enjoying the […]

Sexy Smooth Jock Denis Vieira For Xavier Samré

After the hardcore gay porn post I shared just now I wanted to continue the theme of long lost potential and tell you about a gorgeous young man I knew when I was younger who I would have loved to get some action with, and what better way to do that than by sharing some […]

On The Cusp Of Becoming A Hunk Daddy - Almog Gabay

I had a very nice surprise in my email inbox this morning, and it was a collection of very sexy photos of a hunky man who I had never seen before but immediately fell in lust with. His name is Almog Gabay, and he is one of the most handsome, hunky and hairy male models […]

Stunning Matt Oregan With Friends

A while ago we had some really sexy photos of gorgeous Australian male model Matt Oregan just starting out in the business, and I was not alone in my adoration of the stunningly handsome young man either. He’s become a very successful model from the CSA Models company in Australia in recent months, thanks to […]

Sexy Muscled Men In Bulging Underwear!

It’s dark and moody, sexy and seductive, dramatic and artistic… and the guys showing off in this collection of photos are incredibly hot too! It’s a shoot by Spanish underwear brand Nelson & Carreras, and it’s one of my favorites of the summer. It’s hard to say that considering how many hot shoots there have […]

On The Underground With CURB Underwear

I have only ever experienced the underground of London, but I have a feeling that plenty of other underground networks in cities all over the world have the same kind of weirdness going on regularly. You might have seen recently that someone found a dead SHARK on the New York subway! But although the London […]

The Erotic Photography Of Cain Q

You guys already know that when I find a really great photographer who creates some amazing images I’m going to be sharing them on the blog with you, and when I found the work of the amazing Cain Q today I just had to get some of this on here for you to check out. […]

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