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Naked Muscle Men By Nick Mesh

Hello guys. I hope your weekend is going well so far! Mine is lovely, I’m chilling out today and binge watching Urban Explorer videos on YouTube – yeah, it interests me! That’s not all I’m doing of course, ‘m also checking out some handsome and hunky men out there on the internet. Although, I didn’t […]

It's A Boys Weekend Away And We All Want To Be There

What’s better than a handsome and hot young man showing off his gorgeous body? THREE handsome and hot young men all showing off what they’re got! I saw this shoot out there today and instantly knew that you guys would appreciate it as much as I have, even though it’s another one of those beach […]

More Gorgeous Men By Paul Dedona

I went out for a drink last night and met up with a friend I haven’t seen for a while, things obviously got a little messy and I’m dealing the hangover consequences today. It’s okay though, it’s not too bad and I at least get to use it as an excuse to avoid a family […]

Hunks Of London - Some Damn Fine Men!

Good Thursday everyone! I hope you’re looking forward to the weekend. I certainly am, it’s been one of those weeks. This collection of photos from Andrew Morrill cheered me up though, and I think plenty of you guys will appreciate these hunks too. This is a shoot for his calendar (yep, it’s that time of […]

Would You Look At All That Muscle!

I’ve seen a few shoots by photographer Sasha Kosmos today after going looking, and I have to admit that I am very impressed by what I’ve seen! With hunky male models like this appearing in most of what I’ve checked out today, I think it was inevitable that it would end up on the blog […]

Chaze And Juan By Gert Kist

Of course I have to start this post by wishing all our American readers a very happy 4th July! I hope you’re all having a great day, enjoying some beers and going to at least one BBQ. I hear that’s a big thing over there for this particular weekend, in the UK we tend to […]

You Want To Get Wet With These Hunks!

Guys, check out these hunky jock dudes showing off in some swimwear for BCNÜ Utility wear (am I the only one who thinks that company sounds as though they should be making tool belts and coveralls?) Every one of these guys is hot as hell, and they’ve actually convinced me that I need to get […]

More Naked Men From Mark Henderson!

Okay, I finished too early… Oh, that sounds really bad! I shared some gorgeous hunky naked men with you in the last post, male models and porn stars already famous for getting their dicks out for the boys around the Internet, and I completely missed that it was only part one of a two-part email […]

Something To Jack Off Over With Joe Oppedisano

It’s a little unusual, perhaps a little kinky, and maybe a little darker than we’re used to here on Gay Body Blog, but I have a feeling most of you guys will appreciate this collection of images for a Tuesday naked post. Joe Oppedisano is the photographer here, and he’s done something pretty impressive. It’s […]

Naked Muscle Guys Showing Off For Louis Lasalle

Louis Lasalle is so damn lucky! Check out the guys getting in front of the camera for this shoot of nude hunkiness and glory in the stunning perfection, delivered with expert skill. You might notice a familiar face/body/cock in this collection too. The stunningly hot Paddy O’Brian is making an appearance in this one and […]

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