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Shiny Swimwear On John Strand By Rick Day

You can always be pretty certain that whenever I see a shoot by legendary Rick Day it’s going to make it to the blog. This shoot with handsome and toned male model John Strand had to be on here for a sexy Sunday finish to the weekend. I know some of you guys will probably […]

Todd Sanfield Looking Amazing, As Always!

I guess it goes without saying that whenever I see a shoot with Todd Sanfield out there it’s going to end up on the Gay Body Blog, would you expect anything less? Check out this gorgeous hunk in a new shoot, and feel free to drool. My love of this guy and his amazing body […]

Getting All Manly With Euan Warren

I know some of you might not agree, but in my opinion Euan Warren is looking particularly manly in this shoot by Jose Pope. I had to share him on the blog with you this afternoon when I saw this shoot, he’s a good looking guy and looks so ruggedly handsome! He’s a Scottish model, […]

Kirill Dowidoff Naked And Stunning!

Yes, I know we’re getting close to having to rename this site the Kirill Dowidoff fan club, but come on, you know I had to have this shoot on here when I saw it! He’s one of the most gorgeous men in the world, ever, and that’s undebatable. The chance to see Kirill Dowidoff naked […]

Yotam Solomon Is Being A Cock Tease!

I do believe this is the first time we have seen fashion designer and male model Yotam Solomon on the Gay Body Blog before, and what an intensely erotic debut it is! You guys know I love the tease, and although we’ve seen some great teasing images of some other really hot guys over the […]

So Many Australian Hunks!

The aussieBum brand is always good for delivering some totally hot and hunky Australian studs for us to admire, and they’ve definitely achieved that once again with this sexy shoot. There are a few countries which seem able to deliver so many gorgeous guys, and although many of them seem to be in Eastern Europe […]

Getting Wet With Diego Miguel

I think I might be becoming a little infatuated with handsome and hairy hunk Diego Miguel, but surely that can’t be considered a bad thing. Actually, I guess it could, I’ll let you know if I end up standing on his lawn at 4 am desperate for a peek at him. I’ve been seeing some […]

Handsome And Buff Alex Cairns

So it seems the last post of pics with Alex Cairns had a few of you interested, and I thought you might appreciate some more of this handsome and buff hunk. I saw this new shoot by Armando Adajar and was instantly impressed. I think this guy would probably always look good in any photo, […]

Kirill Dowidoff Looking Awesome As Always

I know for a fact that whenever I share a post on here with the gorgeous and hunky male model Kirill Dowidoff it’s going to get a lot of attention from you guys, and usually a few comments too. So, I fully expect you to be saying something about this shoot at the bottom of […]

Hung Male Model Diego Miguel

I know that title might be a little misleading, because he’s not actually naked and showing everything off in this shoot, but I think we all know it’s true that he has a lot to play with. It’s handsome and ripped hunk Diego Miguel, and he’s looking damn sexy in some very tight and pretty […]

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