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Uncut Jérémy gets naked

Although we’ve had one nude shoot on the blog already I just couldn’t resist sharing this sexy naked collection of Jérémy showing everything off. I have a slight criticism that I’m going to get out of the way first though, and that’s going to be my usual gripe about airbrushing and making models look like [...]

Benjamin Godfre For Marco Marco Underwear

So I did promise that there would be another post featuring the hunky and spunky male model and all-around performer that is the gorgeous Benjamin Godfre, and although this is not going to come even remotely close to satisfying you in comparison to the last post of the hunk showing off his dick, it’s still [...]

Today I Lust After Reinaldo Dalcin

You might have seen this handsome specimen of gorgeousness before, but I don’t think you’ll mind seeing these sexy photos of the hunk. His name is Reinaldo Dalcin, and he competed and won the title of Mr Brazil back in 2013. Apparently, he’s taking another shot at the title this year, and I have a [...]

Staying Tame With Gorgeous Muscled Jock Todd Morgan

When I was looking through the posts at the previous Todd Sanfield shoots we’ve had I also discovered some previous major hotness with muscled jock and gay porn star Todd Morgan, and as it’s been a while I obviously had to get back out there and see what else I could find that we haven’t [...]

German Hottie Kevin Rettinger

I know I am not the only one who picks out certain things that make a model a little different or special, and after appreciating these sexy photos of Kevin Rettinger I have more than just one or two things to really appreciate. First of all I guess I should mention that extremely impressive chiseled [...]

Ripped And Handsome Hunk Jess Vill

I already know that handsome and hunky French male model Jess Vill is going to have your pulses racing. He’s a gorgeous hunk of manliness that definitely deserves to be shared far and wide throughout the blogosphere, and I intend to do my little bit with this post of sexy pics. The toned hunk has [...]

Buff And Handsome Hairy Jock - With Bulge

I don’t need to second guess my choice of sharing this sexy young man with you guys, because I already know that you’ll all be drooling over him and enjoying these pics of Justin. Unfortunately, that’s really all I know about this handsome hunk. Of course, there are things that we can pick up from [...]

Live Photoshoot Chat On CamWithHim With DW Chase

This Sunday (May 25th) I am told Camguy of the Year, DW Chase, from CamWithHim will be traveling to Vegas. What will he be doing there? Well I’m glad you asked. Let me fill you on on the deets. As I stated earlier, he won the Camguy of the Year competition, and as part of [...]

Bad Boy Benjamin Dylan

I’m calling Benjamin Dylan a “bad boy” simply because of my own experiences, and while you might not agree with that assessment let me tell you why I’m saying it… he looks SO MUCH like a guy I knew in my teenage years, and the guy I knew was a complete rebel. I don’t just [...]

Going Back To Black With Sexy Male Model Brent

Looking like the result of a kinky collaboration between Madonna and Marilyn Manson, this amazing shoot by photographer Darren Black featuring male model Brent Black was obviously led by a very clear common surname. I probably don’t need to say how sexy this shoot is, nor how much I appreciate the style, look and feel [...]

Uncut Boy Louis Mayhew By Steven Klein

I know you might not have been expecting a naked shoot just yet (we have a hardcore shoot coming tomorrow of course) but when a friend of mine sent me some pics of Louis Mayhew showing it all off for photographer Steven Klein I was compelled to share them on the blog with you guys. [...]

A Little More Of Kenny Brain

I know you might now think that I must be a huge fan of BB Canada, but I’m really not. I am a fan, however, of very handsome and hunky men like Kenny Brain. The guy could have come to my attention any other way and I wouldn’t be any less impressed by the guy. [...]

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