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The Tight Bod Of Santiago Ferrari

Although Santiago Ferrari is a handsome guy with gorgeous features (anyone else think he looks a little like a young Jensen Ackles?) there’s no doubt that Santiago is more famous for that tightly muscled body. Obviously we all love to see some sexy muscles on a guy, and there are a lot of really fit […]

Fit Model Aaron Valenzuela

I know what you’re thinking, you’re not sure about the hair, right? I know, me neither, but the rest of Aaron Valenzuela is certainly worth a look! He’s a handsome guy who has that sexy and mean look about him in this shoot, although I’m sure he’s a very pleasant and friendly guy in real […]

Lucas Fernandes Naked!

I know you guys all love to see a hot and handsome hunky model naked and showing it off, and although we’re not due a proper naked “cock out” post on here today I wanted to share this collection of photos featuring handsome Lucas Fernandes naked. Okay, some of you might be a little disappointed […]

So Andrea Denver Is Looking Delicious!

I have something incredibly hot coming your way this afternoon, but before I get to that (and trust me, you will want to see it!) I have the rather delicious looking Andrea Denver to share with you all Now, far be it for me to comment on fashion, I get up in the morning on […]

Kacey Carrig by Eli Schmidt

It’s time for some twinky hotness on the Gay Body Blog, and I think all of you will appreciate the appearance of this handsome and sexy young man! His name is Kacey Carrig, and he’s an extremely good looking young man who I don’t believe we have ever seen on the blog before. I don’t […]

Flashing Uncut Dick With Handsome Olivier

I have a feeling that I should know who Olivier is, but I don’t. I believe this is the first time I’ve seen the handsome and revealing muscled hunk, but I had to share him when I saw these photos by Exterface. Obviously there is a lot to appreciate about this hot guy, not least […]

Very Sexy Shots Of Giovanny Velasquez

If you haven’t seen the hardcore post from earlier let me once again wish you all a Happy Halloween! I hope you have an excellent time this evening whether you’re out at a party or staying in watching scary movies. Now that’s out of the way, I have something quite sexy to share with you […]

Muscled Men In Body Suits?

I’m not entirely sure I get what’s going on here, but after enjoying these interesting photos from the Slick It Up brand with some hunks showing off their muscles in some body suits I decided that I had to share it with you guys and give you a bit of a thrill I have a […]

Oh That David Ramirez Butt!

I sometimes dread opening my emails and looking at what’s arrived because I usually have to wade through a mountain of penis enlargement scams and offers to see the pics of some Russian chick I have absolutely no interest in “getting to know”. But very occasionally I do find a real gem in there from […]

A Little More of Lucas Fernandes

I did suggest in the last post of pics of the sexy Brazilian male model Lucas Fernandes that I was gonna get out there on the net and see what else I could find, and I immediately went looking for more. Usually it becomes a little futile, and I’m often disappointed to see that a […]

Andrew Morrill On Chilly Brighton Beach

I’m not sure if you know this, but we have three places in the UK considered to be gay hotspots. I can’t for the life of me remember the best American comparison, but I think you guys know what I mean. Here it’s generally considered that Soho in London, Canal Street in Manchester, and coastal […]

Uncut Jérémy gets naked

Although we’ve had one nude shoot on the blog already I just couldn’t resist sharing this sexy naked collection of Jérémy showing everything off. I have a slight criticism that I’m going to get out of the way first though, and that’s going to be my usual gripe about airbrushing and making models look like […]

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